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What Does Mercury’s Entrance Into Gemini Hold For You?
Mercury Entering Gemini On June 9th, Mercury joins the Sun in the sign of Gemini, which means that some of the somber and restrictive influences caused by the Neptune Retrograde in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo will be mitigated. We will get some comic relief and the chance to laugh at ourselves and the foibles of our friends in the near future.

The transit lasts until June 25th and during that time there will be a whirlwind of social opportunities. Gemini’s and the related air signs (Libra and Aquarius) will be very popular and in demand. If you are in the arts at all, you can expect your career to thrive and take off into the stratosphere. The idea is to focus on your future rather than on the emotional damage and personal confusion caused by the planets in May.

This does not mean your problems are going to go away, but most signs will feel a little lighter about life in general.  Around June 5 to June 7, we can expect lots of positive action as Jupiter enters the ambitious sign of Aries and brings air and fire signs much needed cash windfalls and career opportunities. This is followed by Mercury, the planet of communication, moving into Gemini, so the pace of life will become a little more hurried and hectic. The basic message here is to make hay while the sun is shining.

However, Mars joins Saturn in Virgo and this is going to be a restrictive and even aggressive force in the lives of the earth signs. You may feel happier, but life is a bit clouded over by unresolved tensions and long ongoing feuds that just don’t seem to want to resolve themselves.

Here is a look at how Mercury’s entrance into Gemini is likely to affect you.


You can expect a whirlwind of social invitations so be sure to look your best. There will definitely be opportunities for social climbing. Your powers of persuasion are strong so be sure to pitch those great ideas to higher ups. Someone much younger than you may come into your life to tantalize you with an erotic proposal.


You may find it difficult to believe that life has become so harsh for you. That is thanks to the restrictive influence of Saturn in Virgo. You might be realizing that money isn’t everything. Your longing for a special someone may become so extreme that you cannot resist contacting him or her. This would put you on the right path.


Health, wealth, and love are on their way into your life. After a difficult few months, you will stop spinning your wheels and begin to move forward. You get proof from the universe that all the love that you invested in someone is not to be in vain. Focus on a creative project that has been on the back burner for a while.


Neptune travelling backwards in your sign may have you feeling a little bit down, but you will soon feel better as friends and family show you how much they appreciate you. This is a great time to strike out on your own or seek a better job. You will be delighted from good news that you receive from far away.


The pleasant fiery energy of Jupiter in Aries is going to bring you a cash windfall. Mercury in Gemini is likely to put you in the public eye somehow. You could be expected to make a speech at an important social event. Any pitches or auditions done now are bound to end in success. You can follow your dream and be a success now!


Restrictive planets in your sign are making it difficult to make ends meet. A partner may be acting up and draining you of your resources. The planets in Gemini may feel like you are losing control of your life and that may very well be true. Taking the attitude that it is okay to let go of a situation that is not working for you might be a good idea.


You are in for a cash windfall when Mercury enters the air sign of Gemini! You are also likely to hear good news about a romance from afar. This is an excellent time for you to search for a new job, revamp your resume, or travel to another city to explore fresh opportunities.


All of the planets in Gemini might be making you feel a little bit jumpy. For one thing, they are bringing you a lot of romantic attention – maybe more than you can handle! You are well advised to look your best as a public speaking engagement is also in store for you. Do not get involved with someone younger unless you are serious about him or her.


Planets in quick-witted Gemini can make you the star of any party. Be sure to get out there and socialize as it is your turn to shine! It is also very possible that you will find a new love in the next two weeks if you happen to be single. If you are married, you will enjoy a renewal of your passions.


Saturn in Virgo has saddled with you with a very heavy work schedule and planets in Gemini may have you feeling overwhelmed with social and family obligation as well. Take a deep breath and jump in! You can get it all done if you really try. This is a great time to adopt a new pet.


Saturn in Virgo has had your nose to the grindstone for a while, but Mercury and the Sun in Gemini are going to free you from your restraints, so you can have some fun for a change. You are going to love the cash windfall that comes your way and romantic opportunities abound for single types as well.


You are going to be a very busy person in the next few weeks, so it is important for you to take some time out for yourself every now and then. Planets in Gemini may have you feeling overwhelmed by other people’s concerns and agendas. You might have to be forceful and set some boundaries or you could be taken advantage of.

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