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Ways Each Sign Can Be Charitable or Benefit Society
Giving When people look up a horoscope they often do not have much more in mind then trying to find out how the cosmos can benefit them. However, the truth is that all of the Zodiac signs are capable of great generosity and philanthropy, whether they are of a materialistic nature or not. 

Here is a look at the ways each sign can be charitable or benefit society.


The Aries native is usually well connected socially and makes an excellent liaison between big organizations and smaller ones. Aries are great at “corporate speak” and can make large companies understand why it benefits their images to give to the poor. They are also great when it comes to responding to emergency calls for help as is the case when disaster strikes somewhere. This is because the Aries is naturally adept at moving fast and organizing fund-raising events at the last minute.


The Taurus native is very compassionate towards animals and children and many of them adopt pets or humans or run rescue operations for wild-life. The Bull is also a very good cook and both males and females excel at holding bake sales; they tend to believe in supporting the local community first before places far away. The Bull is also great at organizing old fashioned picnics and BBQs. Male Bulls make great event hosts and auctioneers; the females are great at organizing behind the scenes.


The Gemini is one of the most versatile and hard-working forces for charity in the Zodiac. Many are talented singers, actors, artists and writers and think nothing of putting together entire shows, publications and exhibitions and devoting the spoils to charity. Geminis are also very good at spreading the word about a cause; they are especially good at promoting charities on social platforms like Twitter or Facebook.


The Sign of the Crab is a great organizer and make great treasurers of financial organizations. Many of them devote themselves to accounting or taxing and spend hours tirelessly doing the grunt work and paperwork that nobody else will do to keep a charity alive. They are especially active in organizations that help drug addicts and alcoholics and organizations that help benefit the victims of child abuse.  They go about being generous nobly and quietly with little expect of recognition or thanks.


The Lion is one of the most generous signs in the Zodiac when it comes to donating money or time to a good cause. Many of them enjoy dressing up as a character, like Santa, to raise money for others and nobody enjoys a good party more than a Leo, especially  there is donated food and liquor. Many are naturally charismatic hosts who make wonderful organizers of events; the only drawback is that sometimes a Leo has a problem not “owning” the event and likes to be in the spotlight so much that sometimes it overtakes the real focus which should be the charity.


Virgos do not mind devoting time and energy to a charity but it is a little more difficult for them to part with their money. They will work tirelessly in the background to make an event happen however they will be very angry if they feel they do not get the recognition or thanks that they are due.  They will often participate in a charitable cause to look good to a boss. The Virgo also has a tendency to take over an event or be a control freak to the extent that people do not want to participate.


The Libra is a very generous soul, so much so they will often suffer in order to do something for someone else. Being ruled by Venus they are more than eager to participate in any charity that raises money for museums, art galleries or performing arts organizations. They are also very fond of animals and are often right there with as much money as they can muster to save wild life or pets. These gentle souls do not mind volunteering and many of them work anonymously to better the lives of both animals and people.


Participating in a charity may be a matter of looking good socially to a Scorpio who is naturally quite self-centered however they are wonderful behind-the-scenes organizers. Many Scorpios are charismatic people with silver tongues that can talk others into parting with thousands for a charity if necessary. The Scorpio native really believes in participating in fund-raising activities that benefit science, space exploration or medical research.


The Archer is a globally and environmentally conscious individual who likes to raise money to allay disease and starvation in underprivileged countries. They are also political creatures who will take part in protests and raise money for activism against corporate or political control over human rights or the environment. Many Sagittarians are talented writers and filmmakers who document injustices in the name of raising awareness and money to right them.


The Capricorn tends to naturally accumulate wealth and then dutifully donate it to write off taxes and also appear generous socially. Goats are all about social climbing so they love to attend the flashiest of fund-raisers that they can. They like to attend expensive performances, balls or dinners that raise money for medical or cultural causes. If they do throw an event for charity they expect lots of publicity and credit for their contributions.


This visionary sign is very concerned with the environment and will travel far and wide to save the flora and fauna of the planet. They are expert at putting together exhibitions and performances to raise money for causes to do with preventing pollution, cleaning up man-made disasters and preventing unnecessary illnesses (such as AIDS) in other countries. They can be a bit disorganized but are natural born marketers who are excellent at spreading the word on social platforms and through photography and publishing.


This is one of the most self-sacrificing of the Zodiac sign who will work tirelessly to benefit people, animals or the planet. They are very fond of causes that have to do with saving wild-life and are not afraid to do the boring paperwork, phoning or other chores that can come with serious fund-raising. A Pisces will also travel to a troubled area of the world in order to investigate a problem and bring back news of what should be done.  Pisces natives are very spiritual and expect very little thanks or recognition for all of their hard work.

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