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Tips on Staying Slim for Your Zodiac Sign
Tips on Staying Slim for Your Zodiac Sign It is bikini season again, which means trying to stay slim and beautiful for the summer season. Not every sign of the Zodiac thrives on the same diet or fitness plan. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the signs are ruled by different elements.

Here are some tips for each Zodiac sign how to stay trim so you look as sexy as possible on the beach this summer.


As you are a fire sign, eating spicy food can help you melt off the pounds. Try eating vegetarian Indian meals to inspire your body to work more efficiently. Other fat burning foods that are good for you are cherries, celery and melons. Putting apple cider vinegar on your salad could also help your metabolism work more efficiently. Running and skipping do an amazing job of helping you lose weight. Being the sign of the archer, you might want to take up archery as a form of exercise. Many Archers are also excellent equestrians. Swimming lengths in a pool can help you burn fat and calories.


You are a sign that tends to be very self-indulgent and you are famous for your fondness of alcohol. Just cutting back on the beer or wine that you consume each day will go a long way towards helping you lose fat.  Weight lifting works best for helping you peel of the pounds. Kickboxing and using a punching bag is slimming as well as tension relieving for you. The Bull likes to garden and indulging in this favorite hobby can be very gratifying when it comes to weight loss simply because there is a lot of lifting, bending, pulling and digging.  All of these activities help you lose lean muscle.


You are an air sign, which means aerobic exercise is best for you. Try running, cycling and swimming. You are also a character that loves to have fun so it is not a bad idea to get fit by taking a modern dance class.  Even going to a dance club at night is beneficial as long as you keep moving. You love sugar and salt, but cutting down on both substances is what is going to help you eventually lose all of your unwanted weight. It also helps a Gemini to try and eat at the same time every day and watch the casual snacking. This air sign can think it is immortal and capable of eating anything as Geminis are generally naturally slender but the truth is sudden weight gain is quite common for this sign.


You are a water sign that loves sweets, so if you want to lose weight you have to make sure that these types of foods are never in your cupboards. Cutting down on cakes, colas, and ice cream is a good idea but you have to find the willpower to resist these foods. You are also one of those character types that tends to use food as a form of emotional solace and comfort. Dealing with your emotions and what triggers you to overeat is a good idea. You do best with slower, stationary exercises such as walking on the treadmill or weight lifting. Yours is also the sign that is most inclined to become a couch potato. It is a good idea to turn of the television every now and then and start moving your body.


You are a fire sign that is very competitive and athletic. For this reason, playing in any sport or participating in a race are ways for you to have fun and lose weight at the same time.  You loathe housework, but folding clothes, doing the floors, and chores of all kinds can really help you burn off the calories. You can also lose weight by giving up drinking alcohol. Of all the signs, you tend to have a big sweet tooth so just cutting back on cakes and muffins and eating more fruit can go a long ways towards contributing to your weight loss. Get rid of sugary colas and juices and rehydrate with water to assist with your weight loss efforts as well.


You are an earth sign that is fond of bread, carbs, and pasta. To lose weight, all you have to do is cut some of these things out of your diet. High cholesterol meats could also be adding on extra pounds. Eat the leanest cuts of meat possible. You are not a big fan of exercise, but taking long strolls through museums and parks might be a way for you to fit some exercise time into your busy schedule. You love to do housework and that is also an excellent way to burn off calories. Folding clothes, pushing a mop around, and other house cleaning activities will help you lose weight. You could also work out in your garden by raking and pruning. That way you can lose weight and also enjoy a sense of accomplishment.


As an air sign, you can be very irresponsible when it comes to what you eat. You also eat too much or not enough at erratic times during the day. Sitting down and having three meals a day at the same time every day would really help you lose the weight.  Drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of salad will also do wonders for helping to speeding up your metabolism. You like to socialize and grazing and snacking on things like potato chips can help you pack on the pounds. Team sports like baseball and volleyball can help get your body back in shape. You are also quite a good long distance jogger and runner. Aerobic exercise is excellent for air signs when it comes to losing weight.


Fat burning foods with zero calories such as cherries, watermelon, celery, apples, carrots and spinach can be juiced up into cocktails that can help you lose weight. You love exotic foods like Chinese food, but you need to watch the amount of oil and grease that you might be ingesting. You love to dance so taking ballet, Tai Chi, or even ballroom dancing can help your lose the pounds. Your love of organization and also checking out the bodies of the opposite sex might be greatly gratified by scheduling regular trips to the gym to lift weights and participate in weight loss classes. Your favorite way to lose weight is to have lots of sex and this does work for you.


Running, skipping work, and walking are your best ways to burn off calories. As you love to travel, hiking through terrains both familiar and exotic is a good idea. You are also a big fan of both competitive and team sports so be sure to play squash, volleyball, baseball and similar sports. You are also one of the equestrian signs so horseback riding will also peel off most of your pounds. In terms of diet, it would really assist you to become a complete vegetarian that stays away from all refined white flours, meat, and sugar.


The best way for you to lose weight is start walking and hiking through whatever parks that are nearby. You love to swim as well and doing simple laps back and forth at the local pool can also help you lose weight. Luxury loving goats also thrive going to spas. Soaking in salt water and soaking up the heat from infrared saunas and steam rooms can also help you sweat off the pounds. Eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet can really help you peel off the pounds. Just make sure that the proteins you do eat come from a vegetarian source or that the meat sources are very low in fat.


You dislike exercise, so walking and cycling is your best bet for losing weight. It would help you to take a stroll through a museum or a mall  if regular forms of exercise bore you. Traveling to far off lands is also a good way for you to lose the pounds, especially if you plant to do a lot of walking. Sticking to the Mediterranean diet which means eating very little low fat protein such a chicken or fish and lots of legumes and vegetables. Eating lots of olive oil and other good fats can also help Aquarians melt off the pounds.


You are a fish and one of the best low fat foods that you could actually consume is fish. Whether it is canned, broiled, or grilled eating fish with mostly non-starchy vegetables is your answer to losing weight. You should also stay away from all refined cereals and products, sugars, and colas. If you feel hungry, snacking on a cup of vegetable soup is a good idea. Being a water sign, swimming is the ideal weight loss exercise for you. If you have one (and many Fishes are animal lovers) walking the dog, more often might also be a good idea.

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By Connie, Thursday, June 18, 2009 06:15:53 PM
So sorry, but Aries is NOT the sign of the Archer. That is Sagittarius. Aries is the Ram. And some of us cannot become vegetarians as we have O positive blood which requires animal protein to stay healthy. I've tried the vegetarian thing and became very ill. I would like to be one, but it is not possible for me.
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