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What Does the Stray Moon In Aquarius Hold for You?
Stray Moon in Aquarius On October 17, 2010, the moon will be straying in the somewhat distractible, yet creative sign of Aquarius. This influence will last all day Sunday and into the late hours of Monday. Thinking will be foggy for every sign. Even though the future seems bright, the optimism that comes with it might not be as glowing as it seems when the moon is astray in this flaky sign.

Stray moons also known as void-of-course moons can be quite distressing because they cause delays, misunderstandings, and also distortions of perception. When the stray moon is in Aquarius, there are bound to be exaggerations of the truth, wild goose chases, and promises that cannot possibly be kept are often made.

During an Aquarian full moon, it is best to avoid starting anything, especially if it is of a business or entrepreneurial nature. Plan nothing, decide nothing, commit to nothing, and purchase nothing are the laws of living through a void-of-course moon.

Communications also often go astray during the influence of a stray moon. It is best not to try to persuade, convince, or cajole anyone into doing anything. This is definitely not the day to do things like sell yourself or write a new resume.

This is also a terrible day to try and repair something. Instead take care of your spirit. Be creative, relax, read a book or go for a walk. Take a break.

Mercury in Libra also clashes with Jupiter in Pisces that day causing problems to do with money. All signs need to be aware that they are more at risk for robbery and identity theft on that day. It may also be a lot more difficult for any sign to get a definite answer, especially if the question is important and needs a quick answer. Answers to questions might also be inaccurate. This is not a good time to try and find out information online, as it may be inaccurate to the point where it causes arguments. In general, be careful who you get advice from on October 17th and make sure that you follow all safety rules to the letter.

Here is a look at how the stray moon in Aquarius on October 17th is likely to affect your sign.


This stray moon is going to highlight matters to do with your health. Be sure you have the right day and time for doctor’s appointment. If you do have a nagging problem crop up on Sunday, it might not be as bad as it feels. Be aware that you are more vulnerable to believing in false solutions that usual.


You may think that a social outing is a good idea, but chances are that the attitude of the people involved is wrong or that the event itself is cancelled and not going to happen. During the evening, you might be challenged by someone who is behaving in a flaky or even insane manner. It is best to retreat until this lunar influence is over.


Don’t let a pushy person give you a hassle. The very flaws that they are pointing out in you are likely to be their own as well. This is probably a good evening to lie low, although it does favor everything to do with wild flights of fantasy, including kinky sex and writing poetry.


The stray moon in Aquarius may send you a series of coincidences. Do not put any importance on them. They are not psychic messages from the great beyond. If you have any dreams about people or the future, they are not likely to be prophetic either. Avoid individuals who are likely to blame you for their problems.


The stray Aquarian moon makes you feel restless and like you want to get out of the house and socialize. However, the people you meet this evening are likely to disappoint you or even be downright uncooperative. Watch out for a tendency to overindulge in liquor.


The stray moon in Aquarius makes this a lousy night to throw a dinner party. Your best course of action is to stay inside, read a book, and do simple homey things like reorganize the kitchen cupboards. A colleague or friend may deliberately try to provoke you just because of boredom.


The stray moon in Aquarius makes it really hard for you to concentrate. You may find yourself thinking about the past and about sex a great deal. This is not a great night for you to socialize. You are best off if you stay in and do simple humble things like take a bath or watch television.


The stray moon in Aquarius is going to make you feel like you are incapable of making decisions. This is going to be true whether you are deciding whether or not you want vanilla or chocolate ice cream or whether you should live with your life or live with your mistress. The energy of this moon may cause you a bit of “brain fog” so don’t let anyone bully you into making a decision that you are not yet ready to make. Wait a few days before you pronounce your intentions!


The stray moon in Aquarius makes you appear very self-centered to others. You might be tempted to go out and splurge on clothes or make up but don’t. Your judgment is definitely off. It is also a good idea not to take what someone says personally as they are waiting for you to take the bait so they can start a fight.


You may feel like you have to “do it all yourself” today and the truth is that this is your best course of action. Others simply will not be able to live up to your high standards. Be prepared to hear a lot of excuses from a family member about why promises cannot be kept.


The stray moon in your sign is likely to create a temporary state of chaos in your life. Be aware that someone is not telling you the entire truth about a romantic situation. By the time the moon goes forward again on the afternoon of the 18th, you are going to be able to fit together the pieces of a frustrating personal puzzle.


The stray moon in Aquarius is maddening for you because it seems like people simply refuse to cooperate or listen to good sense. Expect minor accidents and cash shortages to plague you for most of the day. Your best course of action is to stay inside and avoid being obligated to do anything for anyone.

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