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What Does the August Mercury Retrograde on Hold For You?
Mercury Retrograde Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Virgo on August 20th until September 12, 2010. This is going to be a time when past efficiencies are going to plague everyone. 

Just to remind you, Mercury is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to an optical illusion. Every planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon.
The planet Mercury rules thinking and perception, the distribution of information, and all means of communication, as well as travel and commerce. Also, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, and all those who work with their minds.

Virgo is a fussy sign so you are going to experience all kinds of problems. Your cell phone could die in the middle of a call. Your computer could crash. The ATM may eat your bank card. Misunderstandings with friends and loved ones could seem to happen for no reason. Is the timer on your VCR malfunctioning?

Here is a look at how the Mercury Retrograde in August might affect your sign.


Expect a loved one to break a promise. You may be dismayed at how others are unable to keep things organized at work. Expect many things that you try to fix to return to their previous condition. This is not a good time for you to network, apply for a new job, or get a new computer. Some money making ventures may be put on hold due to circumstances beyond your control.


This Mercury Retrograde is likely to breed a certain level of confusion. You may find others always correcting you as if you are not interpreting reality they are. This could be a frustrating time. Put off signing formal contracts, documents, and making big purchases until after September 12th. People in your life could complain you are emotionally distant. Do your best to reassure them that you are still there for them when it counts.


Mercury is your planetary ruler, so you always feel a bit more sensitive when this planet moves backwards. Realize you are a bit touchier than usual and sleep on it before you make any big moves. You might also feel a bit sluggish, but try and it keep up with an exercise program just the same. You may also find that your gut instincts are a bit off at this time as well.


You will find it more difficult to make decisions while Mercury is retrograde. You might as well just sit on the fence as long as you can because no matter what, there are going to be complications in your life at this time. If you are thinking of starting your own business, wait until well after September 12th.


The laid back energy of the Mercury Retrograde can be used for reorganizing, regrouping, and reflecting on where we are going in life. You can make plans during this retrograde, but avoid putting anything into action until after September 12th. To stay in balance while things are chaotic, consider taking up meditation.


Not only are usually badly affected by Mercury retrogrades because Mercury is your ruler, but it is also in your sign this time. Prepare for a bit of chaos in your life for a while. There are going to be delays and setbacks that will be difficult for you to overcome. Your sign will also probably experience outages and malfunctions with electricity and technology.


Avoid signing on the dotted line while Mercury is retrograde. One way to deal with the delays, traffic snarls and problems with technology caused by the communication planet going backwards is to develop a great sense of humor. Also, if someone stands you up, donít take it personality. Misunderstandings are more common during Mercury retrograde.


You might notice that people donít say what they mean or mean what they say during this retrograde. Misunderstandings with a lover are likely. Make sure that you return each text, e-mail, and phone call promptly and double check to make sure that emails are sent and that other people are actually getting your communications. A Mercury retrograde can be tricky!


This retrograde is most likely to affect you in terms of communicating with your partner. An argument over joint finances is very likely. You should take extra care when it comes to work, health matters, and taking care of routine tasks. Overlooking small details could be disastrous for you right now, so be vigilant. Be especially clear when communicating instructions, as you are easily misunderstood right now.


This Mercury retrograde is probably going to affect you in terms off legal matters, communications on the job, and travel. It is best not to book big trips until after September 12th when the retrograde is over. It is crucial that you are as non-judgmental as possible when dealing with children or your spouse, as this is a time when the simplest of misunderstandings could snowball into a full blown feud!


During this retrograde you may need to rethink a current relationship. Arguments with a lover may also be blown out of proportion way too easily. It is best to avoid bickering and say nothing at all even if you feel badly provoked. This is also not a good time for you to be happy-go-lucky or take risks of any kind. You are not likely to win at gambling or games of chance like the lottery during this period either.


It will be important for you to avoid signing contracts, especially if they have to do with loans or contracts. Extra care should be taken to answer correspondence promptly. You can also be quite forgetful during a retrograde cycle, so be sure to give yourself extra time to get places and also be sure to write everything down in a calendar. In fact, it might be a good idea to double check your work and communications before sending them off.

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