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What Does Venus at 0 Degrees Aquarius Hold For You March 1st?
Venus Planet March 1st promises to be a very interesting day because love planet Venus is at 0 degrees in Aquarius at 9:39 a.m.  Classically this is interpreted to mean a day of murder.  Now before we go too far with that concept it is important to remember that this does not always mean literal murder but in some ways there may be problems in some relationships. The fact that Aquarius can be a flaky sign does not help things.  It can mean that the “killing off of an idea or something that you previously loved” could likely on that day.

Before the evening the Venus is in Capricorn, which is a sensible, practical and material sign. We may see many people taking real risks for love. Some may leave their worldly goods for someone who has nothing.  Uranus is also in Pisces that day which gives some relationships an obsessive, compelling quest. Some will feel that not to be with a certain person might be the literal end of their world.

Furthermore the moon is also in Aquarius all day after 12:15 am.  This also is going to give relationships a bit of “lunacy.” Breakups are likely among some couples but obviously the individuals most likely to be affected are going to be Aquarians.  Moons rule the emotions and the darker drives of the subconscious mind and the libido. Sexual obsession is likely to be an issue for some.

Here is a look at how Venus at 0 Degrees might affect the various signs on March 1st.


Despite discouragement and disapproval from friends and family you may decide to devote your heart to someone who is not well understood or liked. You may have to ask someone who really cares to turn a blind eye to certain transgressions.


This day may be the turning point in your life when you decide to give it all up for love. You could find yourself walking away from money, property or other obligations because your intuition is telling you that you should spend your life with one other person.  You could propose to someone on this day.


You may decide to trade in a long term obsession or obligation for more freedom. Your emotional relationships may seem smothering and this day may see you making plans to move or travel more. Your career will likely also become more important to you in the coming months than it has been in a while.


This could be a day when you decide to move back home or give up a job so that you can spend more time with a member of your family. Some Crabs may find themselves needing to take care of an elderly or sick relative. Any dream that is left behind because of your kind altruistic actions will be sure to come true at a later point in your life.


This day could find you very restless and dissatisfied with all that you have acquired in the past couple of years. You may feel compelled to strike out on your own to explore new options without a partner. You may, at the very least, wonder where your feelings for someone have gone.


On this day you could decide that someone who has been taking advantage of you is not worth your time and trouble. You may feel quite ruthless when it comes to suing someone who owes your money. Your challenge on this day may be to not become obsessed with revenge.


You may need to sit down on this day and ask yourself why you are so obsessed with a certain someone and if your devotion in terms of time spent is hurting your life in any way. Some Libra natives will find themselves waking up to the reality that love is not being returned and that a focus on a more worthy partner is needed.

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This could be a trying day for you as it may be time to tell an obsessed individual that you are no longer interested. You may also suddenly feel turned off by a relationship that is working for no apparent rational reason. You may feel simply that it is time for a fresh start with someone else.


This is probably your best day all year for killing off a rival in your career. If you have a competitor that you need to be ruthless towards then use the energy of this day to be your manipulative best. However do know that any actions done on this day cannot be undone so be wise about which bridges you decide to burn.


This is a day when you may find it very hard to control yourself.  This cosmic configuration may have you feeling like a pressure cooker that needs to explode as the love planet leaves your sign and so does a familiar person or situation. It may be a day of reckoning for Goats who have been taking certain people in their life for granted. Be careful of dramatic scenes as the outcome of emotional situations is unpredictable and whatever does happen could have permanent consequences.


Venus at 0 degrees will hit your sign the hardest, especially since the moon is also in your sign that day. You may not be very logical when it comes to your relationships and anything can happen. Be on your guard because with these kinds of planets a committed partner could suddenly get “cold feet.”  You may find yourself dealing personal insecurities or abandonment issues.


This may be the day when you decide to sacrifice everything just to help one person who means the most to you in the world. You may decide to work less hours to spend time with someone or agree to get counseling so that a relationship from the past can work. Phrase what you say carefully as negative words have a lot of power to make things worse than they need be today.

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