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What Does the New Moon in Scorpio Hold For Your Sign?
New Moon in Scorpio The New Moon in Scorpio is passionate and intense. It is good for getting rid of the old and embarking on new sensual and erotic adventures.

This moon energizes the deepest drives in the subconscious and highlights our desires, motivations, and aspirations. Anything that has been repressed, such as desires, longings, and jealous can come out during this time. Things we may have feared may also suddenly become our allies. It is definitely an invitation to experience, not control, your wildest desires, including sexual license.

The New Moon also gives us a chance to toss out any relationships that are dead or stagnating and move towards those ones that truly feed our souls. Some people find this energy really intense because they feel like they are being guided by a higher force towards something that has been predetermined by fate. Many people find new sexual relationships during the new moon in Scorpio as well.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign that helps us commit to our ambitions. Those who are creatively inclined may find they experience a surge of energy. It is a lusciously productive time for writers and artists. Everyone who is committed to a project will find the extra stamina and inspiration to create it.

The New Moon in Scorpio is also great for anything to do with the occult or metaphysics. It is an excellent day to get a psychic reading or simply shop for books or materials to do with the occult in some way. It also favors anthropology and any research into ancient or magical ways of life.

The interesting thing about this New Moon is it coincides with Venus in Scorpio as well. Venus is the planet of love, but the problem is that it is not all that comfortable in this sometimes jealous and possessive sign. This New Moon could bring revelations to you about who you really want to be with, but you need to also make sure that you are not making premature commitments or squashing another relationship while on your path to true love. 


The New Moon in Scorpio increases your desire to be noticed and loved by a special someone. This is a good day to write a love letter or send a slightly provocative text message to let that person know you are interested in a sexy time with him or her. A good idea that is pitched on the fly could bring you extra income, especially if it is related to nepotism in some way.


The New Moon in Scorpio whets your desire to be with the one you truly love and nothing will stop you when it comes to being with that person. This is a good day to make a plan about how you will get rid of any obstacles, human or otherwise, that might be preventing you from being truly satisfied sexually and gratified at the soul level.  Take advantage of your friends and their connections if you want to get ahead.


The New Moon in Scorpio gives you an irresistible glow of attraction and you could find yourself being pursued by several suitors at this time. However, you will be very gratified when a special someone seeks you out and makes you an offer you canít refuse. Geminis can expect a big bonus for a creative project as well. This is also a good day to ask for favors or apply for a loan.


The New Moon in Scorpio enhances your interest in the occult and you may want to consult a psychic or numerologist for a reading. It is more likely to be accurate at this time. You should not nurture deep involvements personally at this time as your judgment might be slightly off. Your money picture shines and you could receive a boost in income from a freelance endeavor.


This New Moon in Scorpio is quite simply a great night for sex. If you are part of a couple, your passion will be renewed and, if you are single, you are likely to meet an exciting new partner. Jealousy and possessiveness can be a problem so make sure not to flirt with too many people in front of a lover unless you want to set off the wrong type of fireworks.


The evening of the New Moon is a great time for you to settle down with a captivating novel or plan an excursion to somewhere a bit haunted in nature. You may feel more captivated by the occult than usual. Dismiss any feelings of jealousy that may arise. Your intuition about romance is off at this time and it is best for you to lie low when it comes to relationships. Be careful not to lend a liar money.


This New Moon could bring you a fabulous new lover. If you are attached, your love life will feel like it is reborn. You could also get a cash windfall and encouragement for a new creative project. This is also a good day to visit an astrologer or psychic, as Scorpio is a sign that favors occult interests. Your money picture is also going to improve.


Your intuition and sex appeal are at an all time high and if there is someone or something that you desire, it can be yours with a minimum of effort. However, jealousy and possessiveness is also at an all time high, so you may want to be careful about making premature promises to someone who loves you but who you donít love back.


This Scorpio New Moon is fantastic for excursions to museums and libraries. It really does encourage the pursuit of anything to do with the occult or metaphysics. This is a good day to get a reading from a psychic or astrologer. Your sex appeal is at an all time high and you are also likely to make a new friend or love connection with someone from a foreign land. A cash windfall is in store for Archers as well.


This Scorpio New Moon may have you passionate about a hobby that you have been ignoring for some time. Committing time and enthusiasm to this project could earn you a great deal of money on the side. You are also lucky in love today, so if you are single, get out there and socialize. Attached goats could find themselves renewing their vows or feeling especially lusty for a spouse. Extra money could fall from heaven like manna.


This Scorpio New Moon enhances your interest in everything metaphysical or mysterious. Youíre longing to be with a special someone could be end as they show up at the door. A seemingly supernatural and beautiful occurrence could renew your faith in people and also affirm your belief that some things in life are preordained. Expect a cash bonus for a job well done.


Your sex drive is stimulated by the moon in Scorpio. Make sure you schedule in time for erotic adventures. Singles are likely to meet someone new at this time so look your best. If you dedicate yourself to a hobby or part time job, it is likely to make money for you at this time. This New Moon may also give you the chance to start over with someone you may have been arguing with for a long time. Your cash flow also improves.

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