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What's In Your House of Secrets?
Your House of Secrets The Twelfth House in your astrology chart is often referred to as the “House of Secrets.” The planets in this house can reveal a lot about you and, in essence, what might define your “shadow side.” This is the place in your astrological chart that reveals the real you, especially sexually. 

If you have Mercury in the Twelfth House, you are likely to have a secret belief or affection for everything to do with the occult. You are likely a person who is entrusted with the secrets of others. You dislike gossip and are very tight lipped, but are not against using every trick in the book to get even with your enemies.

If you have Venus in the Twelfth House, you could appear to be loyal and friendly but be secretly selfish and unfriendly. Some say this is the mark of a sexual sadist. If you have Mars in the Twelfth House, it can denote a violent death, but mostly it denotes a person who harbors a lot of hostility and may hold those weaker than them in complete contempt. People with Mars in the twelfth house are often violent to their spouses and their children.

If you have Saturn in the Twelfth, then you may harbor a secret mean streak. This is the sign of a stingy person who hates children. You may also be manipulative and untruthful when it comes to money matters to the extent that you will engage in criminal activity.

If you have Jupiter in the Twelfth House, you may have a secret sexual or occult life that nobody else knows about. You might also make a living as a psychic. It is also possible that you are in the sex industry and feel that you must conceal the way that you earn income from others.

Uranus in the Twelfth House can indicate a person that is stuck in the past and afraid of change. This is the sign of an eccentric. Unusual hobbies like taxidermy or participating in historical reenactments are common with this placement.

Neptune in the Twelfth House indicates an addict or an individual with secret vices. People who are emotionally unstable, selfish, and unfaithful often have Neptune in the Twelfth House. A person with this configuration can also be very obsessive and territorial and never get over a broken relationship. Their view of reality is often distorted, as they either use drugs recreationally or end up being prescribed drugs in order to handle their psychological problems.

Likewise Chiron, the planetoid designated as the wounded healer in the sky, can also denote an individual with a lot of personal and emotional problems. This can also indicate addiction as well that may have been caused by a rough childhood that the person never got over.

The Twelfth House symbolizes the subconscious mind and its uncontrollable urges and impulses and that is why having positive planetary positions in the twelfth house is so crucial to your mental health.

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By T, Friday, March 02, 2012 05:21:44 PM
Mars in 12th - harbor hostility? Sure - lots of things that need to be addressed in life, especially with those who are in my life. Take a lot of usage by others, want to speak face-to-face with others on that but then chicken out in the end and continue to smolder and be abused until it's too much. I think it's more to do with liking to do things on my own than anything else - the whole Mars/Aries/individuality thing. The whole 'do unto others' is usually not a two way street - many of us (mars 12 housers) do unto others as we wish others to do unto us but usually get the short end of the stick. There have been times when it just got too much and moved on - rather move away from the situation causing the most stress than 'work it out'. 'Working it out' has been the process the whole time but mostly between me, myself and I. Violent? I'm not violent but again, if needs are not expressed or I feel like I've been backed into a corner - I have lashed out. Rough stuff is usually a productive outlet. Needless to say, we mars in 12 housers aren't very good at communicating what irks us.
By Judith, Sunday, October 24, 2010 09:11:09 PM
Why is this not defined by birth signs, as to what planet is in the 12th. house? the time of our birth?
By Andrea, Sunday, October 24, 2010 02:15:14 PM
This might help:
By Andrea, Sunday, October 24, 2010 02:12:31 PM
I do not have any planets in my 12th house either! I have no idea what this means!
By Katherine, Monday, June 15, 2009 02:45:06 PM
How do you know what's in your twelfth house?
By DONNA, Friday, June 05, 2009 12:25:41 PM
my mother and i are of the same star sign yet we are like night and day with our beliefs and behaviors! i am very loving and giving with everyone and she is the complete opposite!! how can thisbe??
By Darlene, Tuesday, June 02, 2009 11:39:33 PM
I don't have any in the 12th House either....but it sounds like that is probably a good thing.
By Harry, Tuesday, June 02, 2009 06:07:15 PM
What does it mean when one doesn't have any planets in their twelfth house? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
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