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Tiger Woods' Astrology Chart
Astrology Chart of Tiger Woods You can’t turn on the television without hearing just a little bit about Tiger Woods and his recent run-in with the law. The famous golf champion, whose real name is Eldrick Tont Woods, was in a car accident on November 29th and the media is now buzzing with revelations about his personal life that were revealed by this incident.

Just in case you haven’t heard, the golfing great backed his car into the back of fire hydrant, after he was leaving his home in Florida. It turns out that he was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife after he revealed that he was having an affair with a nightclub hostess. He had scratches on his face that were apparently caused by his wife. Now as time goes by, it is revealed that Tiger Woods might have had affairs with other women as well.

Before trying to assess “what went wrong,” let’s take a look at his natal chart. Tiger’s birthdate is December 30, 1975 at 10:50pm. He was born in Cypress, California. This gives him a Sun in Capricorn and an ascendant in Virgo. Both signs are completely obsessed with perfectionism and have a deep need to be number 1. The rational side of Tiger Woods knows how to make things work, if he wants. He is a strategist and an analyst in life. He plays to win and he rarely makes a mistake. 

The Sun in Capricorn can also create a person who is an extremist. This type of person thinks they can have their cake and “eat it too.” They are ambitious and charismatic individuals that often get away with this.

The communication planet Mercury is also in Capricorn, which means that Tiger is also fond of technology. It is not surprising that it was text messages from a mistress that sparked the fight between him and his wife.

Tiger Woods has his moon in Sagittarius, which can make a person quite restless emotionally and romantically. Staying with one person or in one place for too long can make someone with a moon in the sign of the Archer restless and anxious. This supports the idea that Woods would be unfaithful to a partner mostly because optimism and blind faith rules the heart of these individuals. They may feel so lucky that they are “above the law” or they may feel that they could get away with anything without being punished.

He also has Venus in Scorpio, which is one of the biggest indications of a cheater in a natal horoscope. Venus in Scorpio males is charming, generous, and notoriously fickle.  Many of them also resent the opposite sex. They tend to have a lot of secrets and those who are close to them often feeling duped or manipulated as they go about their affairs.  Sometimes, people with Venus in Scorpio are downright sado-masochistic. Sometimes they are people who can be described as “missing a sensitive chip,” often managing to carry out the unthinkable in relationships.

Tiger Woods also has Jupiter in Aries, which means that success comes swiftly and easily to him. However, it can also create the kind of personality that constantly thinks that life is passing him by. This is a warrior like configuration that creates a male that enjoys the conquest or who feels that they must grab the chance to exploit someone or something before it is gone. The biggest fear is to "miss the boat." Romantic episodes may be meaningless to him, but it may be difficult to explain that to a wife or partner who does not understand the need for this type of personality to have “casual sex.”

Jupiter is trine Neptune in his chart, which also gives him a blind faith in life. He may feel that he is protected by angels or lucky forces that would have protected him from having any of his vices being discovered by the public or by his wife. Neptune is also a planet that causes delusions.

Mars opposes Neptune in his chart, which can also create an individual with a very strong sex drive. He may become completely smitten and obsessed with a person and take foolish risks in order to commit an infidelity.  When aroused, this person’s values and morality go right out the window. Nothing matters to this individual, but winning and the conquest which may serve him well as a professional competitive golfer, but not necessarily in his personal life!

Furthermore, Pluto, the planet of the inner self is square in Sun, which means that he has a very secret life. At the time of writing, he has been linked to two other women in infidelity.

Yet another disturbing planetary configuration in his chart is Jupiter opposition Pluto. This can indicate someone who feels that they are pressured to act a certain way because of fame. In fact, it means that he may consider his spouse to be a “trophy wife.” She may be treated like a possession and there may be something to the allegations that Tiger’s supporters are trying to pay her off to have her stay married to him for two more years.

So what makes someone with so much Virgo and Capricorn in their chart lose their common sense to the point that they are fighting physically with their spouse and crashing their car into fire hydrants? Most astrologers would blame the planet Uranus, which inspires reckless behavior. The affair can be accounted for because he has Uranus in Scorpio, which means a womanizer. Quite simply, this perfectionist has a second secret life as a Romeo.

Uranus is also sextile his Sun in Sagittarius, which makes him secretive and a risk taker. He may feel that his affairs are with people who are fated to be in his life. He might also believe in the occult or omens. Uranus in Scorpio also creates a person with addictions and cravings, including cravings for drugs and sex.

Furthermore, Uranus has been in the seventh house of marriage for the last couple of months and is making challenging squares (ninety degree formations) to his Moon in Virgo again and again. This means that Tiger Woods may have seen his marriage as becoming much too complicated.

Another thing that is evident in his chart is Saturn crossing into his mid-heaven, which is in his tenth house of career and also his eleventh house of “how society sees you.”  This has created a huge public relations problem for this individual, who has enjoyed an almost flawless reputation up until now. This is not a challenge that is going to go away soon either.  Woods actually will be dealing with this transit in his chart for another 18 months and it is not likely that his marriage is going to survive this type of stress.

Saturn also naturally squares his Uranus in his natal chart. This can practically create an individual who is two people. Uranus gives him a secret wild side that would love to rebel against society, but Saturn compels him to at least appear to be a pillar of the community, even if that is not his real self. Crazy binges are a normal part of this person’s life and, furthermore, it may be very difficult for this person to change.  As Saturn is such a dominant planet, it could be that Woods has been leading a secret, decadent life that includes lots of illicit sex and drugs for many years. This will definitely harm his wholesome reputation.

Another interesting thing to note is that Uranus began going forward in the sky on December 1st after being months in retrograde. This is the equivalent of having pressure that has been building up over a long time and suddenly bursts and break a pipe. When Uranus goes forwards, light is also often shed on corruption and secrets. As Uranus also rules technology, it means we are going to see a great deal of his life in the media and on camera.

It does not help that he is experiencing what is known as the “Saturn return” in his chart as well. Every single person experiences Saturn’s return to the place in the heavens that it occupied when were born. These returns happen approximately between the ages of 28 and 31, ages 56 to 57, and ages 85 to 87. Woods is age thirty - so he is suffering the changes that come with the Saturn return. As planet Saturn is indicative of discipline and restraint, many of us suffer losses or experience events that cause us to rethink our lives. 

In the case of Tiger Woods, his father died when he turned 28 years old. That year, he played in the opening round of the U.S. Open and for the first time ever he did not make the grade!

So as you can see, there is more at play in this person’s chart than first imagined with the obnoxious news being that we are going to be hearing about this personal debacle for almost a year and a half thanks to Saturn traveling in and out of the media-oriented eleventh house in his chart!

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