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What’s Your Poison? How Each Zodiac Sign Decides To Be Bad!
Vices for Each Zodiac Sign Every sign in the Zodiac has vice or two or even more! Here is a look at the compulsive, addictive, and downright wicked tendencies of each astrological sign when it comes to the fun, yet self-destructive matter, of escaping cruel reality every now and then.


This fire sign likes to drink shots. Bourbon, Jagermeister, and Scotch are favorite drinks. They can also be very addicted to red wine. Many Rams experience long lost weekends sampling beverages out in wine country. This fiery sign also likes to light cigarette after cigarette, especially while out at a night club. They are also addicted to arguing and will start a debate that nobody can possibly win just for the heck of it. Yet another secret addiction of this sign is tattoos. They have a weakness for anyone who has one, especially if it is on the ankle. Many do not have piercings or tattoos that are visible until after they take their clothes off and then their vice is decidedly apparent!


This sign likes to drink wine and beer and will do so until they have obliterated every last conscious awareness of reality. This is also a strongly sexual sign and they love the thrill of the chase. Phone sex and talking dirty are also vices of the sexually voracious Bull.  They are not usually unfaithful, but they really do enjoy making their partner jealous.  Many are also addicted to pornography. They are also fascinated by social networking sites, such as dating sites and Facebook, and will waste hours of their time simply looking at individuals online. Bulls are also very competitive and love online games that allow them to build empires in their minds.


The Gemini is one of the signs with weaker health and because of this many are prescribed painkillers before the end of their life for one problem or another. The problem with this is that many of them also get addicted to harder recreational substances and pills. They are also vulnerable to problems with anti-anxiety medications, like Ativan and Valium, because they have a deep need to escape from reality. Geminis are very movie oriented and for this reason many of them love watching pornography on the Internet. They also love shoes and exotic lingerie and may secretly spend hundreds of dollars on fetish wear that they cannot afford. The Gemini loves to escape reality and may spend hours playing role playing games on line or adopting other identities in games like Dungeons and Dragons.


The Cancer native likes to escape reality through booze and substances that can be smoked. They are also very vulnerable to any kind of anti-anxiety drug or upper because they are such a naturally insecure and anxious sign. Some Cancers are actually very addicted to sex, as they equate the sexual acts with affection and approval. Cancers are notorious overeaters and couch potatoes. They love nothing better than to plop down in front of the television set with a carton of ice cream. They can also be incredibly lazy and spend most of the day sleeping. It is a mistake to expose a Cancer to too much of the shopping channel. They are addicted to beauty products, ceramics, and buying jewelry and get easily into debt.


This sign is very materialistic and can be addicted to shopping. A credit card in the hand of a Lion is a vice about to happen. They love flashy, trendy items and get a great deal of gratification splurging on themselves. Most female lions have a real weakness for shoes and jewelry and most males are vulnerable to purchasing cars and the latest gadgets. Most Lions are also notoriously unfaithful, as many of them are addicted to sex and many are also addicted to online pornography. This sign also thinks it is immortal and may lack self-discipline when it comes to eating fatty foods or junk food.


Virgo is the sign of the perfectionists and they become addicted to creating the ideal body. Many of them are hypochondriacs, who will spend thousands on vitamins and weight loss gadgets and products. They also can become addicted to running, exercise, or going to the gym to the extent that many of them become way too thin. Getting into debt is also another problem with this sign that feels that they must have the absolute best of everything in this world. The problem is that all too often this sign cannot afford the ideal item, yet will splurge on it anyway. They are also notorious “tap polishers” who obsessively clean every single part of their house and daily and get mad at those who mess it up.


This is a vain and airy sign that can be really flaky when it comes to spending money. A credit card in the hand of a Libra is a self-destructive weapon, as many of them are addicted to shopping. They especially love to splurge on items that are not that necessary such as art, designer clothes, and the latest gadgets. This air sign is also a notorious smoker and finds it hard to quit nicotine or recreational substances. This voyeuristic sign really likes to spy on the secret sexual activities of the opposite sex, so they are often online looking at pornography. Another vice may actually be paying other people to perform or have sex.


This sign is famous for being unfaithful and addicted to sex without love. A lot of money is often spent on attempts to have affairs or concealing sexual activities. Furthermore, Scorpios often are indulging in sexual fetishes, spending a lot of money on high heel shoes or lingerie.  Many of them are also addicted to online pornography or phone sex. Scorpions can also be deeply obsessive individuals and may actually become addicted to a person. Their jealousy and territoriality can actually get them in a lot of trouble. A Scorpio is also superstitious and many of the females can be addicted to psychic readings or throwing Tarot cards when they are obsessed with having sex with a male.


This sign has a weakness for travel. An archer will go deep into debt just to travel to a far off distant location. Another vice is a tendency to play hokey. Saggittarians are notorious for calling in sick so they do not have to work. They are also addicted to cable television. If an Archer cannot physically travel to a far away place, they will escape through watching movies. It is not uncommon for an Archer to waste an entire day away watching flick after flick.  Sagittarians are also a sign that loves to smoke cigarettes and many of them are addicted to nicotine for life.


This sign is addicted to perfection and must have the best of everything. They are notorious for getting into debt because of their insistence of only having the latest and greatest object of desire in their life. Another one of this sign’s vices is compulsive decorating. The Goat sometimes cannot stop themselves when it comes time to buying things for their home.  This is a vain sign that is also very concerned about appearances. For this reason, the Goat can sometimes become addicted to expensive face creams, Botox addictions, and plastic surgery. Painkillers and anti-anxiety medications can also be an addictive problem for this sign that has a very busy brain and finds it hard to calm down.


This sign is very addicted to adventure for adventure’s sake and for that reason alone can become deep in debt. The Aquarian is often perceived by others as being deeply irresponsible as it is a sign that loves to take work off to pursue recreational activities. Yet another weakness of this sign is a fondness for any substance that has been known to expand the mind and this includes street drugs. Another secret vice that is not that wicked, but can turn this already flaky sign into even more of a space cadet is a fondness for reading science fiction. Many Aquarians are also overly fascinated with metaphysics and can become addicted to reading tarot cards or trying to practice magic.  They love online role playing games and also group games that can allow them to escape reality for a while.


This sign loves religion and spiritual matters and can become fanatical once they think they have a mission in mind. They can become quite militant and harsh towards those that do not agree with their point of view. This sign also loves states of altered consciousness and will try to achieve it by smoking substances or taking mind expanding drugs. Often these recreational drugs can be very addictive. This sign is also very analytical and has a busy mind. Many Fishes need to keep their brains occupied with games and you will find that it is a Piscean characteristic to become addicted to Sudoko or doing crosswords. Many are also addicted to listening to music and will listen to the same song again and again until they drive everyone else crazy.

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By theresa, Saturday, July 14, 2012 11:42:55 AM
I am a gemini and offended in so many ways I donot buy sexy lengerie niether does my mother in law we r both geminis only sexy thing we wear r women's boxers and she is on pain medicines cause she has a bad broken back and diabettes .me i AM as strong as an ox i donot have many health problems only one I have is a thyroid prob which I donot take medicines for it and only drink wines ,leroux brandy or beer in small moderations knoiwing I came fully from a family of heavy american born full blooded italains and full blooded french anscestry so it goes thro the dna not the signs and I got every sign of the zodiac sign in my family yes taurus is true and stuff me I would never smoke or over drink myself and I can't cause I am allergic to cigerette smoke and my only secret to a sexaul fetish is to make sure my husband has his needs taken care of first and his sexaul appetite for his woman to be in men's boxers cause he liked that when I was pregnant with our kid at the time so thats the only fetish I have is to fullfill his sexaul dreams which he is an aquarious which we r totally on opposites sometimes but other times we get along just like my mother in law is a gemini and my father in law is a leo
By theresa, Saturday, February 05, 2011 09:32:35 PM
I am a gemini and i am very very shy no I tried to watch a dirty dvd with my guy that i bought him for his birthday I couldn't watch the porn with him I actaully wanted to throw up and I had to hold it in so instead I just went to sleep and he got mad with me .he is an aquarius but no this gemini does not have a shoe r lengerie fetish either .my worse weakness is chocalate ,beer ,leroux brandy ,and some new games on line and no i don't live in a fanasty world unless I am sleeping hoping for something new and really something different
By Sunday, Thursday, January 27, 2011 12:54:59 PM
I am a Virgo and this fits me. I'm not a workout fanatic, but I do enjoy working out sometimes.
By ebony, Wednesday, January 27, 2010 11:40:13 PM
I don't know if its because Im born on a cusp, but this taurus with aries tendencies doesn't like porn or social websites like facebook, myspace and etc. I would like to drink sometimes, but don't for health reasons. Thats just me personally.
By Tiffany, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 02:46:50 PM
Well of course people don't always like to hear the negetive side about themselve and will deny it. But i will admit that mine (virgo) did have some truth to it. judging from my experience with people of different Zodiac signs, for the most part these are accurate.
By Sheryl, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 12:32:53 PM
So off the mark. I'm a Pisces and I do have my own ideas about religion but I'm never fanatical or militant about it. Other people have their own ideas and even though I might not agree with some of them, they have a right to their own beliefs just as much as I do. God gave everyone free will! As far as addiction to Sudoko or other games, some people do get addicted at times. They aren't always a Pisces; and I never play a song I like over and over again. It would drive ME crazy! Whoever writes this stuff needs to get a better education in spiritual matters.
By Sharon, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 11:57:54 AM
well I am a different Sharon than the one below..but this profile fits my mother, an Aries to the T. I am a Sag, and everything is true, except cigaretts for me. My husband is a twin, and they are Pisces, as well as the twins wife, and they all fall into the category. An ex best friend is Scorpio, so true, she tried to sleep with all my boyfriends and succeeded with many. Another old g/f was Taurus, again, so true...some of these things might be things you think of and don't act out on, that's the difference between impulse and morality.
By MARSHA, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 03:47:26 AM
By Julie, Tuesday, June 30, 2009 06:54:22 PM
This is so not me. Some tendencies do apply to my husband and children, however.
By Sharon, Tuesday, June 30, 2009 03:22:40 PM
I don't know, but this has hit the nail on the head for several people I know..there may be some truth to it...

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