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What Does the Uranus Retrograde Mean for the Rest of 2011?
Uranus Retrograde - July 9, 2011 The planet Uranus goes retrograde for half of the year every year, so this may account as to why life seems to "repeat itself," especially when it comes to dealing with some of the same old routine or emotional issues year afar year.

The planet Uranus symbolizes invention, intuition, and analysis. It is a planet that symbolizes progress. However, as it goes backwards, we see it acting as an obstacle to what we want to accomplish and the nature of those obstacles also depend on what is happening with other planets in the sky at the time. It also depends on what Zodiac sign Uranus happens to be in and this year, it is stalled in the usually efficient and ambitious sign of Aries from July 9th to December 9th.

One effect of a Uranus retrograde is that it can make people very compulsive and obsessive. People are also less likely to change their routine and go overboard when it comes to paying attention to small details. Many will be unable or unwilling to look at the big picture in their life and figure out what is going on.

The fact that this particular retrograde begins at 4 degrees Aries means that for the next six months, the planet will be moving retrograde about a degree every week until it proceeds through all the signs and goes direct in Aries. Here is a look at some of influence that we can expect throughout the next six months, as this planet influences all signs.

On the day of the retrograde, July 9th, the planet is at four degrees Aries which is a degree that means cruelty. This will be a day when it will seem that passion will rule over reason. This is an impulsive influence that can mean violence with fire signs being the likely perpetrators and provokers of the trouble.

Around the 16th of July, the theme is going to discontent. Most will be reassessing their lives and trying to decide what works for them. On a world scale, this might mean we hear of riots and protests against big corporations.

By the 21st of July, there could be news about a plague. An infectious disease could be a problem. In personal lives, many will be dealing with an addictive personality or infections in children.

The 29th of July is a very risky day for all signs but especially fire signs. Be sure to enact all safety precautions and do not leave anything to chance.

The 5th of August will bring news of how a high placed official or very famous person has exploited a charity or misappropriated donated funds. On a personal level, all signs should be very wary when shopping. That “deal” may not be the bargain it seems.

The 12th of August is likely to be a noble day when we hear great things about a cure for a disease or about an incredible invention that could benefit mankind. The only problem is that the technology may not be available to us for some years.

By the 19th of August, we will hear news of a great triumph from a respected world leader. It is likely going to be Barack Obama. On a personal level, many people will feel as if they have slain their personal dragons and are now ready to turn over a new leaf.

By the 26th of August, the world is also likely to rejoice at news about a wonderful development in science. However, because Uranus is retrograde, it is likely the technology is not available. This will be frustrating for people who really need to take advantage of the miracle of this invention immediately.

September 3rd is a strange day during which we should listen to our gut instincts when it comes to finding a solution for a practical problem. This is one of those days when our intuition rather than our rational mind is more likely to help us find the way.

September 9th is an obsessive influence. We may find ourselves stuck looking at the small details rather than being able to see the big picture. Possessive feelings and jealousy may be a big issue, especially for the fire signs.

September 16th and the following week are ruled by a degree that warns against food poisoning or ingesting toxins in food.

September 23rd brings a day when we realize how unfair life can really be. There will be a real sense that the “rich get richer while the poor get poorer.” Many people will feel the need to stand up for the underdog on this day.

September 29th is a day when ideas triumph over emotion. This is an inspirational influence that may have you more obsessed with a creative or artistic project. It is important that you do not get so carried away with this that you forget to take care of practical matters.

October 6th is a day that favors creative activities, but especially the creaton of new musical compositions. You may hear of a wonderful new movie coming out in the theaters.
By October 13th, matters of ethics and philosophy will come to the fore. You may question your own actions or gestures of support, particularly when it comes to the environmental practices of large corporations.

The week following, October 20th, favors travel, particularly to museums or nearby tourist attractions. It does not favor travelling over great distances.

The week of October 27th favors exploration and discovery. If you have ever wanted to try something new, meet someone else or just simply satisfy your curiosity about a longstanding matter, this is the day to do it.

By November 4th we will be more aware of the goal that we want to reach in life. This is a good week to make plans for what you want to accomplish in life even if they seem very far away.
November 11th could require incredible courage on the part of some individuals. We may also hear news of incredible bravery on the part of EMS workers or a politician.

November 18th brings a faceoff with Mars and Saturn that could bring a lot of upset to your personal life. It is best not to provoke anyone who is a known “hot-head” at this time.

November 25th brings the realization that you are able to realize the loftiest of ideals. For many, there will be signs that support and backing for a project will be easier to acquire than thought.

December 2nd brings news of hope. A great leader will begin to forecast great things in the future. We may hear very good news about employment or the recovery of the economy. Many will be receiving news of a cash windfall.

December 9th brings fantastic news about the future. Love will bloom and a marriage is possible. This is a wonderful day to buy a house or start a business as the long-term outcome will be very fortunate.

These are very general forecasts that will influence us all throughout the retrograde but as Uranus is in Aries and stays in Aries for the duration, it is the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius that will be the most affected by these astrological interpretations.

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