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Will The Recession Hit Your Zodiac Sign Hardest?
Will Your Zodiac Sign Be Hit Hardest By Recession? This year has financial surprises in store for all of the signs, but some members of the zodiac will be hit harder than others thanks to the fact that certain eclipses and retrogrades occur in those signs. The cosmic configurations match what has been going on in the stock markets and the housing markets. We will see layoffs and the collapse of familiar brand name companies.

One of the hardest hit of the signs will be Sagittarius. That is because Jupiter, the planet of wealth, is moving backwards in the sky in that sign. When this happens, it could feel like money is being pulled away or drained away from the individual. Financial challenges of every kind are likely, as is job loss or a sudden change in career. Another side effect of this backwards movement could be medical bills or health problems that could be expensive as the metaphorical meaning is "shrinking" or "wasting away."

The sign of Aquarius will also be hit hard by some setbacks this year. For one thing, they begin January with a solar eclipse in their sign that could wipe away every situation that brought them financial security. Any economic challenges brought up by this are reinforced by another eclipse of the moon in Aquarius that takes place in August. It seems that Aquarians will be one of the signs severely struggling with huge changes during the first six months of the year with things vastly improving in November and December. They will have cash to play with but it will be difficult to get ahead or progress in life.

The sign of Cancer will also be hit quite hard by the two eclipses that are taking place this year. There is a total eclipse of the Sun in Cancer on July 21st. Cancer is the sign of "treasure" – investment, homes, inheritances, and other material things. All signs will experience negative news about housing and mortgages, but it is the Cancer native that will have the most problems.

The very last eclipse of the year takes place right on New Year’s Eve and it is in the sign of Cancer as well. This means that this sign does not thrive at the end of the year, but may instead be experiencing the kind of losses in all areas of life that lead to a completely new start for 2010. This type of cleaning of one’s slate is not necessarily negative, but more part of a long term plan on the cosmos to help the Cancer native achieve all that they need in life. The two eclipses in Cancer do not just affect those born under that sign, but they also affect the other water signs of the zodiac the most severely.
In September, the Virgo natives may have harder time as they suffer through a long Mercury retrograde period that lasts the entire month. Communications may suffer and payments and important negotiations could also be delayed or put off without warning. Still, the annoyances suffered by Virgos will not be as severe as the year long trials suffered economically by both Aquarians and Cancers in 2009.

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By Elissa, Monday, January 12, 2009 10:00:57 AM
No mention of Libra either - - I got clobbered in 2008, does this mean that Libra will get a bit of a breather in 2009? By Elissa from Oregon
By Diane, Monday, January 12, 2009 09:31:32 AM
there is no mention of scorpio or pieces, or leo in this article. i have lived marginall for years and while others may have to learn to cut back i was hoping i would finally get to cut loose. scorpio, diane
By Linda, Monday, January 12, 2009 06:44:01 AM
Not very good for myself (Virgo) or my husband (Cancer) this year. Last year was so difficult that I cannot imagine one harder this year.

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