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What Does the Stray Moon In Taurus Hold for Your Sign?
Stray Moon in Taurus When the moon in Taurus strays on the evening of August 31st, you can expect things to go a bit awry. This is a stubborn sign that has a serious shadow side. When wronged, the Taurus energy will always pursue a vengeful path. The Taurus energy can also be very stubborn, controlling, and even violent.

When it is not straying, the Taurus moon signifies sensual, earthy time with a focus on pets, children, and domesticity. It inspires actions that bring stability and comfort. Usually, the focus of this moon is on material things and especially on the accumulation of money and assets.

When it strays, the opposite happens. Children become more difficult. Your home or office may seem impossible to organize or keep clean. You could run short of cash or experience a problem with plumbing or an appliance. It may also be difficult to stick to a budget.

Here is a look at how this stray Taurus Moon on the evening of August 31st might affect your zodiac sign:


If you are looking forward to sex this Full Moon, you are likely to be disappointed. Most sure things will fall through today. This is also not a good evening for cooking or entertaining, as it may be harder to follow a recipe or it may be simply more difficult to find the necessary ingredients. Itís best to get ďtake-outĒ tonight. The evening is best spent reading or watching television.


The moon straying in your sign makes you feel misunderstood. You will not be communicating well with others. It may be time to dump a relationship that is in a tug of war with you about money or property. Keep an eye on pets or children, as they are more accident prone than usual. Lie low to avoid an argument with someone late at night.


This stray moon in Taurus could cause an argument that has the two of you going around in circles and making points for hours and hours. Resentment, bitterness, and other negative emotions are contagious tonight. Keep your sense of humor and avoid confrontations with negative types. Donít take the bait if an argumentative type tries to hash out a sore point between you.


You will feel like decorating your home, but when the moon strays in Taurus, you will realize you canít really afford it. Put off completing any home repairs or renovations until another day. If you gossip about someone today be very careful, as it could come back immediately to haunt you Ė and with a vengeance!  Donít let someone hammer away at your self-esteem. Walk away from unconstructive criticism.


This is not going to be a very sexy night for you. No matter how amorous you are, a partner will not feel the same.This is not a good evening to party, paint the town, or eat in an expensive restaurant. It is very easy to lose track of how much money you are spending, so be sure to keep an eye on your budget. The evening is best spent doing quiet things like reading or pampering yourself.


You may feel overwhelmed and like hiding under the covers during this stray moon, which will be poking your conscience and bringing up disturbing issues regarding your domestic life. You may have been in denial about a certain personís honesty or reliability. Avoid confronting anyone with your problems until September 1st. A talk with one good friend could help you gain perspective.


This Taurus stray moon is going to inspire you to redo your home in some way, but your intuition is off Ė it is quite easy to pick the wrong color of paint or wallpaper. Save big decorating projects until September 1st when the planets are a lot kinder for your sign. Be sure to take medication as prescribed, as it is easy to have reaction to it today.


This Taurus stray moon is going to make it difficult for you to get any sexual attention. A usual lover may suddenly be acting colder than usual. Donít worry. This person simply needs some space to focus on his or her issues. Your relationship will revive in a day or two. Stay away from foods that could spoil easily or raw foods today.


The stray moon does not really encourage travel. Take short jaunts to a local park instead.  Mostly, there is nothing wrong with staying home and watching television. If a loved one is grumpy, ignore the bad mood. Donít take the bait if someone tries to fight with you. Grievances expressed tonight are not to be taken that seriously.


This stray moon in Taurus might make you feel anxious, materialistic, and insecure. Avoid a tendency to redecorate in an attempt to reinvent your life. Instead, throw yourself into a hobby or project that can help keep your mind off things. Choose your battles wisely before insisting that you get your way as even simple disputes easily spiral out of control.


The stray moon in Taurus may bring a party invitation, but it is likely the party will be a dud. Keep a special eye on pets and children who are more prone to unprovoked aggression than usual. A special project to do with your garden or a hobby could go also go awry today if you are not careful. Take extra precautions when handling food as this stray moon can cause food poisoning.


You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the aggressive energies of this stray moon, which makes everyone quite headstrong. Try not to be too affected if someone insists on having an argument that goes around and around in circles with you. A relationship argument is most likely just after midnight on the 31st so it is best not to have a serious pillow talk with someone. It is just all too easy to be misunderstood.

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By Marie, Tuesday, August 31, 2010 09:23:44 AM
What is a stray moon? Does it mean void of course?Thank you for any answers.
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