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What Does The Stray Moon Hold For Your Sign?
Stray Moon in Scorpio

On July 30th, 2009, the moon strays in Scorpio, beginning at 8:54am and ending at 4:10pm. When the moon is in Scorpio, this usually signifies drama of some kind, but it is even more enhanced when the moon is actually straying in this sign. The focus of this article is on being aware that July 30th could be an iffy day for some people, especially when it comes to relationships.

Scorpio is the sign of sex and it rules the moon from 6:58am onward on the 29th and during that time, most people will experience a heightening of drama in their life. Sometimes the moon in Scorpio can mean an enhancement of the sex life and sometimes it can mean the illumination of one’s shadow side. For instance, if you are not normally a jealous or sexually aggressive person, you are more likely to become so when the moon is in Scorpio.

The moon in Scorpio also symbolizes secrets and the person we tend to be when nobody else is around. When the moon goes astray in Scorpio, secrets tend to be revealed causing consternation and perplexity.

Yet another side effect of a stray Scorpio moon is misunderstandings, especially between lovers. All day July 30th is absolutely no time to provoke an argument with anyone you love. Yet another risk is jealousy or paranoia. Remember that this moon makes people “emotionally tilt” and to take anything said to you that seems offensive with a grain of salt. People just do not communicate well when the Scorpio moon is straying.

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Yet another risk of the Scorpio moon is cheating. People tend to make split decisions and stray. If you are with someone who has an addiction or is known to have cheated before, you should keep a special eye on them on the 29th and the 30th, as they will be more compulsive on that day.

A stray Scorpio moon is also bad for any magic or any ritual that involves emotional intentions. They are likely to backfire on you.

Here is a look at how this particular straying moon in the sign of Scorpio could affect your zodiac sign.


You are fire sign and the water element is ruling the stray Scorpio moon. The wandering moon may put a damper on a relationship. This is especially true if it is a new romance.  A person that you may have felt very enthusiastic about the day before may not look like much of a prize on the 30th.  The key for you is to not judge a book by its cover and wait a few weeks for this person to show their true colors. In the meantime, you should avoid flying off the handle, especially if you are provoked somehow at work. Anything said in the heat of the moment on the 30th will more than likely be greatly regretted by the first of the month, so it is best not to indulge in any type of confrontation at all.


The stray moon could make it hard for you to make decisions. Vengefulness and stubbornness are in the air, so it is a good idea not to engage in pointless arguments with someone.  You are a headstrong sign in the first place and the Scorpio element makes you even more egotistical.  Watch out for road rage, being overly sarcastic or critical, or provoking arguments with strangers. These could easily escalate into a huge fight. It is more likely that someone you are with on the 29th is a true love rather than someone you may be focusing on the 30th.


You really need to watch your tendency to gossip while the moon strays in Scorpio. It comes back to you and embarrasses you. You may also be a little more needy than usual on the 30th. You should avoid the temptation to call up an old ex or engage a family member in an argument. Basically, you should avoid battling at all with anybody, but if you cannot avoid it, then choose your battles wisely. You might also be very tempted to dabble in the occult or call a psychic. This is because the Scorpio moon has a way of making some people feel very insecure.  If you have a personal problem, sleep on it as things may not be as bad as you think.


This stray moon is in your fellow water sign of Scorpio, so you can expect to be completely moved by your heart instead of your head. It is likely on this day that every single gut instinct that you have about someone near and dear is absolutely 100% wrong. Jumping to conclusions today could be fatal for an important relationship, so watch you say and make sure that you have all the facts before jumping to a conclusion. You should also avoid bringing your personal problems to work. Higher ups are watching your performance and they will not be too sympathetic if they see you focused on anything other than the job at hand.

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The stray moon in Scorpio makes you feel restless, jealous, and territorial in general. You may feel like others are taking credit for your work or stealing your ideas at work. This may be true but the thirtieth is not the day to challenge anyone about this, especially if it is a person in authority. You need to try and develop a more balanced perspective in general, so do not rush to any decisions. You could be dealing with a jealous and stubborn individual at home. The idea is to just avoid any arguments by not taking any “bait” that is offered to you today. Realize too that this is a temporary unpleasant phase that will soon pass.


The stray moon in Scorpio makes you feel emotional. You may feel jealous or full of self pity. Meditation or partaking in a favorite hobby that day might help you get a grip on your feelings. You should especially avoid accusing or blaming anyone for anything before you have all the facts in about a situation. Delusions of grandeur are also likely on this day. You might convince yourself that you need a luxury that you cannot afford. If you own a shop, be aware that you are also more vulnerable to shoplifting today.


The wandering moon in Scorpio scrambles your brain and you may find it difficult to focus on anything but an annoying relationship. Others may find you controlling, so resist the urge to be compulsive. Obsessive thinking is also a danger under this influence. Meditation, yoga, or a long walk can help calm your restless brain. The good news is that your emotional dissonance is only going to last a day, so be patient as “this too shall pass.” You could also experience some criticism or misunderstanding of some kind from a close relative. Realize that this person is under a lot of stress as well, and that this is just not the day to take anything that personally.


The straying moon in your sign can play havoc with you in all sorts of way, so make it your mission to lie low and do as little as possible. This is one of your worst days of the month for negotiating, confrontations, or making proposals. No matter what you are likely to be misunderstood. You should also avoid coloring the facts with your feelings whenever possible. It is likely your judgments are off. A temptation to be unfaithful may also present itself on this the 30th. It is best to resist doing anything that could risk an important relationship, especially if it is some kind of business connection. You should also avoid the temptation to be unfaithful or have an affair with someone at your work place.


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The stray moon in Scorpio makes you argumentative. You might feel as though you are on a mission and wish to fervently prove a point with others. You are better off to focus on work or fitness and avoid any kind of confrontation with anyone in your life during the daytime on the 30th. You should also avoid indulging in gossip, because what you say today can be used as a weapon against you in the future. Other planets on that day are conspiring to create a big personal problem for you at home, but there is a slight chance that there could be conflict at work as well. One thing to watch out for is bringing problems from your home life to work as higher-ups will be watching you and could also be critical.


The straying moon in Scorpio makes you feel restless, critical, and sarcastic. It may be necessary to ground yourself by taking a little break of some kind today. Isolating yourself from people, especially irritating characters is a good idea. You might also feel like telling someone “it is my way or the highway,” but this is not the way to go when it comes to dealing with a stubborn individual. Chances are they see you as being equally unfair and stubborn and call your bluff about ending the relationship. You could end up burning a bridge for good or you could end up eating your words by the first of August and having to make some serious apologies.


When the moon wanders in the sign of Scorpio, it is best to “leave well enough alone.” It may be hard to stick to doing what needs to be done today, as everyone will seem restless, upset, and even a bit crazy. You may also feel like you need to stick up for someone who has been an underdog in an office situation, but before you do this you need to make sure you have all of your facts right. It could be this person is not who you thought they were in the first place, and they may be at fault after all. Be aware that this type of stray moon is also notorious for causing delusions of grandeur.


You are a water sign that is very heavily affected by the jealousy and vengeful feelings that can be aroused by the stray moon in Scorpio. You could also feel a great deal of self pity for one reason or another. This is not the day to go looking for sympathy. You simply are not going to get it. You might even be shocked when somebody decides that you are to blame for all of the problems in the world. The best thing for you to do today is lie low, especially if these problems start cropping up at work. Avoiding office gossip is also very much advised as anything you say could definitely come back to haunt you.

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By romie, Wednesday, July 29, 2009 09:13:42 AM
Interesting...we shall see...Thanks!!
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