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Zodiac Valentine's Day Guide
Valentine's Day Looking for a little guidance as to what to buy your nearest and dearest for Valentineís Day? Here are some suggestions as to what might please the one you love according to his or her Zodiac sign.

Gifts for an Aries

Aries love excitement so they love to be taken to movies or on a trip that features any type of extreme activity such as swimming with dolphins or mountain climbing. If the real thing isnít possible take him or her to the movie they want.

Lingerie and red accessories like a shiny red vinyl purse will please the Aries woman and the men appreciate a nice pair of contemporary cufflinks or a high-end phone.

Gifts for a Taurus

The Taurus individual loves food so you absolutely cannot go wrong taking either sex out for a high end expensive dinner. Donít make it too exotic though. Surf and turf is perfect.

Taurus women love diamonds and red roses and Taurus men love expensive slippers, cigars and pipes.  The men especially love it if you give them a present for their pet too (if they have one.)

Gifts for a Gemini

A Gemini is very excited by a trip to a local attraction such as a waterfall or seaside. They love exploring anyplace historic too. As long as the trip gives you a big chance to be alone together without interference from others the Gemini is very happy.

Gemini women love any ritual that will bond the two of you and that includes the placing of an engagement ring on the finger. Gemini males also like jewelry and rings, bracelets and cufflinks are very welcome gifts, especially if they are classy and have precious stones.

Gifts for a Cancer

This sign loves sweets so a gift of chocolates is perfect. Plan a cozy meal for the two of you somewhere. This water sign loves seafood, especially lobsters and crabs!

Cancer women are fairly materialistic and love gifts like furs, pearls and precious gems. The males also like gifts that they can show off to others; especially ones made out of gold or leather. This sign also likes objects with a designer logo.

Gifts for a Leo

This sign likes to be taken out to a party or to the flashiest restaurant in town and be shown off. Both signs like gifts of cash or to be treated to a shopping trip.

The women love high heel shoes and the sexiest, girliest  perfume and best lingerie that you can afford. The men love dressing gowns, books about living the good life and large screen televisions.

Gifts for a Virgo

This sign is very dignified and status conscious. A dinner out in a five star restaurant is a good idea. Virgos also enjoy going to things like horse shows, gardening exhibitions and museums.

The female Virgo appreciates belts, purses and shoes as gifts and the male Virgo would appreciate a nice designer watch or expensive briefcase.

Gifts for a Libra

This sign is ruled by Venus. They love art, designer furniture and couture fashions. They also love music. The Libra really appreciates being taken out to a concert or being given the opportunity to sing karaoke.

This sign loves fashion. Both signs love to be taken out shopping to shop for personal items like sex toys and lingerie.  This sensual sign also appreciates the gift of a nice hand mirror.

Gifts for a Scorpio

If it has something to do with sex the Scorpio native is going to absolutely adore it. This is one sign that enjoys a trip out to a local strip or burlesque club. The Scorpio male especially would love being bought a lap dance.

This sign also loves kinky lingerie. Consider buying sex toys, dog collars, thigh high boots and other slightly edgy clothing to please both sexes.

Gifts for a Sagittarius

If you want to a please a Sagittarius buy him or her a makeover of some kind or a trip to a local spa where he or she can be pampered.  The slightly materialistic sign also loves being taken shopping.

News that the two of you are about to embark on a holiday together is a great gift. Both sexes also love to read and appreciate the gift of a good book.

Gifts for a Capricorn

Both sexes of the sign are very materialistic and expect nothing less but the very best on Valentineís Day. Break out the champagne, the truffles and make sure that there are flowers and diamonds in the picture.

Jewelry really impresses the female Capricorn who may expect an expensive piece of some sort to mark the occasion.  A ring, tennis bracelet or stud earrings are a good idea. The Capricorn male likes cufflinks or an expensive watch.  Another good gift for a male goat is a membership to an exclusive golf club.

Gifts for an Aquarius

The nice thing about an Aquarius of either sex is that usually this sign considers just being with you to be a gift. A walk in the park, a trip to a planetarium or a stroll through a crowded market really pleases this sign.

An Aquarian really appreciates technology so either sex loves to receive a smart phone or a laptop Ė anything that furthers their experience of multi-media. They also love scented candles.

Gifts for a Pisces

The Pisces native likes gifts that symbolize a deep spiritual commitment. They especially like works of New Age Art, candles, seeds for a garden and silver jewellery.

A Pisces is sentimental but also practical so buying him or her gift card for phone minutes is also a nice idea. Both sexes love sexy, silky bathrobes, candles and perfumed soaps.

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