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What Effect Will Saturn Retrograde on Jan 25th Have on Your Sign
On January 25th, 2011, Saturn, the planet of discipline, taxes and hard work goes backwards in the sky and begins to cause chaos. Saturn in Libra means that things move slower and get caught up in red tape, especially when it comes to matters like banking, cash flow, insurance and government related issues.  On top of it all Saturn is a planet that entails that we work very hard for our rewards in life.

When Saturn goes backwards in the sky many of us will experience financial setbacks caused by annoyances such as backed up paperwork, lack of staff or the collapse of certain structures that are crucial to the prosperous and sane living of our lives.  This can indicate frustrating times when the entire world feels as if it has a bad “attitude”; it will feel as if everyone who should be helping us has developed a bad case of “passive aggressive” personality disorder.

When Saturn is retrograde in Libra it can also mean that there are a lot of deals going on behind closed doors, especially in politics. Nepotism will rule the day and to some it may seem that we have forgotten the charter of rights; things may seem unfair, slow and the product of racism, bigotry or ignorant points of view.

Here is how this retrograde, quite unpleasant for many, may affect your sign until it comes out of it’s backward motion and behaves normally again on June 11, 2011.

You are sitting on top of a wonderful idea that should be a go ahead and that in fact was okayed quite some time ago. Still you are looking at another six months of red tape, being put on hold and being misled in general. This makes it difficult for you to get anything productive done until June.

You may be bickering with a relative over money or property and the sad news is that the arguing is inescapable. Your disagreement could end up in a cold war that has neither side communicating which is unfortunate. In legal matters it may be hard to get an answer or arrive at a settlement.

Saturn may have you feeling impatient with the world. You may work harder than usual to try and get ahead even though you feel that the odds are against you. It may be hard to fight off feelings of depression as you may not feel as if you are being fairly. There may not be anything you can do about this for now.

You will feel this retrograde most sharply when it comes to your career. A job may not be as described or you may be informed that a well-deserved promotion or bonus may be delayed. It may be hard to be patient but you are going to have to wait until Saturn gives you the green light to proceed in June.

Unfortunately you are going to be entering a period when it may feel like you can’t get the approval of anyone. Friends and family may be critical of all you do. Even if you are not lazy, you may have to work twice as hard to impress others.

You may have been looking forward to the resolution of a long-standing money problem that might have to do with a relationship that does not seem to die.  It is likely that if you are trying to make a deal to do with an inheritance, money or property you are going to have a hard time getting results until the summer time.

This retrograde is going to hit the very core of your life in one way or another. You may find that a long held trusted business or banking relationship suddenly erodes and becomes less reliable. It may be time to move on and find another option or collapse a long term deal that somehow affects how your cash flow and how you earn your daily bread.

This retrograde is likely to stall a matter to do with a joint business venture. Some of you may be dealing with a divorce at this time. The frustration is that it will not go quickly.  A procedure that was supposed to take a matter of days might end up taking six months.

This retrograde is likely to post-pone a celebration of some kind. It could be that a marriage is delayed or put off thanks to one or the other partner having to travel for business. Expect difficulties in planning a trip for business the first half of the year as well.

You may have a great deal of trouble collecting money that is owed you. It might also become necessary to sell a home or property in order to make sure that you can make ends meet. Many goats will be experiencing some kind of shake up on the domestic front as well; do not expect a separation agreement to go smoothly or quickly. 

This influence from Saturn is going to hold your nose to the grindstone for the first half of the year. You may be working far too hard to indulge in any type of social life. You may be working twice as hard as usual to make ends meet.

This influence may have you concerned about the health of a family member. You may be on edge wondering what kind of effect a health procedure will have on someone and whether or not an insurance company will be able to cover the expense.
As you can see most signs will be holding on tight and experiencing annoying delays and setbacks to do with legal, family and money matters for the first half of the year.

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