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What Does Ceres Going Direct Hold For Your Sign?
Ceres Retrogade Ends August 8th On August 8, the asteroid Ceres goes direct. It has been in retrograde motion (appearing to go backwards in the sky) since April 7th and causing all kinds of problems on the domestic home front, with money and also with relationships. It has also kept some signs very cash strapped and close to home. 

Ceres is the goddess of corn and fertility, so when this asteroid originally went retrograde, many couples got bad news of one kind or another. Some found out they had fertility problems. Many people suffered through infidelities, coldness in their relationships, and also problems with their children at this time. Many men may have felt smothered by their closest female connection and might have been more tempted to be unfaithful.

The good news is that this asteroid stops this backwards motion and goes direct in the sign of Sagittarius on the 12th, putting some of these situations giving us all a better sense of freedom. Many of us will also feel less guilty and like we have healed emotionally from some emotional wounds.

There are some other astrological influences around that time that may subtly impact how Ceres turning direct will affect your sign as well. For instance, love planet Venus transits Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto around this time. We are going to see even more infidelities than ever, as Ceres’ interaction creates a need for social excitement and the desire to “party.” As Venus transits Pluto on the 9th, obsession, jealousy, and an exaggerated sex drive will have to be dealt with in quite a few lives.

Here is a look at how Ceres going direct in the sky on August 8th might affect your zodiac sign.


Ceres going direct will give your finances a real boost and to show a special someone how much you love him or her, take him or her out on the town to celebrate. If you are single, you will have more money to spend on things like makeovers, movies, and dinners out with friends.


Ceres going direct gives you the go ahead to give all you got to that special someone. The 8th is an excellent day to propose to the one you love. Romance is especially favored on the 8th. Find that special someone and spend the day with them in nature to cement your bond.


When Ceres goes direct, a lover will suddenly be very attentive. A proposal for marriage might also be in your future. Joyous times with pets and children are also favored. Many Geminis will see a harvest of some kind in their life that is the result of reaping rewards from all of their hard work.


When Ceres goes direct, your money picture will improve vastly and you may even find yourself investing in some property. If someone has been smothering you or making you feel guilty, it may be easier to disentangle yourself from the situation. If you are single, be sure to attend every party you are invited to, as your chances of falling in love or high.


When Ceres goes direct, you will feel a great sense of relief when you receive great news about money. An old situation that you thought was over might suddenly come back to life and bring you a lot of joy. Children, pets, and simple things like cooking dinner for the neighbors will bring you great joy.


When Ceres go direct, you may feel as if you are losing control of someone. It is best to let this person go. You will be invited to many parties around this time, so be sure to go and look your best. Single Virgins have a remarkably high chance of meeting a new love. The week, when Ceres goes forward, it is excellent for overworked Virgos to take a vacation.


When Ceres goes direct, you will find yourself blessed with a second chance. More than likely, it will be about a fresh start with a familiar lover or with your spouse. However, thanks to the influence of Pluto and Venus, it may be very difficult for you to not to be possessive or jealous. Do your best not to smother a special someone.


Many of you could receive news of a pregnancy or decide to get married once Ceres goes direct on April 12th. All Scorpios are exceptionally fertile at this time, so you may want to use protection if children are not on your must-have list in the near future. You might also be blessed with extra cash or a lottery winning.


You are going to want to do everything in style now the Ceres is going direct in the sky and the good news is that you will finally be able to do so because your finances are about to get a huge boost. The influence of Venus is also brings fantastic news about a property. Some of you may even get married around this time.


When Ceres turns direct, you may find yourself triumphant when it comes to winning an argument that has been going on for some time. However, Pluto in your sign means that no matter what prize you feel you have won, jealousy or being number one in a special someone’s life could become a bit of an obsession. Be very careful not to be too possessive or frantic or you could risk losing it all.


When Ceres turns direct, you will be blessed with a financial windfall. This is a great week for you to do some home renovations, throw a dinner for friends, or tend to your garden. If you are attached, be quite wary of an individual who seems to be after your partner. Chances are that your instincts about it are true, but resist indulging in any confrontations that week.


Ceres going direct will have a positive effect on all of your relationships. Be ready to receive a financial windfall. If you are single, it is very likely you will attract someone special around the 8th. If you are attached, you can expect your spouse to be more amorous than usual. Pets and children bring you extra joy. A feeling of being “lucky to be alive” is about to permeate your life.

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