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What Does the Sun Entering Sagittarius Hold For Your Sign?
Sun Enters Sagittarius - What Does That Mean For You? When the Sun enters Sagittarius, it usually marks the beginning of the winter season. When it happens, there are going to be a lot of planets in Sagittarius at the same time. Both Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Sagittarius at the same time, and by November 25th, Mercury is squaring Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. So what does all this mean?

The sign of Sagittarius gives us a jaunty, carefree energy during its reign. We feel like we want to party. It certainly does encourage social interaction. This yearís social scene promises to be absolutely stellar, with Mercury bringing everybody lots of invitations and Mars bringing out the strongest most entertaining personalities to social events. We can also rest assured that the air will be permeated with a strong positive energy. Sagittarius is also a very optimistic sign and we will hear a lot of good news in general. Comedians and late night talk shows will also give us extra enjoyment at this time.

With so many planets in Sagittarius, we will also see a lot of cultural influences from foreign lands. Exotic foods and exotic fashions will be very hot this season. We will probably see a lot of good deals on any kind of tool that has to do with communication, including cell phones and computers. 

However, not all is as bright and merry as we might want. Both Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius square Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces from  the 25th to the 29th, causing four hectic days in which it will seem that people are more insensitive or rude than usual. Crass materialism may rule the day and the meek will NOT be inheriting the earth during that time. We will probably see a lot of injustice during that time as well as obstructions to progress.

There is liable to be problems in families, as these energies play off the weak against the strong. There may be arrogance towards those who have less money on the part of some people depending on what sign they happen to be. It does not help that Venus enters Scorpio on November 29th causing jealousy, possessiveness, and territorial behavior in romantic relationships.

Here is how the 2009 entry of the Sun into the sign of Sagittarius will impact your sign.


This impetuous sign has to be careful not to tread on any toes near the end of the month, as they will be inspired by all the energy in Sagittarius to be a little bit too ruthless. It would be especially important not to boast or brag about accomplishments at work, as that will make other people jealous enough to try and take you down.


The Sunís entry into Sagittarius should find you enjoying a brand new start or second chance with a job or a relationship. This period in mid-November could also cause you to have a sudden change of residence. Although your departure from a familiar situation might seem a bit too fast, the situation that you will end up in will be far better for your peace of mind.


The Sunís enter in Sagittarius will find you enjoying a heartfelt reunion with someone you deeply care for. It is also possible this individual will move in with you. Expect to be blessed with extra cash. Be careful not to brag about your romantic and financial success, as there are some people out there who might be envious enough to hurt you.


The Sun in Sagittarius brings you an opportunity for travel. However, try to avoid travelling to lands in conflict, as the planets are also signifying an increased chance of terrorism. The last week of November could be trying, as planets as different as water and fire battle it out in the sky. Thankfully, these skirmishes are temporary, but watch out for both professional and personal jealousy.


Are you in love with love? Prepare to be courted, wooed, and seduced while the Sun beams in Sagittarius. You may find yourself planning a holiday far away with a special someone. Still you need to be careful while travelling the last week of November. Not only do so many planets in Sagittarius encourage busy roads, but they also encourage out of control road rage.


All of the planets in Sagittarius will be encouraging you to take a long trip in December that will help you get away from it all and get a clearer perspective on what is truly important in life. You might also want to consider taking a cruise at this time. A bit of solitude is recommended the last week of November, as moody planets in Pisces tend to make harder for you to be understood.


This month promises a whirlwind of happy social, financial, and romantic opportunities for you. Love is definitely in the air and romantic couples might find themselves planning a trip to an exotic country. The last week of November, it would be quite crucial to not become too emotional or outspoken about an ancient relationship issue. No matter how much you want to resolve it, it never will be.


You need to tread carefully romantically, especially near the end of the month when several planets in the water sign of Pisces make people very emotional and possessive. Your best course of action is to be as honest as possible about your romantic intentions and stay faithful if you are attached. Many planets in Sagittarius are going to bring laughter and dancing into your lives.


Several planets, including the sun, are going to feed your soul and bring you good fortune on every level. You will especially enjoy meeting new friends from other countries. Romance will definitely blossom for singles this month, so make sure you get out there, look your best, and try to meet people. This is also a promising time financially and a good time purchases a new house.


Many planets in Sagittarius really light up your life with good friends, good cheer, and lots of love. You may be especially inspired to throw holiday gatherings and dinners at your home, so you can show off your cooking skills. A good time can be had by all as long as you avoid struggling with someone elseís huge ego in the last week of November.


Prepare to be flirted with while the Sun shines in the jolly and witty sign of Sagittarius. You may find yourself planning a holiday far away just for two. Still, you need to be careful while travelling the last week of November. Planetary influences are encouraging out of control road rage and terrorism. One thing you will be sampling in the next month is more than your share of exotic foods from foreign countries. Life is going to be sweet!


This month, a plethora happy social, financial, and romantic opportunities are in store for you. Love is definitely in the air and romantic couples might find themselves planning a trip. The last week of November, it would be quite crucial to not become too emotional or obsessive about a relationship issue. Also, air travel is recommended over traveling by water for your sign, especially in the last week of November when planets in your sign indicate storms and terrorism.


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