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Zodiac Fashion Sense For Women
Zodiac Fashion Sense for Women Your sun sign not only determines your personality, but it can also affect how you dress. Your sun sign shows how you present yourself to the rest of your world.

Here is a breakdown of how your zodiac sign can define your taste women's fashion.


Aries females are confident and they are not afraid to use sex appeal when they dress. The love glossy and shiny fabrics and they also love to wear high heels. They like shorter coats better than longer ones. They like the colors navy and red.


These women are most comfortable in casual clothing like jeans, sweatshirts and khakis. They will also wear polyester, as it is easier to care for. They dress more casually than most of the other signs and donít like to wear a lot of jewelry.


These intellectual women like to dress appropriately and they have a costume for just about every occasion. Their free spirits love long flowing gowns, but they like to dress up in a structured power suit every now and then. They also like odd touches like leopard print scarves or a flower behind the ear.


These cardinal water signs often buy clothes that appeal to their emotions and the result can be a mismatched looking wardrobe. At work, they dress traditionally. They love jewelry, especially pearls! The little black cocktail dress is the Cancer womanís saving grace in her closet.


This drama queen of the zodiac will dress as expensively and as sexily as she can. She lusts after the designer labels like Prada and Chanel. They are enthusiastic collectors of tight jeans and also of lingerie. Their favorite jeweler is solid gold and they like to wear lots of chains.


Virgo women have an impeccable sense of style. They are experts at mixing and matching different pieces together. As they are so practical, they will splurge on a more expensive piece of clothing as long as it is functional and will last for years. They donít like to wear nail polish or lipstick.


These women are ruled by Venus, so they are going to choose clothes on the basis of how they feel. They prefer silks and cottons to scratch wools. They are also very choosy about how their clothes will fit. They also enjoy dressing head to toe in an outfit that looks like it is from another era Ė like the seventies.


Scorpio females are ruled by the water element and they wear clothes that suit their mood. They will wear black to express cynicism or yellow to express happiness. They also like to dress up as sexy as possible whenever they can. They also like religious and occult jewelry such as crucifixes and ankhs.


These carefree spirits like loosely tailored outfits that are a bit eccentric but also practical. They like to travel, so the appropriate choice of purse is very important to them. They also enjoy dressing in ethnic clothing.


This earth ruled women tend to purchase timeless pieces that make a strong personal statement. Well-tailored clothing and expensive fabrics appeal most to this sign. They also like wearing loose white shirts with jeans.


These innovative and creative woman like to make a strong personal statement. They will dress up an outfit with a hat, scarf, or eccentric piece of jewelry. They are not afraid to dye their hair an unusual color and they also like the freedom and fluidity that is offered by wearing peasant style and ethnic clothes.


Pisces females are very feminine, creatures that love the "girliness" of the pastel colors and the sexual allure of silk, velvet, and satin fabrics. At the office, they will often sport higher hemlines and lower cut blouses than their co-workers.

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By Darlene, Sunday, February 28, 2010 11:03:43 PM
This Virgo reapplies her lipstick a dozen times a day! Otherwise, the description is not a bad match. Sometimes I wonder about these articles, though....sometimes it seems they're written from someone's 'fantasy' about what each of us should prefer.
By kathryn, Saturday, May 30, 2009 04:52:29 PM
sorry i posted twice, i tried to erase one and it didn't work. this aries lacks in computer skills!
By kathryn, Saturday, May 30, 2009 04:48:38 PM
I am an aries and do not own a pair of high heels. Would live in casual clothes if i could! My favorite's are my ripped jeans!
By kathryn, Saturday, May 30, 2009 04:45:08 PM
I am an aries female and do not own a pair of high heels. Kinda of a tomboy and love denim...esp. my two pair of ripped jeans!
By Joan, Friday, December 12, 2008 06:45:38 PM
I am a true Sagittarian in every respect, but NOT in the clothing styles suggested here. I do not like loose, casual clothes or ethnic designs. I wear black all the time and I like expensive, well cut clothes that fit close to the body. The part about the handbag is true, but I have an addiction to handbags, esp. expensive ones. Virgo is my ascendant and I don't fit that style either.
By Tiffany, Monday, December 08, 2008 09:07:49 AM
Lol, the Capricorn description fits me pretty well. I have alot of t-shirts too lol. Being from Texas, it's a staple to wear jeans. And Tuexley, maybe your moon and rising sign might fit you more. My moon is Pisces and that one fits me perfectly, other than the part about low cut blouses. My rising sign is Leo and other than wear tanned colors, it soo doesn't fit me.
By Tuesday, Monday, December 01, 2008 04:54:12 PM
I'm a Pisces and what the article says is so far off for me, that its out in space some where. I am not a girly girl and my color palet dosen't allow for pastel colors, they wash me out. When I worked I mainly wore slacks, blouses and sweaters, didn't need the high hemline and low cut blouses and it was my work performance that got me the raises and advancements not my clothes. I was reading the ones for my mom and sister and I've never known or seen my sister wear what it says Aquarian's like and my mom, who's a Capricorn does like loose white shirts and jeans.
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