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What Does The Full Moon Hold For Your Zodiac Sign?
Full Moon in Leo January’s Full Moon happens in the sign of Leo at 10:18 pm on January 29th. This is generally a very happy influence. The Full Moon in Leo signifies creativity, expression, fun, taking risks for love, and following your bliss. It also symbolizes financial windfalls and being generous with money as well. No matter what your sign is you are probably going to want to have fun on this even.

The planet Mars is also in Leo, but it is retrograde. This can be a quite a militant energy. Some signs will be feeling overwhelmed because they will not feel that they can keep up with the hectic pace of things. Another problem may be an overall feeling of impatience and restlessness in the air around this time.

This month has also had two eclipses – a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse in the signs of Capricorn, which puts a lot of emphasis on property and domestic matters. So a lot of the full moon energy has to do with these issues in life as well.

Here is a look at how the Full Moon in Leo in January might be affecting your sign.


You are a fire sign just like the sign of Leo, so you will be deeply affected by this Full Moon. You may find yourself overwhelmed by too many responsibilities and feel simply like taking time off for a few days. This is a good idea as long as you take time to rest, as the Leo energies are going to make you want to party. The danger, of course, is that you will overdo it and not be able to keep up with your obligations.


This moon in Leo is going to convince you to follow your heart and make the choice to go after who and what you really want in life. You may finally decide to make an important move and it may involve leaving one person for another or changing residences. Some Bulls will find a new apartment or roommate or make the decision to buy a place of their own. This is also a good day to attempt to quit a bad habit.


The Leo moon always amps up your sex appeal. Others find you witty, charming, and persuasive and this can work well for your career as well. If you are looking for a new place to live, you will be astounded at your good fortune. The Leo moon is also likely to bring you a cash windfall. Good news is also headed your way in romance as this moon could also herald a reunion or romantic date with a special someone.


This Full Moon in Leo will help you get a lagging project off the ground. However, your career is going you may feel a little pushed around. The days surrounding this Full Moon are good for reinventing yourself and persuading others that you are the right man or woman for a job. At home, you may find yourself visited by friendly types, you may even have to put your foot down and remind these people to call first before they drop in!


The moon in your sign is going to bring you good news. You could hear about the birth of a baby in your family or you or your spouse could be expecting. Single Lions have a good chance of being proposed to at this time. As enthusiastic as you are, you may be held back by energies from Mars retrograde that put a damper on plans and hold them up for a few months. You may also be very concerned with a romance. It is important not to let this engaging relationship steal away focus from other important matters in your life.


This Full Moon is going to shed light on a secret. Jupiter in Pisces is indicating that someone has been taking advantage of you for quite some time. You may have a real wakeup call at this time regarding an individual who seems honest and truthful but who in reality is sneaky and unfaithful. On the upside, the eclipses of this month may have you meeting someone new who is more than an apt substitute for any bad character who may be trying to get you to give him or her your heart or property.


This Full Moon promises to bring you a new love and maybe even a new pet. You will look and feel great so be sure to job hunt, go on dates, or promote yourself in any way you feel you need to at this time. Others will find everything about you to be impressive. You may feel so good at this time that you could suffer from a bit of overconfidence at this time. Try to stick to your budget and don’t lend money as an influence from Jupiter indicates that you may not get it back at this time.


Passions heat up for you when the full moon is in fiery Leo. Romance could be great, but jealousy, possessiveness, and territoriality could be issues as well. If there is anything the least bit immoral about a relationship, it is going to be exposed at this time. If you are in a secret affair, be extra careful not to meet on this night as the two of you could risk being discovered. The good news is that this moon is probably going to throw a little extra ash your way!


This Full Moon is going to bring you a wonderful opportunity to take a short trip. You will not be short on the finer things in life around the end of the month and you may want to celebrate by having a party. One drawback of this influence is that you may actually feel stressed out, because there are so many good things happening at once that you may at some points feel overwhelmed. However, you will definitely hear good news about your career or cash flow.


This Full Moon is going to bring you more time with good friends and you will definitely feel a bit better about your relationship with family members. You are going to be very much in social demand during the end of the month, so be sure to look your best. The moon in Leo also favors haircuts, buying clothes, and getting a makeover. The only danger you face is overspending on luxuries, so be sure not to be too self-indulgent!


This Full Moon in Leo is sure to bring you better news regarding money. You need to be very careful not to get in ego struggles during the end of the month, as any adversary you encounter is likely to be quite headstrong. This moon may also bring a lot of social invitations and you should get out there and party. Not only do the planets indicate new love for single Water Bearers, but there will also be many opportunities for social climbing.


This Leo Full Moon might be a bit much for you because you are a peaceful water sign. The Leo Full Moon is likely to rile things up and bring a few eccentrics your way. You are really well advised not to fall for a scheme or the wiles of someone who is a bit too persuasive or charming. Jupiter in your sign could send a con artist or two your way over the next few months and the Leo moon can really bring those who would want to exploit or take advantage of you out of the woodwork.

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