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What The Year 2010 Holds For Each Zodiac Sign?
Individual Astrology Forecast for 2010 Are you wondering what is in store for you in 2010? Here is a very general look at how the planets will be influencing each zodiac sign in the year 2010.


Saturn in the more diplomatic sign of Libra means that you may have to do more consulting and sharing with others in order to get ahead in life. As you are so ambitious, you may find all of the extra attention to “process” as opposed to getting to results to be very frustrating. Expect humongous, yet mostly positive, changes to take place in all spheres of your life when Jupiter and Uranus are both in your sign. Many of you will fall in love with a new person, suddenly get married, or suddenly be promoted on the job.


Saturn in Libra may have you burdened with responsibilities and you may feel compelled to be fair to an older individual in your life who may need some care and attention. However, as Saturn swings into Virgo, you may want to consider how this needy person might be taken advantage of you.  Pluto in Capricorn may force you to deal with an addiction (yours or another’s) that is somehow affecting your performance. Jupiter may also inspire you to propose to a certain someone this year as well.


Pluto in Capricorn has you wrestling with your shadow side, but Saturn in Libra is lucky for you. You will find your emotional needs are recognized more than they have been for most of 2009. You will find it easier to stand up for yourself and your financial picture looks brighter than it has for years. Uranus in Aquarius helps you bring an idea you have had brewing for years into fruition by the end of 2010. Jupiter in Leo will bring windfalls financially throughout the spring and Jupiter in Virgo during the summer may even bring a new home or marriage proposal your way.


Pluto in Capricorn is trying to force you to forget those matters from the past that might be holding you back. Saturn, the task master, is in fair minded Libra all year long and finally you feel you have the resources and confidence to move forward when it comes to realizing some important dreams. However, August 2010 may be problematic for you when the moon in your sign becomes part of a fateful Grand Cross involving several planets in the sky. At this time, many of you may experience sudden changes in your love life, both for good and for bad.  Many of you may fall in love at first sight or impulsively leave a new relationship for an old one or find yourself suddenly alone. Whatever happens, you can count on the fact that Fall 2010 will be quite different than the life you are living now.


You will feel like life is unnecessarily slow and bureaucratic thanks to Saturn’s presence in Libra for most of the year. Things will feel like they are going in slow motion and you will not like the fact that most things are now going to be decided by consensus. You may also find yourself addressing a long term addiction (your own or another’s) that might be affecting your job or your family thanks to the influence of Pluto in Capricorn. In essence, when it comes to your health, you might be forced to clean up your act. You need to be very careful of impulsive behavior and accidents in August when Mars in your sign creates aggressive behavior.


Saturn will be moving in and out of your sign all year and this is going to once again cause challenges to do with long term relationships, finances, and property. The influence of Pluto in both Capricorn and Aquarius will force you into a psychological space that is going to generate deep personal transformation. Many of you will be leaving familiar situations for brand new horizons and leave the past behind for good. The great news is that Jupiter enters your sign mid-summer and gives your income a real boost, possibly from an inheritance or sale of some property.


Saturn is in your sign most of 2010 and that means that many of you will finally be getting your life in order, especially financially. Many Librans will be receiving an inheritance, immigrating, or receiving a proposal of marriage. Pluto in Capricorn offers you the opportunity to keep working on problematic issues with family members. Mars moves backwards for the first four months of the year, which could cause power struggles and office politics, but Saturn in your sign also gives you the personal strength to stand up for yourself as needed. You may face a crisis in August, as hard opposition to Saturn in your sign form other planets cause indecision, tension, and frustration. This is most likely to occur in the area of your career.


Neptune in Aquarius throughout all of 2010 allows you to continue working on a pet creative project that you have been working on all year. Pluto in Capricorn is likely to continue to bring disturbing family or relationship secrets to light and this is a good year to seek counseling or group therapy for any type of relationship or addiction problem that may be in your life. Saturn in Libra is a very restrictive influence for your sign and you may find it harder to make money this year. August may be a particularly hard month for you to be able to make ends meet, so be sure to save up for a rainy day as the last half of 2010 may be more of a challenge financially then you are used to.


Many Archers have been wandering around on autopilot the last few years, but Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn may be giving them a bit of a wake up call to stop dreaming and start working harder to realize your dreams. Saturn in Libra for most of 2010 makes this year an ideal one for you to “seize the day” as it will be easier for you to do things like buy a home, take out a loan, or simply get people to say yes to you. Furthermore,  movements of warrior planet Mars this year will inspire you to be number one in all that you do and you will receive lots of encouragement from the cosmos to be the absolutely best that you can be. However, you need to watch out for August, when negative planetary influences could cause an unnecessary power struggles in your life.


Pluto in your sign continues to bring relationship issues to the fore in your life for all of 2010. Pluto can be a harsh teacher and you may be taught some cruel lessons about lending money. You also might be facing an enemy or rivalry from family members and this type of feuding does not look like it is going to end any time soon. In May, you could see some amazing positive developments with regards to money. Thanks to the influence of Uranus, you could also acquire a new car or a brand new computer. Watch out for treading on people’s toes in August when a Grand Cross in the sky causes strife both personally and professionally for most signs. Be aware that ultimatums and sarcasm will not go over well at this time.


Neptune has been in your sign for some time and it will continue to flourish there for all of 2010. Your creative and visionary endeavors will be supported. 2010 is a good year for Aquarian inventors, freelancers, and artists. However, you may still have problems finding support for your dreams from some members of your family, thanks to the disturbing influence of Pluto in Capricorn, which may demand that you focus more on practical aspects of life. The good news is that Saturn in diplomatic Libra will help you arrange your finances, so you can get big projects done without having to sacrifice too much or starve to death. This is also a good year for Aquarians to apply for a grant or a loan.


The big news is that Uranus moves out of your sign and into Aries, so you will feel like there is less obstacles in your path. However, at the same time you may feel a little less visionary or creative. Peace of mind is what you crave and you will get it for the most part. However, in August you may find yourself having to deal with a family crisis that may force you to relocate or make a sacrifice financially. Keeping your temper may be a bit of a problem this year as influences from warrior planet Mars makes you feel more irritable than usual. Practicing meditation or taking the time out to exercise might really help you cope with some of the emotional strife headed your way. For the most part, the problems will belong to other people. However, you are so intrinsically psychic one of your challenges in 2010 will be to not make their problems your own.

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