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What Does Mars Opposing Pluto and Jupiter Hold For You?
Mars Oppsing Pluto and Jupiter On August 3 and 4th, 2010, Mars goes through some convolutions that could put us through a lively couple of days.

First of all, Mars is the warrior planet and when it opposes other planets, there is likely to be some kind of tension or conflict. At this time, Mars is in Libra and Jupiter is in Aries. This can mean that someone in a partnership might be acting very passive aggressive, especially when it comes to money. It can also mean quarreling in a long time relationship because Jupiter is the planet of marriage.
Yet another effect of Mars being in Jupiter is riots. People become extremist and over excited. Arguments that might usually be just competitive can actually turn violent.

The next day, on the 4th, obsessions and the need to be dominant or territorial can overtake even the sanest of individuals, as Mars in Libra opposes Pluto in Capricorn. The desire to have sex might also be very strong at this time. Watch out for control freaks who may strong arm you into doing something that you do not want to do.


When Mars opposes Jupiter in your sign on the third of August you might get a real bee in your bonnet. It is very likely that you will be at odds with a loved one on the 3rd or the 4tg. The issue that is likely to drive a wedge between you might be more philosophical in nature rather than personal. You will need to decide if you can agree to disagree at this point.


If you have been passive aggressive with someone lately or trying to “get someone’s goat” in the past few weeks, things will backfire badly on you lately. These two days are ones of comeuppance if you have been bad. If you are good, you have nothing to worry about. You will feel a special longing to be with your lover on the 4th as Mars fires up your sex drive.


Hold your ground on the 3rd and 4th and do not let a bully push you around. Know when to disappear if it looks like a fight is about to get ugly. On the 4th, someone you care about deeply will return the favor. If you have been at odds with someone in a relationship, you may find that it regenerates and returns to its former passion quite quickly.


You may feel like you have been suppressing your feelings to the point that you are about to get sick. By the 3rd of August, you may feel compelled to get things off your chest and you will feel much better if you can express what you have to say without getting angry. If you are fighting with a lover, you will also be likely to make up with them on August 4th.


Mars is a planet that is associated with your sign and it will be energizing you and making you feel potent and sexual all this week. However, you might also come off as a bit arrogant to others. It is very important to avoid getting in arguments or playing “Devil’s Advocate,” as you could get into a feisty or even violent situation that you cannot get out of.


Mars is making it feel like other people are thwarting your every move. The people you feel are standing in your way are actually trying to help you. It is going to take the right combination of tolerance and patience to get you through the next couple of days. Be very careful not to continue to trust someone who has betrayed you before on August 4th when you are most vulnerable to con artists.


Mars in your sign makes the 3rd and the 4th a very strange couple of days with you. You will feel like going to extremes when it comes to correcting some of the problems in your life. If you are going to confront someone from your far past about an issue, it is best not to expect too much. There is a delusionary quality to your thinking right now that makes it difficult for others to meet your requests or even understand what your needs are right now.


The third and fourth are both great days for sex and the more erotic and kinky it is the better. However, the problem is that this intimacy is not necessarily indicated for your current spouse or lover. There is also likely to be trouble for you at work if you are not focusing on the tasks at hand. However it will be difficult for you to do so because you will be so fascinated by your romantic prospects.


The planet Mars may compel you to resurrect an old argument. Unfortunately, if you open this can of worms, nothing will get resolved. In fact, the extremist nature of the influence may actually find you even further divided from a close friend or lover. You might also feel a little more anxious than usual or obsessed by memories from the past. This is a feeling that will pass.


Mars is facing off against Pluto in Capricorn in your sign. Prevent yourself from having any knee jerk reactions to anyone or any situation in your life, as this influence is going to create some kind of hostility. Be sure that if you initiate an argument with someone that you have all of your facts straight, as the planets are conspiring to create a big misunderstanding in your life.


On the 3rd and the 4th of August, you will probably want to avoid discussing touchy issues with anyone, but especially with a lover. You may also feel like passionately fighting for a cause. Just make sure that you do not push your opinions too heavily on others or that you have expectations that are too high or you may meet with resentful or even violent resistance.


Lie low on the 3rd and the 4th of August when someone close to you might resort to extreme or irrational behavior because of jealousy or resentment. Recognition of other’s feelings is important right now or you could provoke a fight or even a split. On the 3rd,be sure to keep your eye on your finances as simple transactions could go awry or be misleading in some way. Do not make big purchases on those two days and especially stay away from buying a car.

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