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Tips for Chilling Out During Summer 2010
Tips to Chill Out for Your Zodiac Sign This is going to be quite a stressed out summer for most signs. There is a lot of planetary activity going on that causes conflict, fatigue, and also relationship challenges.

For one thing all of the signs are subject to a Grand Cross involving several planets that happens around the same time as a big lunar eclipse on June 26th. This is definitely an eclipse that is going to indicate loss and trauma of some kind.

It also does not help that this particular eclipse is in a conjunction of a Moon with Pluto. This can conjure up distressing memories from the past. Many people will be acting from their ego instead of from a place of love.

Saturn is rising in Virgo, which means there will be a lot more sarcasm and cynicism around as opposed to constructive criticism. People will be a little more paranoid than usual, but in some cases it may be completely justified!

There is a formation in the sky called a T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn  that is going to make many of us feel like victims of the environment or war. This may be a time when we feel demoralized because we may feel victimized by forces beyond our control.

One way to battle stress is quite simply to “chill out.” Here are some ways that each sign can prevent the effects of anxiety from undermining their health and peace of mind.


When you get frustrated and mad, you tend to get all wound up. You need to discharge extra energy so running, walking, and biking are recommended. If others are making you downright hostile, then punching out a punching bag or beating up a pillow might help you chill out. Otherwise, a nice soak alone in a hot tub with a lit candle can help soother your nerves.


When you get stressed, you turn into a stubborn offensive bully. To avoid making situations worse, it is a good idea to isolate yourself. Do something like lazy, but entertaining like watch television or play video games. You are also relaxed by spending sometime gardening or cooking for loved ones.


The key to decompressing for your nervous sign is to go shopping or grazing in antique markets. You love looking at old, beautiful, and interesting things. Geminis are very sexual creatures who love to unwind with a special someone. A trip to a wine and cheese festival or to a lake for a summer barbecue helps relax frayed nerves.


When you are stressed, some vigorous walking or running followed by a dip in hot tub is recommended. Your frayed nerves are also soothed by escaping for a while at the movies or simply by cuddling up with a good friend with some snacks and watching television. Lighting soothing incense can help repair shattered nerves as well.


Spending time with a good buddy and talking your problems out can be very therapeutic for you. You are bound to go through some relationship stress this summer, so make sure you socialize a great deal so that you can keep things in perspective. Swimming, hiking, and biking will also help you work off any stress you are experiencing.


When you are upset, there is nothing more therapeutic for you than scrubbing your surroundings from top to bottom. Throw out garbage and spruce up your surroundings and make it into a calm meditative space. This will make it your perfect meditation space and “refuge” from the emotional storms that life might have to offer you this summer.


When you are stressed, you need to be coddled so treat yourself to a massage or a spa treatment. Getting a makeover or a haircut also makes you feel better if you feel heavily criticized or put down by others. You love food, so treating yourself to a fancy meal or having others over to enjoy your cooking skills is a good way for you to relax.


When you feel upset, you need to spend lots of time alone. One of the most therapeutic things for you to do is take a long walk in nature. Doing things for others can also help allay feelings of loss and raise your self-esteem if you feel trodden down. A little self-pampering can go a long way if someone in your life is being too demanding or critical.


There is so much happening both personally and professionally that is beyond your control. It is futile to resist what is going on. Rather than fight your fate, give in and let go and see what happens. Make sure that you get plenty of rest this summer, as higher ups will want to overwork you. Short walks and jaunts out to the country would be very good for your soul.


You might be feeling short-tempered and irritable because you may not be able to manipulate or control events like usual. Shopping and pampering yourself at a spa can go a long way to soothing your jagged nerves. Aromatherapy, lighting incense, and meditating before a candle or in a spot that you find peaceful can also help you sort out your feelings and priorities so you can make wise decisions.


You might be feeling like your entire world is crashing down around you or like everyone else is acting unreasonable and you are the only rational one. There is no point in trying to convince others to stop acting insane. Your best course of action is to take a trip away or a place in nature where you can have time to yourself. Investing in some art supplies or a journal might be a good outlet for any feelings you need to express.


You may be having a hard time financially, but that does not mean that meditation or self-pampering is out of the question. Take healing bubble baths by candlelight and listen to soothing music to relax. You also find spending time by yourself and reading an inspirational book to be very therapeutic. To get out of the house, try escaping to the movies to enjoy some fantasy or sci-fi for a while.

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