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Your Horoscope for the Ides of March 2011
Julius Casear The phrase “Beware the Ides of March was a warning  in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. The Ides of March in ancient Rome referred to the date of March 15th. The expression has since come to mean a time when you are more likely to be back stabbed or betrayed since Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his lying followers.

So what is your horoscope prediction for the Ides of March in 2011? Is your sign likely to be the backstabber or be betrayed? Is there also the possibility that nothing will happen to you on that day?  Peruse your Ides of March horoscope to see what role your sign might be playing in life on the 15th.


You have Jupiter in your sign which can mean wealth and power. The only problem is that it is moving backwards which means that others will be jealous of you and try to hold you back. Unfortunately it looks like Rams are more likely to be back stabbed on this day rather than be flanked by a supportive team.


Pluto in Capricorn and many planets in water signs make you secretive and more prone to listen to your darker urgings. You have been jealous of those who seem more successful and ambitious and who seem to steal your fire, especially romantically. You are more likely to be a backstabber than any kind of victim this March 15th.


Many planets in Aries, including your ruling sign, keep you informed of what is going on all of the time. No secrets are kept from you. You are always able to stay one step ahead of the game and you do not have to take sides. This means you can move up the ladder while others fight amongst themselves on the rungs below.


Mars in Pisces has you lusting for someone’s blood. You have been wronged and although you are normally a gentle, patient person you are not going to stand for being taken advantage of much longer. This March 15th  any attempts at revenge that you undertake are likely to be very successful.


Several planets in fire signs have made you very popular. In fact, you may have been attracting a little too much attention to yourself lately. Where you feel you have succeeded you may have only succeeded in making others jealous. Ward off the evil eye by resisting your natural inclination to boast about your life.


You are a manipulative, naturally talented politician in the first place and you are bound and determined to eliminate an individual who is in your way. This is your optimum day to work behind the scenes to eliminate your competition once and for all. However keep in mind that once you do so, you will be inheriting all of your competition’s problems and headaches as well.


You may discover today that not everybody appreciates your diplomatic ways. In fact there are some people who resent the way you sit on a fence and do not seem to ever take sides. Don’t be surprised if you are punished by a good friend today if you refuse to take a stand or make an important decision.


Subterfuge is your middle name and today is ideal for carrying out any plot you may have for eliminating a rival. However keep in mind that this is also a good day for others to drag out any skeletons in your closet and hold them up for the world to examine so choose your battles wisely.  Do not plan to sabotage someone who might have compromising information about you.


This is a day when you might be involved in a bit of teamwork when it comes to eliminating someone who has been a problem.  It is likely that this type of subterfuge will take place at your job or office and it is also likely that whoever you are targeting has been holding many people back. You generally do not like to be a sneak but in this case a certain amount of snooping may be required in order to stop a power-mad control freak from ruining everyone else’s lives.


There are a lot of planets affecting your sign this Ides of March that are encouraging you to indulge your less attractive traits such as jealousy, obsessiveness and insecurity. Just be sure that before you plan to wreak revenge on someone that you are acting based on facts and not gossip or what you fear. Pluto in your sign has been playing havoc with your judgment for some time and it is likely any gut instincts you have been having are dead wrong.


On this day you will probably rise above any petty politics or quarreling as what you desire has nothing to do with personal power. You will be in more of a Zen space than the other signs and it will be clear to you that you are not in the mood to play games. In fact many Aquarians might be pursuing a path at this time that has nothing to do with acquiring money or influence.  You will be more like someone on the outside looking in and laughing at the petty world this Ides of March.


Several planets in your sign are creating a situation where you could be quite fortunate and this is likely to draw some jealousy in your direction. These planets are lined up in a way that destiny is pointing at you. Whether this fate is fortunate or unfortunate may have to do with the company you keep. Get rid of untrustworthy types and take everything you hear with a grain of salt if you want your good fortune to continue.

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