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What's Your Mom's Zodiac Personality?
Your Mom's Personality by Zodiac Sign Just for fun and in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, why not take a look at this light-hearted look at your Mom’s personality according to her astrology sign.

If your mom is an Aries ... she may not be into admitting that she is your mom at all. In fact, one of the best complements that anyone could give her would be to say, “Is that your sister?” The Aries mom is more into being your buddy than your mom and she is a big advocate of letting you make your own mistakes. In fact, she might even have a chuckle or two at your expense if you trip a couple of times before you learn to walk. If clothes are missing from your closet, suspect your Aries mom who likes to look sexy!

If your mom is a Taurus ... she is likely to treat you like an unpaid slave. The female Bull’s expectations of you are very high and, if you do not meet them, you are likely to meet with flashing eyes and a promise of what will happen if you dare to disappoint her ever again. The Taurus mom is a notorious neat freak and she will be at all pleased if you mess up her kitchen, even if you did in the name of making her breakfast in bed!

If your mom is a Gemini ... you won’t be able to get a word in edgewise. A Gemini mom will sit and tell you stories about herself for hours in the name of hoping you will learn by listening to her morality tales. It also might be a bit hard to get a Gemini Mom off the phone simply because she loves to babble on for others. It might be a bit of a mistake to teach her how to use text on a cell phone as you may never have peace in your life again.

If your mom is a Cancer .... get ready to feel guilty or at least pretend that you feel guilty about something you may have done or not done in the past. Cancer moms are very needy and experts at emotional blackmail. They also expect nothing but the best when it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day, so don’t get her anything cheap! The more that you pay for your gift, the more she is going to think that you really do love her!

If your mom is a Leo ... it may be hard for you to face her constant criticism of everything that you do. Furthermore, if you make a mistake, a Leo mom is not beyond making fun of you. If you are the daughter of a Lion, beware! Lion moms can be very competitive with their kittens and even try to steal their boyfriends. To make a Leo mom feel comfortable, make sure she is the center of the universe at all times!

If your mom is a Virgo ... you have probably noticed that she is a bit of a neat freak and that she completely lacks a sense of humor. However, there are two things in life that truly excite this ultra-organized creature – the sight of you vacuuming and the sight of a brand new puppy. Most Virgo women have a real way with animals, but have a much harder time relating to their own litter.

If your mom is a Scorpio ... you have probably felt her sting many times in your life already. Secretively and emotionally cold, being raised by a Scorpio female is a bit like being raised by a female version of Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Most Scorpio women hate the idea of breeding and she may see you as the mistake she made in life that prevented her from being famous or accomplished in her chosen field.

If your mom is a Sagittarius ... you may not see her much. The Sagitttarius mom can be a bit of a flake flitting from place to place, from hobby to hobby or even from husband to husband. She loves to travel, but not necessarily with her children. In fact, you might often get the feeling she is escaping from you. The Sagittarian mom is very competitive with her children, so don’t be surprised if she gets a charge out of beating you at chess or Monopoly. The Archer is also a lot more likely to treat you like an equal than a child an occasionally you might find yourself being the parent in the equation.

If your mom is a Capricorn ... you might notice that she is actually a bit of a martyr.  She will do anything for you and she will never cease to constantly remind you of that fact. It is not a good idea to “owe” the Capricorn mom any money, as she will hold it over you for years. Yet another point of pride is her good home cooking. You better eat every last morsel of food on your plate or she will see herself as a failure. Don’t try and do the dishes either. You just won’t do them right!

If your mom is an Aquarius ... you might have noticed that she is a bit flaky. She may have always ignored the more practical side of life in order to show you that spiritual things are more important than material things such as money, food, or a roof over your head. If your mom is an Aquarian, you may have also had several “daddies” in your life, as the Aquarian feels restless sticking with one person or in one place for too long.

If your mom is a Pisces ... you might have noticed that she likes to spend a lot of time alone. The Pisces individual can be incredibly self-absorbed and it is not that she is ignoring you. She is just so mesmerized by her own visions and potential that she never noticed yours in the first place. The Pisces mom can also be very critical if you do not get straight A’s in school or excel at sports. This sign expects nothing less than perfection from you and you better deliver or you will hear about it!

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By Tuesday, Tuesday, May 11, 2010 01:39:16 AM
My mom's a Capricorn and I'm a Pisces and my sister is an Aquarian and everyone of ours is way off the mark for us, as well as others we know of the same signs. I don't know who wrote these but suggest that they never do it again. I am very disappointed with this website for even posting garbage like this.
By Tiffany, Saturday, May 08, 2010 03:15:00 PM
Lol...I agree with Bernette
By Bernette, Thursday, May 06, 2010 04:45:54 PM
Libra is not mention because the writer is probably a Libra...remember Libra's are prosecutors and judges and
By Lynn, Thursday, May 06, 2010 10:39:58 AM
Well,thanks for making me feel like crap (Scorpio). I always thought I'd done my best and had guilty feelings anyway. Turns out I was just a lousy mom who didn't even want her kids .Happy Mothers day to you too ! PS.All you mom's out there,don't listen to this and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!!!!!!!!!
By donna, Thursday, May 06, 2010 09:49:58 AM
I hope who ever made these horoscopes goes back and tries again!All of them couldn't be any further from being true. This is terrible for this web site.
By Sunday, Thursday, May 06, 2010 09:43:14 AM
I have a Libra Mommy!! Where is she??!?!
By joann, Thursday, May 06, 2010 08:25:19 AM
why is there no libra mom is that because were the best mom to have?iy seem that libras get left out quite often why is that.
By Denise, Thursday, May 06, 2010 08:25:00 AM
Wow, according to these horoscopes pretty much no one is a very good mother. Very negative.
By Sandra, Thursday, May 06, 2010 07:54:56 AM
These horoscopes are not very positive or loving,mums deserve something better than this
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