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What Does Halloween 2010 Have in Store For You?
Halloween 2010 Zodiac Forecast When looking how the celestial bodies are going to affect us this Halloween, it is probably a good idea to start with the moon as that big orange fall moon is so associated with Trick or Treating.

This Halloween, the moon is in its fourth quarter in the sign of Leo. This is a showy sign for the moon to be in, so the costumes should be absolutely spectacular. This is quite a jovial influence as well. People will be friendly and in the mood to joke around. However, a drawback to this influence might be a tendency to be a bit too much of a prankster.

Leo energy is a reckless energy and when not reigned in, it can take foolish risks. Leo is also a fire sign, so the danger of fire is more likely under this influence. To counteract this, keep an eye on adolescents and make sure that you fire-proof your walks and lit up pumpkins so that nobody’s costume gets caught on fire.

The fact that the Sun is in Scorpio is perfect for Halloween, as it is a sign that rules the occult, great mysteries, and also the kinkier side of sex.

The planet Mars is in the friendly and diplomatic sign of Sagittarius, so modes of public transpiration should go well. This good-natured sign has a great sense of humor, so expect the costumes to be wittier than usual. The fact that Mars is in Sagittarius and that it is trining Uranus almost guarantees that the holiday will be safe for all concerned for the most part. Many of us will remember Halloween 2010, as being one of the best Halloween nights to occur in ages.

Here is what your sign can expect for Halloween night 2010.


The moon in Leo tweaks your sense of humor. If you are decorating your home for little trick or treaters, you are going to find yourself wanting to “go the extra mile.” Prosperity is indicated for your sign on this day so go ahead and splurge a little more than you would on things to celebrate this holiday.


The Sun in Scorpio is making you feel a little kinky. Why not dress up to seduce that special person this Halloween. If you are single dressing up in a sexier costume than usual, you could attract the attention of a new romantic prospect. Wearing the colors black and red are definitely favored for your sign.


Your sign loves the idea of becoming another person for a night by dressing up in costume. The planets definitely favor your creativity. Don’t miss your optimum chance all year to dress like a sex slave, as a current partner is feeling very romantic. You will also be more psychic than usual on this evening so expect to run into someone you have been thinking of a lot lately.


Planets in your fellow water sign of Scorpio whet your appetite for fun and games. This is definitely a great night for you to throw a party of your own. The planet Mars is helping you master a difficult emotional situation and by the end of this special night, you may find the entire matter is resolved.


This is a fantastic night for you to go to extremes in every way. Use creativity with your costume and go to as many parties as you possibly can. You must, however, be aware that you are more reckless than usual and less likely to “follow” the rules. Make sure that you are not careless and that you do not drive if you drink too much.


You may find that the vibes on this Halloween are extremely intense and a bit too noisy and hectic for your tastes. You don’t like things to get too wild, which is why you should try to make it an early night tonight. Watch out for teen pranksters on this night because they will be out in full force pelting eggs at houses and up to other mischief.


This Halloween might go down in history as being the best in your life ever. Whether single or attached, romance is definitely in the picture. You could also be blessed with a coincidence that tells you that you are on the right track when it comes to resolving a difficult situation. Mars trining Uranus is also likely to bring your sign great news about money.


The Sun and Mars are both in your sign, so no matter what you do tonight you are going to shine! You may be the center of attention whether you like it or night. You are especially powerful sexually right now and can pretty much have your “pick of the litter” when it comes to lovers. You can also expect great news about your finances on this day.


The planets greatly favor travel for your sign tonight, so make sure you get out of the house and even out of town if you can. Muster up the most creative costume you can as you are likely to win a prize of some kind just by walking down the street in it. Your intuition is very strong and a hunch you have about an old friend might be absolutely correct.


Pluto and the asteroid Ceres are causing financial and emotional difficulties for your sign this night. You may not want to play up the holiday as much as you usually do because of this. There is no harm in staying in and having a quiet Halloween night, especially since the Scorpio and Aries energies are a bit too wild and unpredictable for your sign’s liking.


A great Halloween night is in store for your sign which does thrive when the moon is in Aries. It is a good night for you to hop from party to party. You may find yourself the proud owner of some kind of nifty gadget or new computer thanks to good energy from the planet Uranus.


You will have nothing on your mind but sex tonight as strong energies from Mars and the Sun in your fellow water sign of Scorpio give you the urge to connect strongly with the one you love. The planets also favor dressing up in your kinkiest Halloween outfit and going after whomever it is you most desire. A visit to a psychic or a museum is also favored today!

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