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What Men Want In Women
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Men are picky. When it comes to women, men are attracted by different qualities. Women always want to know how to find a man, but unfortunately there is no universal answer. As a starting guide, here are 9 things men want in a woman. Some of these qualities can help you find your dream guy.


Men want a woman who’s attractive.  Men often say that the moment a woman is comfortable with the relationship, he suddenly finds himself in bed with a woman wearing an oversized t-shirt with a beer slogan written across the chest. Just because women are in a relationship or married doesn’t mean that they should not keep them-selves looking fabulous.


Men want a woman who genuinely wants them.  It is a huge turn-off to a man when he feels that a woman only values him for what he is willing or able to provide for her monetarily.


Men want a woman who sexually satisfies them.  Very simply put, when in a relationship, if the man is not satisfied sexually, he will look elsewhere. Sometimes women will mistakenly think that her boyfriend or husband doesn’t care that much about sex just because he doesn’t make a big fuss over the fact that she is not making an effort. Sex is extremely important to all men and a vital part of an intimate relationship.

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Men want a woman who shares common interest.  There is a popular saying that “opposites attract,” but men say this is NOT true personality-wise. It is very important to share some interests, especially things like working out and social activities.


Men want a woman who likes his friends.  A man loves to show his friends that he has a great relationship, someone who is “in his camp” and “on his side.” He hopes that his friends will think she is just as special as he does, and that she will like them too. Gals, even if you think your honey’s friends are major “buffoons,” you’ll be sorry if you force him to choose between them and you.


Men want a woman who has a domestic side. A lot of women today are working long hours in high-powered careers, and just don’t have much time for domestic duties. But a man likes to see that “feminine” side of a woman. When he smells food cooking, or sees feminine touches such as flowers or pictures of family around the house, it makes him feel like women can provide domestic needs and are a “necessary half” of life. He can count on her to truly make the house feel like a “home,” a “sanctuary.”


Men want a woman who is intelligent. Contrary to “popular” opinion, most men are not looking for the “dumb blonde.” Yes, a man likes to look at those women who readily display their “sexual side,” but nothing is sexier than an intelligent, well-spoken woman.


Men want a woman who has an easygoing attitude. Men really dislike women who they consider “a nag,” and who is not flexible. Men like women who are “easygoing” and easy to be with. Men define a nag as someone who is constantly complaining no matter what.


Men don’t need a woman who will cater to his every need. Men enjoy a woman who is independent. They really like a woman who has her own interests and something that she cares about. When I ask my male clients if they care what kind of job the woman has 95% of the time they will answer, “I don’t care what she does as long as she has a job and it is something that she enjoys or is passionate about.”



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By Christen, Sunday, July 06, 2008 11:02:14 AM
hey wait!... i have to step up here and say that not all guys are like that! my, well ex, boyfriend and i got a long better then i ever got, or get, a long with females. he and i were best friends... our problem was my grandfather said i was to young to date a older guy. he is only 21 and i'm 20... anywho! not all guys are bad, some actuly care about how their girlfriends feel. -cfw
By Green, Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:11:28 AM
I guess I am one of those women who when they are with a man for a certain while forget to keep themselves sexy and attractive. I know it is a bad habit and I need to always keep myself looking attractive but its just hard for me to keep up or most of the time I really don't care. I know I have recently turned into a woman who cares more about what a man does to please me than what I do to please them.
By Jerilyn, Sunday, June 15, 2008 06:39:55 AM
Ditto!! for me too. I've been married along time and my husband still doesn't know who I am. It always turns into him whatever situation. If I have a headache he does too and way worst than mine. He always tells me what kind of mood I'm in. Usually its good, until he says that to me.It took me awhile, but I am just now realizing its him who is in the bad mood not me. Then he bitches and says i put him in that mood!! The dynamics, as I am learning in this situation is very dysfunctional and sometimes absolutely disgusting! What have I done to myself and daughter, how do I save us without repercussions mentall ect...?
By Jerilyn, Sunday, June 15, 2008 06:20:00 AM
By Jesse, Sunday, June 15, 2008 03:57:39 AM
My thoughts exactly! Notice the rise in Lesbionism!
By Jana, Monday, June 09, 2008 03:39:34 AM
Men are selfish Pigs! they want but they don't want to give, they want to control a womans every move, and if they can't, then they accuse her of things that aren't even there. They are selfish, self centered and unfeeling about a womans real needs and if what you have written here is true, then it's fair to say that the world will be seeing alot more women together and alot more men by theirselves.

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