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What Does Today's New Moon Hold For Your Sign?
new moon, libra, scorpio, aries, taurus, gemini, cancero, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricron, aquarius, pisces The new moon in Libra occurs on October 7th at 2:44pm ET. Like all new moons, this one is about your potential and in the case of the sign of the scales, it is about moving with confidence towards more harmonious and loving relationships. Save the date of October 7th if you need to make peace with someone you have been feuding with. The days surrounding the new moon will also offer you opportunities for joyful encounters with both new and old friends.

However, the normally very positive energy of this particular full moon is tampered with a bit because Venus, the love planet, goes retrograde in the rather harsh sign of Scorpio and it is going to stay there until November 18th. In some very close and loving relationships, you might notice that the way you communicate becomes a little more formal. If there is trouble in a relationship, issues could come up. The new moon in Libra offers most of us the opportunity to make things clear in any problematic relationships before this Venus retrograde energy makes things harder for us.

Also, the next day, Mercury conjuncts Saturn also in the fence-sitting sign of Libra. Many people will want to censor what they say or feel very self-conscious about how they express their feelings. This is also why it is important to say everything that you need to in an important relationship.

Here is a look at how the new moon in Libra on October 7th could possibly affect your sign.


This particular new moon is going to emphasize your relationships with pets and children. In fact, you will feel like you relate better to anything warm-blooded that has four legs instead of two. The evening of the 7th is perfect for entertaining your family with a meal or a movie or spending time with a good friendís family doing simple things at home.


This new moon is going to encourage you to be chattier than usual. However, be careful of what you choose to reveal and to whom. You should be especially careful of revealing too much on a social network like Facebook or Twitter. The evening of the 7th is perfect for taking a loved one for a special evening out on the town. The new moon in Libra guarantees you will have a good time.


The new moon in Libra brings you a cash windfall plus a new brainstorm about how to make extra cash. This new moon brings you closer to a special someone who may want to start a new romance. If you have been in trouble with a close relationship, then that person may want to start from scratch again with a clean slate. It is okay to give this beloved but flawed individual a second chance.


The new moon in Libra brings the winds of change. You may be questioning the validity of one of your major relationships and whether or not it is going anywhere for you. Crabs will find themselves making many new friends and expanding their social circle just before the Libra new moon. Just after the new moon, you may feel that you are not as interested in sex as usual and more interested in just having a good time.


The new moon in Libra brings you a whirlwind of networking opportunities and the challenge may be not to hurt a special someoneís feelings as you go out and meet new people. The day and evening of the seventh is ideal for you to pitch new projects, go apartment or house hunting, or develop a plan for renovating or beautifying your house. Donít be surprised if you are a given a gift of art by a special someone.


This new moon is especially good for making plans around your business life. Make an effort to get to know your colleagues better. The evening of October 7th is fantastic for planning a staff party. Spending more time with pets or acquiring a new animal might also be on your mind at this time. Beware of a tendency to be jealous of a partner who may be spending more time with friends than usual.


This is your new moon and any thing started on this day is likely to have great results, whether it be beautifying your home, going out on a first date, or starting a new business project. Many Librans will also find themselves being wooed and courted by several interested parties, as the moon in your sign makes you extra charismatic and lovable. A cash windfall or bonus should also come your way by the 7th.


The energy of the new moon in Libra is best used to socialize. However, it is not a good idea for you to find new romance on the 7th or the weeks ahead as Venus, the love planet, moves backwards in your sign and causes relationship difficulties. It is best to keep your sense of humor and keep things light as there will be quite a few people in your business or personal life who will seem like they are purposefully trying to upset you.


The new moon in Libra is going to bring you a fantastic social time. An outing right on October 7th could lead to a fantastic new job opportunity. This influence also favors buying works of art and beautifying your surroundings. Donít be surprised if a spouse or a lover buys you a piece of adornment for your home or your person. There is also a strong chance that you could hear good news about a job or money on Oct 7th.


The new moon in Libra is going to put you in the mood to shop for beautiful things for yourself and your home. However, you are warned to restrict yourself. Money and everything it stands for is probably going to be the source of a lot of arguments in the next few weeks, as Venus goes backwards and causes jealousy, manipulation, and greed. October 7th is a great evening for you to indulge in a little self-pampering at home by getting enough rest. Try creating your own home spa in your bathroom rather than spending money on a professional place.


The new moon in Libra brings you a wealth of kindred spirits. If you are fighting for a cause or making a case for an underdog, the evening Oct 7th is perfect for making your case own. You are especially charismatic at this time, so this is a good time to look for a new job. Many Aquarians will find themselves attracted to a new person, but there is a chance that a potential relationship could have some fatal flaws. Be sure to get to know someone well before you jump with both feet first into a hot new romance.


The new moon in Libra sharpens your interest in art, decoration, and renovation. The planets really favor trips to antique stores to find treasures. The evening of the October 7th also favors spending one-on-one quality time with a special personality, even if that personality is just a pet! If someone is snappy with you on the 8th, realize that they may be feeling bad about a personal matter that has nothing to do with you and treat it like a minor infraction.

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