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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Thankful For
Things Your Zodiac Sign is Thankful For When it came to the year 2009, each of the Zodiac signs had its own set of challenges and blessings that were triggered by celestial events in the sky. 

Here is a look back at how far each sign has come in 2009 and what each has to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.


You can be thankful that Saturn has stopped making things difficult in your sixth house of work. This is a trend that ended in October and many of you have finally been rewarded for a job well done. Relationship difficulties may have shown you who your true friends are in the last month and that is who you more than likely will be spending this holiday with. A pet or a child may also have made you very proud in a special way this year as well.


Jupiter in your sign has brought you many career opportunities that you can be thankful for in 2009. You may also found yourself cozying up with a special someone who has brought great changes and excitement into your life. You have also had opportunities for spiritual development this year that may have opened up your doors of perception, making you a wiser and more compassionate individual. You might have also been harboring a secret all year and may now be grateful that it was never discovered.


You have grown more spiritually than in recent years thanks to Jupiter in your ninth house. This has served to expand your consciousness and brought you many welcome changes. Saturn recently moved out of your fourth house of home and now you can be thankful for increased security and prosperity in your life. You have a lot to look forward to especially romantically and there be a good feeling in the air from others who want to support you in all areas of your endeavors.


Jupiter was in your eighth house all year, which allowed you to make strides financially that other signs couldn’t. You can be thankful that you have been able to hoard some wealth this year. Some of you may have also inherited property or money and you can be thankful for that.   Neptune, your ruler, may have encouraged you to get rid of relationships and situations in your life that were not working. Celestial activity in your third house may have increased closeness with siblings, nieces, and nephews.


Jupiter was in your seventh house of relationships all year, bringing you new friends and relationships that are positive and healthy. You may be thankful for the many opportunities you have had to social climb. Many of you have gone from having no jobs to several. Pluto in Capricorn may have brought you a wakeup call about your health, which you may now have realized was better than no alerting to how serious the situation was at all. Many Lions will just feel grateful to be alive and well this Thanksgiving.


Saturn was in your sign almost all year and you have seen the highest of karmic highs and the lowest of lows. Saturn has helped rid yourself of a relationship that was very unhealthy for you and leeching you of your life force. Jupiter in your sixth house of work has kept you busy and you can be grateful for that in a world where many people are unemployed because of the recession. On the job, you may have also found yourself to be quite popular and the recipient of a promotion.


You have had good times this year and may even have acquired a new pet. Jupiter was in your fifth house of fun bringing you love, affection, and creativity. Recently, you can be thankful for the cosmos giving you a clean slate on which you can build a solid future. This is thanks to Saturn in your sign, bringing you all kinds of opportunities to quit bad habits, be forgiven, and start fresh in every area of your life. You might also be grateful for old friends returning into your life. In particular, you will like the new sense of peace in your heart that has come with forgiving an ex or old enemy.


Planets in your fourth house of home and family have given you more roots and security than you have had in years and you can be thankful for this during Thanksgiving 2009. Jupiter has operated in your chart to make you more active in your community. You have made many new friends and are respected for your compassion and willingness to be part of something that is bigger than you. This year, you may have gotten away with something that was a bit taboo and many Scorpions will be thankful that their secret was not discovered.


Jupiter has allowed you to build a firm solid foundation in your life that has a great deal of potential to bring you prosperity and love. You may have acquired property or met a new partner who is very committed to you. You may also have received an inheritance or windfall and put the money to good use. You have made practical, solid decisions that will serve you well for a life time and these changes will give you plenty to be thankful for many years to come. 



You can be thankful this Thanksgiving for the fact that you have been more prosperous than other signs. Jupiter, the planet of wealth, has been in your second house of money bringing you opportunities for career and financial wealth. Many of you have also been able to renovate a property or even buy a new home. Uranus in your ninth house may have brought you an opportunity to travel, perhaps to mix business with pleasure. This has given goats plenty to be thankful for this year.


Saturn was in your eighth house all year and although it was a bit of a challenge, you were given a chance to straighten out matters to do with banking, financing, or insurance. With regards to career opportunities, you may have felt like the universe was on your side and you have that to be thankful for. Someone may have performed a cruel power play on you in 2009, but your friends rallied to your side quickly to comfort and save you and that is something else that Aquarians can be thankful for.


Jupiter and Saturn in your twelfth house of beginnings and endings gave you new insights into life this year. You may be feeling more spiritual and accepting of life. You may also feel that others are grateful to have you in their lives. Planets in the seventh house have brought you closer to family and neighbors. Financial matters may have also been a little better this year, which is truly something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving as well.


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