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What Does the Full Moon In Sagittarius Have in Store For You?
Full Moon in Sagittarius A Full Moon in Sagittarius is usually a jolly time filled with opportunities for social climbing and travel. You will have lots of chances to party, travel, and take part in cultural events. Events like street fairs and musical festivals are really emphasized at this time. This moon will be inspiring for most signs. Many of us will be inspired to repair our lives and rebuild relationships that we thought were ruined.

However, this moon is in a very tense alignment to Saturn, which means that things like cash shortages and problems with timing or likely. This may give this day the feeling that there is not enough to go around. Rivalries between close friends for jobs, lovers, or the attention of higher ups are also likely.

Saturn is in Virgo, which is a very sobering influence as well. Those who dream of the stars may find their best efforts curtailed by certain practical needs that must be sustained. It also means that this Full Moon might have to do with seeing whether or not a bridge to what’s realistic and enduring can be built.

There are also going to still be challengers with travel due to the Iceland Volcano and maybe other difficulties. This is because this moon is square to both Saturn in Virgo and the Sun in Gemini. Travel may be difficult. Many of us may simply feel too drained to be able to get anything done.

There may also be a tendency to ignore reality on this evening. Denial of reality will be as strong as the demand that we pay more attention to reality. It may be difficult for us to accept life as it truly is. During the days around this moon, we may be behaving as if nothing is wrong when in reality there is a great deal wrong.

Also at this time Mercury is in Taurus. This also causes us to become so overstressed that we may find it hard to be grounded or effective.

The challenge of this Full Moon may be to find a mission that is worthwhile and realistic to achieve despite the urges from the soul that are telling us to seek more immediate gratification.


The Ram is going to feel like escaping a familiar situation that feels restrictive and constraining but any attempt to do so will more than likely backfire. Taking short trips to the country or taking an inner journey by reading good book is probably a better idea.


The Bull may finally feel inspired to beak out of a toxic, restrictive emotional situation that is strangulating the finances and social life.  This is a good evening to pursue your heart’s desire and make sweeping challenges provided you have put together a solid plan first.


The Twins can use the energy of this moon to put a solid plan into effect. There is an emotional distance that may need to be cultivated before you can serious work done.  Something that you thought was lost could be returned and restore your faith in people.


The Crab should use the energy of this full moon to make plans to travel in the far future. Long distance relationships are also favored. It is important for you to be accountable and realistic and not blame others for what is going on in your life.


The Lion may feel very restricted by the energies of the moon and almost unbearably restless thanks to the energies of Sagittarius. If you feel like rebelling against an unfair situation, now is not really the time to do it unless you are prepared to endure some severe emotional fall out.


The Virgin may find it hard to stay in control during this moon and when it comes to one significant, but troubling relationship it may actually be time to let go of it entirely. A message regarding insurance, losses, or damage may be needed to be addressed at this time as well.


You will feel flirty, a bit arrogant and like abandoning all cares and concerns on this full moon but it is not a great idea. Your best course of action is to “sleep on it” before you consider doing anything drastic. An allegiance develops quickly and from an unexpected quarter.


This is a better night to flirt than fall in love and it is not a good night to bring up any major issues with your partner. Keep in mind that Saturn in Virgo opposing this moon may make both of you feel like you are smothering each other. It is best to be patient and assume that anytihng “wrong” is not deliberate but more of a misunderstanding.


The Archer will enjoy this full moon more than other signs as it encourages the pursuit of friends, wealth and future romance. However there may be a problem “doing it in style” due to money constraints. Still you have the optimism to make this a memorable and fun evening!


Saturn in Virgo is going t make a financial issue a pressing concern but at the same time the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius is going to create a situation that brings you a little bit of a break from all of the stress that you have been under lately.


You are likely to feel restless, creative and like getting out and meeting new people however if you do the results may be a bit disappointing. It is a better moon for “sticking with the devil that you do know rather than the one that you don’t know.”


This moon is more about making a practical plan to enable dreams and wishes that will manifest later on this summer than it is about having fun right this minute. You are best to stay at home and love to those who are familiar rather than seek out new territory.

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