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Your 2011 Labor Day Weekend Forecast
Labor Day 2011 Astrology Forecast In 2011, Labor Day takes place on Monday, September 5th. However, many people take the long weekend off as well from Friday the 2nd to Monday the 5th.

The first big influence that is affecting every sign this holiday weekend is the Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, which took place on August 30th. This is going to be an especially political weekend with many people actually focusing more on the ethics and principles behind the holiday rather than recreation. That is because Jupiter in retrograde in Taurus has people more concerned about whether or not they are being exploited by government and corporations than usual.

Money will also be tighter than usual for all signs, as Jupiter is the planet of wealth and it is going backwards. People will be sticking close to home rather than doing a lot of travelling. The planet Jupiter going backwards can also indicate problems with homes, insurance, and also the weather.

However, in some ways this Labor Day weekend is going to be especially good for turning over a new leaf of some kind. It is a good time to consider going back to school and joining professional associations and unions.

The Sun is in Virgo this Labor Day, which favors mental sharpness and physical fitness. Taking walks in nature, visiting museums, and playing games like Chess or Suduko (that improve the mind) are favored as a holiday relaxation activity.

On September 2nd, the Moon is in Scorpio, which means that many holidaying couples will be in the mood for romance. If you are going to go home on Monday after a short trip, then be sure to try and get home by 8:30pm when the moon in Sagittarius starts straying and travel of any kind becomes difficult. As Sagittarius is the sign of travel, be sure to leave to go home early to avoid any snarl-ups on the highway.

For the most part, the backwards movement in Jupiter will keep most people close to home, but the good news is that many of these planets bode that the weather will be better than usual.


You are more likely to get a late start to your holiday. Many of you will be working this entire holiday out of the necessity to make ends meet, but it looks like Saturday night is your best night to let your hair down and party.


This Labor Day weekend has you sticking close to home just simply because your funds are low. Many practical issues may be on your mind, including employment or taxes, but all three days favor romance with your special someone.


As money issues and red tape may be on your mind, you may not feel in the mood to travel, but it is likely the opportunity will come up over the weekend. Remember that all work and no play can make you a dull person so take advantage of opportunities to escape.


It is most likely you will be sticking close to home for this Labor Day, however that does not mean you cannot enjoy walks in natures or make your own picnic. Money may be on your mind and some of you may be preparing or attending school early.


If you are looking for a wonderful weekend to start a fitness program or start a diet, then this Labor Day weekend is perfect. The Sun in Virgo, which creates discipline and the retrograde Jupiter, which shrinks waistlines, is ideal for weight loss.


With the Sun in your sign, you may find yourself in charge of the festivities this Labor Day. You could be a marshal in a parade or be in charge of organizing a local party or picnic. People will look up to you and you will be the life of the party!


Get an early start to the weekend by taking off on Thursday the 1st if you can. Many of you will be traveling or partying a day early as the moon will be in your sign. This weekend should provide you with a fun and intellectually stimulating break from stress.


The moon in your sign on Friday the 2nd is going to make that evening a very romantic one indeed. However, watch out for the next day when jealousies and rivalries could start disturbing your holiday weekend.


The moon in your sign on Sunday and Monday promise a wonderful holiday that features a short trip somewhere fun and a bit athletically taxing. Trips to amusement parks, beaches, and hiking parks are greatly encouraged.


This may be one of these holidays when you may find yourself tightening your belt and not going anywhere. In fact, many of you will be quite happy to spend quality time with family and prepare for the school week coming up after Labor Day.


Short day trips are in your future on Saturday and Sunday. Visits to museums, antique fairs, or orchards to pick fall fruit are greatly favored.  A family dinner is a good idea on Sunday as long as you wrap it all up before the moon goes void of course that evening and causes old fights to flare up.


This promises to be a very quiet Labor Day Holiday for you. You will be quite happy to spend quality time with family and get prepared for the upcoming school week.  Good news about a budget or personal loan could also come your way this weekend.

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