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What Does This Year's Summer Solstice Mean For You?
How Will the Summer Solstice Affect You? This year the summer solstice occurs at 1:45am on July 21st and its effects are also felt profoundly all through the day and night. Of course, all of the planetary action that takes place that day and within a few days of this annual celestial event will have its effects on how your summer will unfold as well.

This solstice takes place in the sign of Cancer. The new moon in Cancer is on Monday, July 22. Furthermore, it is a SuperMoon, which means that the moon is 90% or greater of its closest approach to the earth. The Sun will be in Cancer as well at exactly the same time, so the influence of the solstice will be exceptionally emotional. That is because Cancer is a water sign.

This means that in general, the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces will also be profoundly affected by this solstice, especially in the sphere of relationships, romance, and family life. In one way or another, the personal life will become profoundly important.

The day before this happens, Venus conjuncts Mars in the sign of Taurus, which is a very loving and family oriented astrological configuration. Mercury in the sign of Gemini also adds to the fun-loving atmosphere, but not many signs will have money to take big vacations or splurge this year as wealth Jupiter planet moves backwards in the sky. This movement towards having less money, less employment, and fewer opportunities to create wealth in general will have many families staying at home this summer rather than taking long trips.

Venus is a planet that is going to affect most signs after the solstice begins. Venus will enter Cancer late in July and stay there. This once again will emphasize the importance of family relationships. 

If there is vacationing, it will probably be in August for most signs. Mercury, the planet of travel and communication enters Virgo. Virgo is a very practical and family oriented sign, so if people do travel it will be most likely to visit family and not only for recreational purposes.

Here is a look at how the Summer Solstice of 2009 will affect each Zodiac sign:


With so many celestial bodies in Cancer on the Solstice, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed by the problems of others. This is definitely a trend that will continue until the summer is over. The main effect of this solstice on your sign is a bit of depression or a dampening of your enthusiasm. Although you may feel that your burdens are heavy, the same water planets will make sure that your family bonds are very strong. You will also feel the support of friends who will go out of their way to try and help you this summer. This especially applies if you are one of those fire signs that lost their job this spring. The upside of the Solstice’s planetary influences is finally finding the time to spend with family and pursue your hobbies or a latent artistic talent.


You are not going to feel like traveling much. You are a homebody sign already and once the Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in Cancer, you are going to feel like digging in your heels at home, settling back, and relaxing. Most of you will prefer the company of a special someone and pets. The effect of all the watery influences this solstice may also make you a bit moody and emotional. Meditation and making improvements to your home is a good idea. You might also get a great deal of satisfaction from participating in water sports like canoeing or even just swimming. The planets also favor long hikes in nature, yoga, and meditation as a way of relieving any emotional tension.


You are going to be very torn this summer between spending time at home and getting on the road for a change of scene. Mercury in your sign accompanies the solstice and you will experience a bit of wanderlust. Getting next to the water, whether it be a waterfall or beach, is probably a priority for you. Water sports like fishing or canoeing are also favored. Female Geminis can use the energy from the Cancer dominated solstice to improve their appearance. It is a good time for both sexes to get a makeover, but a trip to a spa or special beauty facility is especially recommended for female Geminis this summer. The planets favor sex as a way of relieving any psychological tension.


The solstice is marked by three planets in your sign – the moon, the sun and Venus – and this is going to bring you lots of personal attention this summer. However, as the moon in your sign on the solstice is a SuperMoon, meaning that the moon is very close to the earth you could also feel overwhelmed emotionally. Keep in mind that you are extra sensitive this summer and even touchy at times. It might be especially hard for you to read the intentions of family members. However, you will enjoy quite a bit of natural good luck and if you are single, you are likely to meet someone new. If you are attached, your relationship with intensify and deepen.


As you are a fire sign, you might find the intense watery energy from three planets in Cancer to be a bit overwhelming. You can expect lots of personal drama in your life this summer – some of it will be sensual and enjoyable and some of it will feel like torture. You could experience some difficulty with older females around your birthday. The Cancer energy sets a tone to life that tends to put the needs of women before men. If you are a male Leo, this might not sit well with you as you may have your manliness threatened. Female Leos may find themselves wondering if they are shallow or competing with a person in their love life who seems to have a great deal of unnecessary emotional depth.


The solstice’s watery planets may have you feeling like the entire world has gone insane. Everyone may seem very self-indulgent this summer and you may feel like you are the one left holding the bag when it comes to staying organized or getting things done on time. The truth is that all of the Cancer energy is also going to have the effect of making you feel very emotional and touchy even though you don’t dare admit it. The best remedy for your frayed nerves is going to be a bit of recreation. This is the ideal summer to get completely away from friends and family and just about anything that is irritating you by taking a little trip away on your own.


The solstice is very watery (thanks to three planets in Cancer) and this can be a bit upsetting to an air sign like you. You may feel a bit weighed down by responsibility this summer and you may not get the chance to travel even though you are dying to get away. The problem is you simply may not have the resources to take a holiday this summer. Your challenge will be to create a bit of fun for yourself at home. The good news is that friends and family will be extra supportive and easy to get along with, as Cancer helps bond individuals together. You could also be cheered by a visit from a friend from your ancient past.


You are going to thrive this summer as all of the planets in Cancer on the solstice bring you financial and romantic blessings. You are a water sign so you are luckier than usual this summer. You should play games of chance and not be afraid to take more risks. One caveat is that the SuperMoon in Cancer also happens on the solstice and this can amplify emotions to the extent that they are distorted and out of control. All summer you could find yourself dealing with codependency, jealousy, or territorialism in yourself or another. You may also be more prone to drowning your sorrows in a favorite addiction to escape from facing emotional confrontations.


You may feel a bit like your wings are clipped this summer. There will definitely be less opportunities for you to travel this summer, as so many planets are in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the miser and the homebody, so it is possible that you may not be able to travel because of a need to watch your finances. One of your best courses of action this summer would be to spruce up your home, as Cancer favors buying just the right furniture or choosing just the right paint. On a personal level, you could find yourself dealing with a very demanding and needy older woman who possibly needs a lot of care. There may not be a lot you can do about this situation except try and enjoy spending time with this female who the stars say has a great deal of influence over how well things will go for you in the future.


You are going to feel overwhelmed by the dramas that take place in your family life this summer. This is because numerous planets in Cancer are causing others and yourself to be touchy and sensitive. Pets, children, and older women who are close to you may be especially needy. The good news is that you could receive a windfall as the result of an inheritance and that you are extremely lucky when it comes to shopping for bargains. If you are shopping for antiques or gemstones, you are sure to find a special deal. You could also do very well if you decide to invest in any kind of property that is located near water. Yet another very optimistic influence of this summer solstice will be a slight increase in your cash flow.


The drama queens are out in full force all this summer as three planets in the emotional sign of Cancer make this Summer Solstice all about your most dysfunctional relationships. There may be some challenges for you when it comes to getting along with others. You may find that others seem touchy and are all too willing to bring up mistakes from the past. Yet another manifestation of having so many planets in Cancer may be an overwhelming sense of guilt, most likely for something that occurred between you and an older woman in the past. The good news is that you will get an opportunity to right this wrong. However, keep in mind that so many watery planets can sometimes make the “road to hell” seem to be paved with good intentions. The planets don’t favor long distance travel for your sign this summer, but they do favor short day trips, particularly to natural places that are near water.


The solstice is marked by three planets in your fellow water sign of Cancer – the moon, the sun and Venus – and this is going to bring you lots of personal charisma and attention from hordes of admirers this summer. However, you may not be in the mood for so much popularity, as other people may make you feel irritable. You may have an exaggerated need for privacy. The solstice moon is a SuperMoon (meaning that the moon is very close to the earth) you could also feel very touchy and sensitive. Keep in mind that you are thinking more with your heart than your mind this summer, so it is not wise to make any big moves. However, you will enjoy quite a bit of natural good luck and, if you are single, you are likely to meet someone new. If you are attached, your relationship will become stronger. Activities such as swimming and meditation are favored by the planets, especially if you are feeling really stressed.

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By Rosemarie, Sunday, June 21, 2009 03:00:12 PM
Solstice occurs at 1:45am the article states but, what is the correct month please June 21st or July 21st, 2009. Karen's comment above is questioning about the month too. Thanks for the information. Have a swell day!
By Karen, Sunday, June 21, 2009 11:20:45 AM
Isn't the solstice in JUNE instead of JULY?
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