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What Does Stray Moon in Scorpio Mean For You?
Stray Moon in Scorpio on August 15th A stray moon is just another word for a “void of course” moon. The moon strays in Scorpio in the early morning hours of August 14th. The reason this is significant this August is because it happens in conjunction with a very intense transiting Jupiter that is in opposition to Saturn.

No matter who you are, the days from the 14th to the 20th are going to be very stressful as Mars and Venus, the planets of relationships, start squaring off against other planets. Right on the 16th, the conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn is going to make it feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Many relationships will feel like they just can’t go forward. 

Many will feel like they are in a rut. Uranus also enters Pisces the night before, which could cause mechanical problems and malfunctions with plumbing and anything to do with water.

The stressful planets are definitely going to cause issues to do with jealousy and obsession, but when the moon strays in vindictive Scorpio on the 14th, beware of outright violence and revenge.

Here is a good look at how this particular stray moon in Scorpio might affect your sign.


On the 13th and 14th, you might want to be very careful around fire and you definitely do not want to be a daredevil in anyway. Being boastful about a relationship or a career could also get you in trouble. You may be dealing with one person in your life that won’t stop needling you about a past misdeed – the differences between you could escalate on that evening.


On 13th and 14th, you could be “discovered” if you have been keeping secrets from someone. It is best just to lie low. You may feel as if a friend is pushing your buttons. Avoid arguing with that person as they are just in a cantankerous mood. It is best to avoid a temptation to get drunk that evening.


You are in for a wild adventure of some sort. You could be invited to a special event or to a number of parties that make you feel like you have departed from reality. Be prepared to have a lot of fun!  However, beware of the jealousy of a partner who may resent your popularity and may be trying to keep you down in life.


The stray moon in Scorpio could have you obsessing about an ex and what could have been. This day is incredibly unfortunate for Crabs who might be hoping for a reunion. Exercise and focusing on a hobby should help take your mind off of any problematic relationships. Your feelings are not a reflection of reality.


From the 14th onwards, your sex life is going to thrive, but by the 17th you might be in for a bit of a reality check. Someone may show their true colors or you simply might just find yourself more willing to walk away from a relationship that seems a bit shallow. Be careful around boats and if you are near water as you are accident prone that day.


You may have a problem keeping your true feelings under control on the 17th. An issue with a relationship could explode that evening. You could come to realize that someone has been faking or putting on an act with you. The good news is that you are in for good times later that day with supportive friends. Take a break by attending an entertaining gathering.


You are in for a whirlwind few days of fun. However, if you are single, it is easier to be flirted with then it is to get actual sex. You may also find yourself warding off feelings of depression and longing to phone or see an ex on the 17th. It is best to ride out any compulsions and avoid actually contacting someone from the past, as you are not likely to get the reaction you want.


Lust, obsession and sex. These are a few of your favorite things until they get out of control. If you are sneaking around in any way, you are likely to get caught. If you have an issue in a relationship that is gnawing at you, then your own grievances are likely to come out.


You may find yourself dealing with an unwanted confession of love or even a stalker around the 17th. Old relationship issues to do with addiction or unhealthy behaviors could also rear their ugly heads. Make sure you get out with good friends on this day to get distance and perspective on what is really going on.


Pluto in your sign is clashing with the moon, Venus, and other planets and you are probably going to feel quite out of sorts. It is really a good idea to resist the temptation to confront others or take their personal inventory. It is a particularly bad idea to write someone a letter or phone an ex. You will not get the resolution or result you are looking for romantically this weekend.


You are going to be very popular from the 14th onwards, but by August 17th, it is going to become painfully obvious that “the party is over.” If you are a guest at a cottage or enjoying some other kind of hospitality, it may be time to say thank you, pack up, and leave. Fight feelings of insecurity if a partner or close friend tries to make you jealous of their contacts or lifestyle.


Uranus enters your sign and you feel like you are on top of the world. Use that boundless energy to throw parties and entertaining friends up until the 17th. When the moon strays in Scorpio, it is best to not talk much and just do quiet things by yourself like read and meditate.

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