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What Does the New Moon in Cancer Mean For You?
New Moon in Cancer There is a new moon in Cancer on July 22nd, 2009. It is accompanied by a strong solar eclipse at exactly the same time. This makes this a more powerful moon in Cancer than usual and it is also the second time we have experienced a moon in Cancer in this year. The watery vibration is going to make everything more emotional and you can expect feelings to be more important than rational thinking over the next few weeks.

Expect many people to be moody, depressed or indecisive. People could disappear from relationships in the blink of an eye. As the eclipse is happening at the same time, there is bound to be challenges of all kinds.

The water signs may find this new moon to be very positive and negative at the same time. The new moon always signifies a time of new beginnings. It is usually a strengthening and vitalizing influence on the water signs of Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio.  However, as an eclipse of the Sun is happening at the same time, these signs may find themselves trying to overcome some enormous changes in their life.

It also does not help that five planets are retrograde at this time. Many people will be internalizing their problems. In the end this is a good thing but because of the tense relationship of Pluto to the moon, change is not going to come without trauma and upset.

The moon in Cancer is also a very intuitive one and it is good for occult activities, the pursuit of inner knowledge and also finding a soulmate. If you lose a relationship at this time another one may be just around the corner.

The vibes associated with the moon in Cancer are very magical because the element of water is associated with transformation, fertility and the secrets of the night. It can also be a very sensual and sexual moon. Relationships built on this new moon will have a strong start because of the eclipse of the sun in the same sign that happens on the same day. The relationship will feel very fresh and like the two of you have never encountered anybody in your life like this before.
Here is an idea of how the new moon could affect your sign.


This new moon has something to do with your family and real estate. There could be disputes, a sale, or trade off to do with land or property that is in the family. Divorced people might finally see a settlement that is agreeable to both financially. This is not necessarily a good time to buy land, but to think about investing about property in the future. You might also have the opportunity to face and heal and unresolved family rift. This moon is a very fertile one, so if you are planning to have a baby, now is the time to do the deed necessary in order to procreate.


This new moon in your third house gives you the opportunity to figure out what type of situation gives you inner peace. You may be torn between spiritual pursuits and materialistic concerns. As this moon is in Cancer, you may be more inclined to follow your heart than usual. You could leave a stale older relationship for a new one that holds more promise. It is probably a better idea to pursue opportunities that are new rather than cling on to the past as this could paralyze you.


This new moon could bring a secret someone to your door. This very emotional moon symbolizes deep emotional feeling and you may soon find yourself the willing victim of a romantic conquest. You will feel revitalized sexually and physically. The moon is also very sensual and if you are single, many people will find you attractive. The moon in Cancer could also bring you powerful and prophetic dreams that might tell you you’re lucky lottery numbers. The next two weeks are excellent for exploring matters to do with the occult or spirituality. Your own intuition will make you much more empathic with animals. Others may be drawn to you to get your advice, but be careful of getting too tangled up in the emotional problems of others.


This new moon is in your sign, so it is a powerful one. It is also accompanied by a solar eclipse in your sign, so no matter what change is in the air. This is a fantastic time to get a makeover or pamper yourself. You will also find yourself to be more psychic than usual for the next two weeks, so pay attention to the symbolism in your dreams. It is like that the images in them have something to tell you about the future. In fact, this is a good time for you to study up on the topic of lucid dreaming, which has to do with astrally contacting a loved one or manifesting what you need through the power of thought.


This moon could be sexual, but also painful when it comes to a particular relationship.  The moon is in your twelfth house of secrets and transformation. It also symbolizes hospitals, prisons, and surrender. You could feel metaphorically like you are in a spiritual or physical prison, perhaps chained to a job or a relationship that you would rather not be in. You could be confronted with an experience that makes you feel powerless. The key to getting through these next two weeks might be to realize that you are going through a period of spiritual growth. This is an excellent time to seek out therapy or pursue a religious practice. If addiction is a problem in your life, this is also a good time to work your problems out.


This eclipse is in your eleventh house, which is about how society perceives you. It may bring the realization that there is more to life than just your relationship or your own concerns in life. You might find yourself becoming more philanthropic or simply be inspired to do charity work or give more money to worthy causes. The challenge might not to become extremist about your causes. If you are dealing with depression or lethargy, it is time to go out into the community and do some good. Your reward over the next two weeks will be the respect and gratitude of others, as well as an increased sense of self esteem.


You are going to have many developments in the next two weeks when it comes to your career. The new moon takes place in your tenth house, which rules your job, fame, and reputation. The solar eclipse in Cancer that occurs the same day could cause job loss, but the positivity of this new moon means that you are probably destined for better things. You may not find yourself that interested in romance at this time, and it is a very good to stay away from personal matters and instead throw yourself wholeheartedly into your work. People are going to identify with you more than usual.


This new moon occurs in your ninth house of spirituality, so you may experience a revelation of some sort. You may feel a bit burnt out or like you have lost your faith in people, but this moon is coming along just in time to bring you a brand new friend that you can trust like no other person that you have met so far in life. This is a great time to get more in touch with your powers of intuition or pursue matters to do with the occult. You may feel like being a little more introspective during the next two weeks. It is a good time for isolation, reflection, and meditation.


When the moon is in your eighth house, you are in for a change of some sort and usually it is a change of residence. Some of you could meet a new lover in the next two weeks, as the eighth house also rules sex. Sensuality is symbolized by this moon, which encourages the expression of feeling and the increase of intimacy. However, when this moon is in the eighth house, it can also mean a split of a relationship that is very intense. If your relationship is in trouble, it is possible that this new moon could mean the end of it and bring you a fresh start. The new moon in Cancer could also have you wrestling with inner demons, especially if you have ever had problems with addiction. However, the good news is that the two week influence of this moon can also help you quit your bad habits. It is also the ideal time to get more physically fit or start a wellness program.


Issues that could surface during this new moon include anything to do with partnerships, marriages, family, jointly owned property, and committed relationships. You might get a new start with a relative you have been at odds with provided you let go of your ego and pride. The worst thing you could do in the next two weeks is create drama for the sake of it. You need to take it easy if you are provoked. If a friend or relative has an addiction or mental illness problem, this is also a good time to address this and get them some help. You will also be very empathic will both children and animals. If you buy a pet in the next two weeks, it is likely that the two of you will develop a very close and enduring bond. The next two weeks are also a very fertile period if you are planning to get pregnant.


You may find your routine disrupted or completely changed thanks to the new moon in your sixth house. This is most likely because somebody else’s needs have become more important than yours. It is okay to put this person before yourself temporarily and it may be necessary from two weeks to six months in the near future. This new moon may also give you a chance to do some good in the world by freeing up your time in some way. At the same time, you might want to watch out for someone who may be trying to take advantage of how kind you can be sometimes. You are a compassionate sign, but sometimes it is very necessary to draw healthy boundaries between you and a needy person. If someone in your family needs addiction counseling, this is a good time to get an intervention together or talk to them about the problem.


This new moon is in Cancer in your fifth house of fun, which means you are going to get a bit of a break. Money and resources have been a bit short lately, but there will be a holiday for you in the next two weeks even if it does mean doing business at the same time. Being near or on the water is very lucky for you at this time, so even a day trip or two to the beach is beneficial. This is the perfect time to plan a holiday. On the down side, you may be a little more emotional than usual. This also can translate into meaning that you will have exceptional empathy for those around you. The key will be not to pick up on their troubled energies and carry them around with you in your heart. On the upside, your intuition will be dead on and your dreams might even be prophetic. This is a good period to seek out therapy or the advice of a therapist if you feel you need it as well.

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By Laurie, Saturday, July 25, 2009 05:01:03 PM
this is kind of off for me and the one who broke my heart. States he is not interested in romance at this time, Libra. He destroyed my heart when he fell in love in one weekend with this new woman and is with her now in a relationship. I am Virgo. He has blocked me everywhere and then tells me that he cherishes me, honors me, and always will love me. I am going through so much pain right now, I have no one to talk to, no one at all. He has so much, I have nothing. I helped him so much, he kept breaking promises to help me. I wish I never met him.
By Karen, Wednesday, July 22, 2009 05:39:46 PM
I thought the new moon on July 22nd was in Leo. My research shows the moon was in Cancer from 11:52pm Eastern on Sunday, July 19th, through 10:34pm Eastern on Tuesday, July 21st, when it then went Void of Course. At 11:28pm Eastern time on Tuesday, July 21st, a New Moon in Leo began. As I'm new to this whole business, I could be wrong, but I have confirmed this research on other sites.
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