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Your 2010 New Year's Eve Horoscope
2010 New Year's Eve Horoscope Perhaps the biggest influence for every sign on New Yearís Eve is going to be the fact that communication planet Mercury is going to be one day into its forward motion after being retrograde since December 10th. This will bring a sense of relief to almost all of the signs, but especially Capricorns and Sagittarians who will literally feel the obstacles to their problems drop away.

Yet another sign that will benefit greatly from this forward motion is Gemini. All of the air signs (Libra and Aquarius too) will feel some financial freedom as Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. There will be, once again, a sense that all things are possible and a sense of optimism and right in time for New Years.

In general, the forward motion will make it obvious that there is an immediate need to refocus, readjust, and retarget our goals.

The moon will still be waning as it creeps up into the New Year, which means that it will be losing energy. It is in the fourth quarter, which usually promises a fairly tame time. You can expect this New Yearís to end earlier than usual.

The actual New Yearís moon is split between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In the afternoon, it goes retrograde in Scorpio which can cause very strange arguments, envy, and bizarre behavior. Jealousy could also be a problem. This influence lasts until about nine oíclock when the moon enters Sagittarius. 

A Sagittarius moon is excellent for the birth of a New Year, as it really does symbolize the birth of new ventures. Sagittarius is also a resilient and optimistic sign full of hope for the future.

Here is how your sign might be affected by the stars above this New Yearís Eve.


This promises to be a really fun New Yearís Eve for you. There will be lots of laughs, good will and cheer. Early in the afternoon you might have to deal with some kind of crisis at home. It is possible a babysitter could cancel so be sure to confirm your plans.


It is very likely you will be celebrating this New Yearís Eve with extended family or people in your neighborhood. You will not stray far from home. In the afternoon, you may be dealing with obsessive or jealous behavior from a partner.


You may not feel much like going out to a party this New Yearís. You may have a hankering to travel or visit a sacred spot or place in nature. In the afternoon, there may be some debate with a loved one about how you should spend the New Year Ė it is okay not to party and spend it in some reflection.


You probably are going to have a lot to celebrate today. It is possible that you will receive good news about money or a job or possibly a new addition to the family. In the afternoon, a mate may be reclusive. Let him or her alone. Do not push him or her into joining you for celebrations if not in the mood. Itís not worth it.


You will feel very spiritual and like being with the one you love tonight. Singles could meet a new love at a party, so get out there if you are looking for a soul mate. Donít let a squabble about money that happens earlier in the day interfere with your plans to have a great time.


You are well advised to attend a New Yearís celebration that you are invited to because it may promise an opportunity for career advancement. Be prepared to celebrate in style. You are very popular tonight. Earlier in the day you should avoid discussing religion or politics with a partner who is grouchy and spoiling for a fight.


You will relate very well to others tonight so be sure to get out and look your best. You are bound to make new friends and singles could hook up with someone special. Earlier in the day, you might have to fight to have some time off. You might also hear about some kind of crisis at work that must be taken care of or even be called in to replace someone who is ill.


You may feel like being alone with your memories tonight. If anything, you will have the desire to travel to a sacred spot and review the year in your mind and soul, so you can reflect on your plans for the next year. Ignore gossip that you hear earlier in the day. It is meant to upset you Ė donít let it work.


This promises to be a fantastic evening for you as the moon is in your sign. Look your best as all eyes are on you. Some of you may be smiling through tears, as earlier in the day you could get some sad news of some type. Your friends will also mean more to you than they ever have before.


This New Yearís you will feel like focusing on your future. You may not feel like partying all night long and instead plan a quiet evening with friends. Earlier on there may be a dispute with someone close who seems a tad more critical of you than usual. Realize that this person is speaking from a place of insecurity and that what they have to say does not qualify as real constructive criticism.


This New Yearís you will feel like travelling somewhere that might hold the potential of meeting new friends. You are yearning for fresh experiences. Do not listen to an individual, who earlier in the day might have been too critical of you personally. This individual fears losing you to someone else; they sense how restless you have been lately.


This New Yearís is the perfect one for you to play host. Hold the biggest, most festive event that you can on your block. It is also likely that you will hear very good news today; you could get a cash windfall or hear about a happy addition to your family. Earlier on ignore gossip from a coworker or neighbor.  It is just the green-eyed dragon raising itís nasty head!

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