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What Does Columbus Day Hold For Your Zodiac Sign?
Columbus Day for Your Zodiac Sign Columbus Day 2010 has some very interesting and even paradoxical astrological influences.

The biggest influence on all signs is going to be Venus retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. This makes family members more competitive and brings out the shadow side of the subconscious. Resentments that have been hidden away for some time could be expressed. Yet another consequence of this is rivalry and jealousy in romantic relationships. It might be best to count to ten if you feel angry on this day, as Venus in retrograde also creates a tendency to make mountains out of molehills.

Yet another major influence is Ceres in Capricorn. This basically means that there is going to be a big division amongst social classes. Those with money will celebrate the holiday with more money in their pockets than ever. Those who are poor may find their cash flow halted or stopped at this time. This holiday is bound to be a study in extremes with some people indulging their decadent side and others doing without until the holiday is over and normal pay and banking schedules can resume again.

Yet another big influence is the Sun and Mercury in the sign in Libra. No matter what is happening there will be peacemakers in your company who will be doing their best to make everybody happy. On the other hand if there is a big decision to be made, there may be a lot of waiting or dallying around before something gets done.

Here is a look at what the Columbus Day holiday on October 11, 2010 might hold for your sign.


You are best to court relationships with friends rather than lovers on this rare day off, as Venus retrograde makes it more likely that a love affair with go off-kilter. Ceres in Capricorn could create a tendency to be unrealistic about the cost of a trip or dinner. Keep it all in perspective.


Planets in Libra could leave you feeling very frustrated with loved ones who seem to be refusing to follow orders. Donít let a jealous woman or man control your entire schedule. It is a good time to spend time with a group of old friends who have been wondering where you have been lately.


Planets in laid-back Libra offer you a chance to relax and forget about all of your cares on this Columbus Day holiday. The asteroid Ceres is likely to bring you a cash windfall so you can enjoy yourself in style. Be sure to splurge on your favorite food and donít let others guilt you into feeling stressed or anxious.


Mars and Venus in your fellow water sign of Scorpio may create a feeling of anxiety and disquiet in your personal life. It is probably best to spend this holiday alone. Planets in Libra favor relaxation, sleeping, and eating. Ceres in the sign of Capricorn is likely to bring you a cash windfall, so you can have some peace of mind about money.


Venus moving backwards in Scorpio recommends lying low and spending this Columbus Day thinking about how to better organize your life. Loved ones could be uncooperative and not feel like partying much. The day is best spent doing simple tasks and also doing relaxing things like reading, watching television, and taking a bath.


If you find yourself saddled with a bad case of sibling rivalry you can blame Venus retrograde in Scorpio. Try not to be motivated by jealousy or let someoneís elseís obsessive behavior rule your day.  Although relationships with lovers and family might be strained your relationships with pets and children are  favored thanks to planets in the gentle sign of Libra. This is a great holiday weekend to spend more time with someone a lot younger than you and serve as a mentor or guide.  Doing art projects with someone younger is especially favored.


With so many planets in your sign, you are bound to have a great time this Columbus Day. It is ideal for a picnic with some special friends (if where you live is warm enough) or you can have your immediate social circle over for a fun dinner. Playing games like cards, chess, or board games is also highlighted on this holiday.


Venus going backwards in your sign which means it is time to lie low. On this Columbus Day, your time is best spent by yourself or with one other person relaxing and doing things that nourish your body and emotional health. There is a bit of a chance that you might have to economize a little more than usual on this holiday as well so keep things as simple as possible.


Planets in Libra could cause delays or setbacks in travel, but once you get to your destination, you will be amazed at the decadence and luxury that life has to offer you. The asteroid Ceres may also bring you a much needed cash windfall at this time. Be wary of making a partner jealous by being too flirtatious.


The asteroid Ceres is in your sign, so you could be enjoying the finest of wines and the best that hospitality and entertainment has to offer this Columbus Day weekend. However, money does not buy you everything. Be aware that there are hard feelings and rivalries in your inner circle that could be exaggerated because of the Moon in Scorpio. A sense of fair play and a sense of humor may be needed to keep things civil.


The asteroid Ceres dumps a wonderful opportunity to get away this weekend. You will also be able to do anything you like with style because the same asteroid is going to also bless you with a cash windfall. Do not let the fact that a loved one is acting a little distant or preoccupied. Venus in Scorpio is creating a little more formality in most relationships at this time and it is an influence that will pass.


It is best to lie low this Columbus Day and spend time with just a few loved ones. Venus in your fellow sign of Scorpio is likely to cause rivalries or arguments, so isolating yourself a bit is a way of minimizing that risk. On the other hand, the asteroid Ceres promises good news about finances as well as a luxurious perk of some kind in your life. Be wary of being critical or sarcastic as loved ones are extra sensitive to criticism at this time.

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