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Zodiac Fashion Sense For Men
Zodiac Fashion Sense for Men Each zodiac sign has its own tastes, especially when it comes to fashion. Here is a breakdown of how your zodiac sign can define taste in men's fashion.


Aries is a cardinal Fire sign and is not afraid to flash a Rolex or wear the most expensive suit or shirt. They like the colors red and black. Gold buttons, silk, and velvet appeal to their sense of opulence.


These practical Earth men like to save money and they prefer inexpensive and easy-to care for such as khakis, jeans, and items made of polyester-cotton blend fabrics. They often own many pairs of socks in the same color so that they never have a mismatched pair.


These sexy and intelligent men are ruled by Air and have an outfit for every occasion. They have a keen sense of style and like to wear power suits, diamonds and odd touches like fake lizard shoes or skull rings.


These water-ruled males like to be comfortable so they will wear khaki pants, t shirts and sweatshirts whenever they can. Dressing up means wearing jeans with a jacket. They do like vintage clothing and will wear an older style suit to dress up.


This flashy personality looks sexy in almost everything that they wear. They have expensive tastes and like to dress up in designer clothes. The goal is to impress other people. They also love to dress up in a tux for formal events.


Sensible Virgo men, who are ruled by the Earth element in like practical clothing. They prefer well-tailored, conservative suits in shades of grey, camel, navy blue and brown. They would also never be caught dead in a shirt with a missing button or a suit that hasn't been pressed.


Passionate Scorpio males dress how they feel. A male Scorpion might dress head-to toe dress in sky blue to express his creativity  or in black to show that he is depressed. They like wearing leather.


These fire signs need to feel youthful so many of them dress immaturely. They prefer loose clothing, jeans and running shoes. They also like to wear Army Surplus finds.


This earth sign likes tailored, conservative clothing that makes a strong personal statement. They like to look neat and dislike trendiness. Vintage jeweler like pocket watches appeals to them.


These are intellectuals that love loose fitting clothing made out silk or natural fibers. They also love to wear brilliant colors in jewel tones. They are ecologically minded they also tend to avoid clothing made by companies that are known to exploit child labor.


These water individuals love to wear silk and satin. Many of them are also dandies who like to dress up appropriately for what the occasion requires. Many of them are athletic and wear sports gear or exercise wear around the house.

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By sue, Sunday, May 31, 2009 03:11:11 AM
i was cheking for my friend and libra is missing
By Deborah, Sunday, January 04, 2009 12:44:15 PM
where's libra?????????!!!!!!!
By kathryn, Monday, December 15, 2008 09:26:39 AM
exactly, i was checking for my son who is a libra and nothing posted for that sign.
By Teri, Friday, December 05, 2008 12:20:39 PM
you forgot Libra

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