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What The New Moon In Virgo Means For You
New Moon in Virgo Septemberís new moon is in the domestic, discipline loving sign of Virgo. The New Moon occurs exactly at 1:44am on September 18th, 2009.

This means that the planet of order and discipline as well as the planet of communication are all going to be moving backward in Virgo Ė the sign that loves order and clarity most of all. The result is going to be chaos in relationships that are built on shaky structures in the first place. This applies to both business and romantic marriages and especially long term relationships that have just been going through the drill of two people being together with no real love present.

Here is how the New Moon in Virgo is likely to affect your sign:


You are going to benefit a great deal from this New Moon, which is going to offer you a clean new slate to start fresh on in one way or another. You could be offered a new job or somewhere new to live. The relationship that you do have might become very intense. It will seem that every time you make plans to do something with each other, something comes along to make life more interesting and chaotic. Your sex life is definitely destined to improve whether you are attached or single!


The Virgo New Moon could have you dreaming of a life that is not so full of drudgery, chores, and debt. This New Moon might give you the opportunity to leave a relationship that is not working for you anymore. The effect of the New Moon coupled with retrograde planets in Virgo might have you deal with quite a few things breaking down or a cash shortage. It would be very important for you to break free from a stifling matriarchal influence at this time.


The New Moon in Virgo is going to bring you a new sense of security, especially when it comes to money and a place to live. Your love life is destined to become better than ever as the retrograde planets cause your partner to loosen up in attitude and become even closer to a partner than you ever thought possible. You might find that this person is suddenly less restricted in life and can finely find more time to spend with you. You will find opportunity in chaos that will ensue over the next few weeks and possibly even receive a promotion.


The New Moon in Virgo brings you a little financial windfall, which can help you pay off some bills or start a new side business. This is a good day to renegotiate any debts that you have or paying off a loan. Your relationship with a special someone is destined to become closer than ever. This is also a good day to start a new fitness plan or to set goals to change your life for the better in some way where you will be more likely to meet them. It may be time to release yourself from the influence of a dominating and possibly abusive woman in your life.


The New Moon in Virgo could bring you a second chance with a partner. If you are going through a divorce or separation, you may find the other party is more willing to make a deal. Romantic relationships promise to be very passionate and rewarding emotionally. It is not a good idea to overspend, as both Mercury and Saturn in Virgo mean the debt collectors will be out in full force. This is also not a good time to be provocative or arouse the ire of authority figures in general.


The New Moon in Virgo brings you a burst of energy. You will need it to deal with some of the trials coming up in your life. Mainly these challenges are caused by Mercury and Saturn also becoming retrograde in your sign around the same time. Communication with a partner may become hard or non-existent. Some of you may be looking at a divorce. If you suspect that an infidelity is happening in a close relationship, it might be time to do a little investigating. You are probably correct.


The New Moon in Virgo inspires you to decorate your home and try to make your surroundings more beautiful than ever. Retrograde planets that come along with this New Moon in Virgo could make cash flow a problem for the next couple of weeks. This is not a good time for you to start any type of new project unless it is of a very simple and domestic nature. You should also be aware that you risk communication problems with a mother or older female.


The New Moon in Virgo is not that sexy and you may find yourself dealing with the more practical aspects of your life for the next few weeks. Saturn could bring you a tax issue to deal with. Yet another problem might have to do with overwork at your place of employment. Make sure you do everything properly or you may be ordered to do it all over again.


This New Moon in Virgo could bring you a great deal of money, but it might be at somebody elseís expense or make a family member very unhappy. This is not a good time for sensuality or romance. Make an effort to spend more time organizing your life, cleaning up, and making plans for the future. As Mercury is retrograde this week, it is not a good time to actually travel, but the moonís vibration make it an okay to book travel or vacation plans.


The New Moon in Virgo brings you a financial windfall, but you need to keep a close eye on your funds Mercury in retrograde means that there will be a tendency to spend money as fast as you make it. You could find yourself dealing with medical emergencies and vehicle breakdowns as well. Be sure to keep an eye on children and pets to make sure they are safe.


The New Moon in Virgo could bring you the resources you need to start a special project. However, you may find it difficult to focus on business because Mercury in Virgo is creating all sorts of chaos in your personal life. You might also find yourself overloaded with work or trying to collect a debt that is not going to ever be paid. Try to understand that an older woman who seems critical or difficult actually has your best interests at heart and wants you to focus on the big picture.


The New Moon in Virgo is going to bring you a great of money and maybe even a promotion. However, it might also bring additional hours at work. However, your debt may not seem as overwhelming and you will be able to pay some bills. Retrograde planets may also help someone who has leant you money in the past pay back some bills. You need to pace yourself for the next few weeks as you are facing a heavy workload. You should also avoid offending an older woman who may be your boss or mother.

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