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What to Expect When Juno Goes Direct
Juno Going Direct Affects Your Zodiac Sign Juno is an asteroid that is notoriously influential on relationships. This is named after the Roman hearth Goddess (also known as Hera) and what Juno is doing can have quite an impact on relationships. On November 3rd, this asteroid moves forward after being retrograde since August 10th. 

The reason this is significant is because Juno symbolizes committed relationships and all of the things that go with time, including abuse, infidelity, fertility, marriage, domesticity, and divorce. Juno is also very symbolic of jealousy and issues to do with spurned wives. In Greek mythology, she was the eternally faithful to her constantly unfaithful husband Ė Zeus.

When this asteroid shifts at all, whether it is going backwards or forwards in the sky, we can expect to see a lot more storms and earthquakes. If you watch the news around the 2nd to the 5th of November, you will probably see more news of natural disasters and environmental accidents as well as news about domestic disputes that end in a fatality.

If you are in a good relationship, it will get better on November 3rd, but if you have been cheating or lying, you will probably get caught. Relationships that are parental in nature, smothering, or codependent often are shaken up during any type of movement with Juno in the sky. If you are in a toxic relationship it s likely to break up, especially if there is an infidelity involved.

When this asteroid first went retrograde, it was in Aries. It has since gone through several signs and when it finally goes forward it will be in Aquarius. This means that the only sign that was spared the influence of the retrograde Juno conflicts was Pisces.

Here is a look at how the retrograde motion of Juno is likely to affect each sign.


Juno was retrograde in your sign last spring and there was a big shake up in your emotional life. You may have felt very helpless at the time. However you will discover that the person that you felt so resentful towards has changed a great deal and when Juno goes forward that it is quite easy to forgive him or her and move forward in your own life.


For many Bulls this retrograde Juno motion marked the return to an ex or older relationship. Once this planet goes forward you may find that you cannot forsake the past for the future. Be prepared for jealousy to rear its head in a relationship with an older woman. For some Taurus natives this can mean having a dispute with oneís mother.


When Juno goes direct you will see the return of a lover or ex into your life. It is possible this person is apologetic. As Juno rules wives many female Geminiís may be receiving a marriage proposal. If a relationship has recently gone sour because of meddling from an older woman than that person is likely to be exposed as a gossip. This forward motion will also likely have the effect of free you from any stifling or smothering relationships.


When Juno goes forward you may finally find yourself given a chance to fulfill your fondest dreams. You may also find yourself at odds with an older woman in your life who feels that you donít pay her enough attention. However it will be easier for you to soothe this personís insecurities in the near future.


If you have been having problems with your mother or a long term relationship they will seem less overwhelming when Juno moves forward. You may also feel less guilty about a relationship that may have recently gone sour. Many of you will be breaking away from a toxic relationship where you always seem to be the one who is constantly accused at being at fault.


Many of you have been in a dispute about property, money or shared assets with a loved one while Juno was retrograde and now is the time these matters will be finalized. Many Virgins will find themselves going through a divorce. It may also be difficult for you to justify maintaining a relationship where the other person is so obviously. If you are with someone who is unfaithful to you it is definitely time to say goodbye to this person once and for all.


Since Juno first went retrograde in August it has been apparent that a long term relationship does not serve you anymore. The efforts that you have been making to break free from this person may finally succeed. It could also be that you have been obsessing over this individual in which case you may finally find some peace of mind as Juno goes forward.


Love triangles are very common when Juno is retrograde and it is very likely that you have gotten involved in one over the last few months. When Juno goes forward it is likely that this matter is resolved. However, it is likely that you might also be the odd man out in the triangle. If you are in a couple you will be pleasantly surprised as your relationship will go a lot smoother.


You have been a bit lonely the last few months but that is all about to change now that Juno is moving forwards in the sky and bringing you the kind of nurturing relationships that you need to have to fill truly emotionally fulfilled and happy. You are also less likely to feel the need to manipulate or control events so that they are in your favor as others will be naturally more cooperative with you.


Over the last few months you have may have found it difficult to handle your feelings. You might have been feeling very obsessive or possessive about a special someone. It will be easier for you to mind your own business over the next few months as Juno moving forwards in the sky will help some of your emotional insecurity to dissipate.  If you have been obsessing about an ex it will be easier for you to get a bit more peace of mind. The forward movement of these planets could also bring you a new stove or similar big appliance.


When Juno is retrograde most signs feel jealous, possessive and angry but for the past few months you might have been feeling particularity exploited. Over the past few months you may have been able to distance yourself from this toxic relationship and gain some perspective on how your own behavior may have been a factor in driving this person away.  Juno might also bring you a pregnancy or news that a friend or member of the family is pregnant in the near future as well.


While Juno was retrograde you may have felt constantly threatened or emotionally blackmailed. There could have been a conflict or crisis around an older woman in your life.  Chances are that this problem has finally resolved itself and you are feeling a little less manipulated or controlled by this person who could have been your mother or a boss. Now that Juno is moving forward in the sky you might also hear good news about a pregnancy in the near future.

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