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Loved Ones On The Other Side
Loved Ones on the Other Side Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. Contacting loved ones on the other side is performed by a medium. Not all mediums channel the loved ones on the other side directly. The channeler might also prefer to only channel angelic bodies or deities as opposed to directly contacting the dead. Prayer may be used to contact those on the other side. Channeling loved ones on the other side is very specialized and refers to communicating with the spirits of anyone who is deceased.

Some mediums will use higher angels or entities as an intermediary to communicate with the dead. A euphemism for contacting people who are deceased is sometimes called “contacting people on the other side of the world.”  These angels or spirits to contact the dead for us are called spirit guides. Spirit guides can communicate with a medium either visually or verbally.

Channeling those on the other side is a popular activity and it has resulted in many other side chronicles.

There are several ways in which a medium may act as a ghost whisperer. Some mediums allow their entire bodies to be possessed by a spirit. Derek Acorah is a good example of this type of medium who allows himself to be possessed this way. Acorah is also a great example of a medium who uses a spirit to talk to the dead on his behalf, if he cannot communicate with them.

Contacting those on the other side might mean using divination tools, such as writing pads, focusing devices, or statuary to help them raise the energy needed. Some mediums also crystals to help them hear voices, see things, or simply raise their vibrations to the levels of the angels so that they are able to receive communications from the dead. Sometimes holding a picture of the loved one from the other side aids in the communication.

Some mediums have knowledge of what is being said to them from the other side and others do not. That is because a trance can somehow negate the psychic’s consciousness. If you make an appointment with a medium that contacts the other side, you may need to bring an object that was owned by the deceased or a photograph. This may better aid the medium in relaying messages directly back to you. 

It is also common to see a medium behave as if he or she were actually possessed by the person on the other side, so be prepared as this is not always such a pleasant sight. The trance can also leave the medium sick or unresponsive, which can be distressing to watch unless you are used to it.

However, most channelers are not so dramatic and merely relay the messages back from the other side to this world without too much drama.

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By Carol, Monday, June 14, 2010 07:28:54 AM
Another thing I'm trying to research is when someone is reborn do they sense being contact by something on a higher level (channeler with angelic bodies) like if they're sleeping or awake. I have heard of cases but still need to check up on the stories some written about.
By Carol, Monday, June 14, 2010 07:25:13 AM
Brenda, I had a very good friend who was killed and on the very day they died they visited me. What happened was I was expecting them and wondering why they were late or never called. By that time me being the late bird actually gone to be early. Next thing I know less than 30 minutes into sleeping I felt a sense of someone around. Now my child was away on summer vacation and I was alone in the house. I open my eyes while still laying in bed head on the side of the pillow and saw my friend's face. It was almost ghostly like transparent. The next day when I went to work there was a message left to me that my friend was killed. The exact time I found out they died was exactly an hour before they visited me as they promised. Some time people make promises but when they died they still keep it. In other cases where it's the living that made the promise the person who died comes to tell them good bye all is forgiven and that they're fine so don't stress yourself out they know your upset. _____________________________________________________ The channeler might also prefer to only channel angelic bodies or deities as opposed to directly contacting the dead. ___________________________________________ Now the above comment about the channeler is very important since I learn that contacting the dead directly not wise. Angelic bodies are good to channeling in because suppose the person who passed away already been reborn? It's weird and I would know that one of my friends who died and years later stop communicating with me till I found out why they were reborn!
By Brenda, Saturday, July 25, 2009 05:55:16 PM
I lost a close friend to murder 12 yrs ago,which almost cost me my own life. I beieve I survived for a reason. Her death haunts me to know how her life was taken. I never got the chance to tell I'd loved her. I did make her a promise and have forgotten due to the whole ordeal.I feel she is trying to reach me. One night before falling asleep she told something. And I feel brushes of cold air rush by me. Is this my angel Jennifer. I really need answers please help sylvia.
By Brenda, Saturday, July 25, 2009 05:41:30 PM
By lynn, Thursday, July 16, 2009 01:48:19 PM
Hi Here is my story I had a friend that past but they said she shot her self in the head i did not belive this and still don't because she had a beauitful little girl that she loved with all her heart and look over her little girl all the time we have a feeling her boyfriend done it we miss her so much her little girl was very close to us and use to spend so much time with us she past just befor her b-day she was in her 30 the night before they burried her mother my daughter little friend was only 7 and my daughter was 11 and she look up to my daughter alot it made are heart break that night because they pulled the plug on her mother so she really did not understand she said to me can i know you belive in god and i said yes and she said do you think god could send my mommy back to me tonight tears rolled from her face as well as they did mine than she truned to my husband and asked you fix cars right do you think you could fix my mommy and bring her back to me i need her and miss my mom and me and my husband told her you well always have your mom and your heart and if you ever need to talk to her you can just tell her how you feel she got up on the couch that night and cruled up next to us and cryed her self to sleep she was and is still a beauitful little girl we miss her but her dad did not want her around us anymore because he feel the mother is dead and want to leave it at that he did not want us to say she well be and her heart so we can't see her no more well before that took he let her come a few time after that and the one time she was at our home she spent the night and i was in my bedroom on my bed with my little girl and my son and my friends litte girl was in the livingroom and my son yelled to my daughter stop truning the T.V . i said to my son she not truning the T.V. and than he called out his grandmother name and said gram is it you here trun the tv to 50 t.v. did not trun he said is this our friend that past trun the tv to 45 and it went to 45 and bye this time me and my little girl went to the livingroom and set on the couch and i took all my ramotes with me so i knew myself what was taking placeso my son truned the box to the search channel and told her to spell out words and he would write the words down so he did and she spelled out to her daughter i love you with all my heart and she asked her have you been to MC donalds and her daughter said yes and she knew we had pizza on the table and asked her daughter did you eat some pizza and she said yes she wished me a later b-day and tolme and my children she loved us and she allso said she hope to see us soon ans than my son said can you talk to me like my grandmother can she said yes and she told my son he was cute than my son said i can't say this out loud but can you read my mind she said yes my son said who did this to you and she said he boyfriend did and than she went into my son body took him to the seen crim and showedhim what happened nd when my son woke up he said mom your not going to like what i have to say lisa took me to the room were her sooting took place and my son said mom it was like looking throw her eyes and this is what happend are friend was druged were she could not move her boyfriend walked down the hall he had a gun and was laughing and went in there bedroom shut off the light and shot her in the head it was really bad mom than my son woke up and our friend went back on the search channel and told us again he done it and to call the cops or go to the police and asked us to keep her daughter away from him that he killed her please if anyone can speak to her and help us to help her blessing to you and to all your love ones my email is
By Prasanna, Thursday, August 14, 2008 01:44:34 PM
Its true that we shall not always propogate our love or expose it to the outside world. The born soulmates of us will surely understands it. We cannot always do what we think in mind. After each fight, a simple smile by the soulmate is the sign of deep understanding. If understanding is there, time will not change anyone and their love.
By Prasanna, Thursday, August 14, 2008 01:41:48 PM
Its true that we shall not always propogate our love or expose it to the outside world. The born soulmates of us will surely understands it. We cannot always do what we think in mind. After each fight, a simple smile by the soulmate is the sign of deep understanding. If understanding is there, time will not change anyone and their love.
By Candi, Wednesday, August 06, 2008 06:25:21 PM
I find it getting easier to talk or communicate to loved ones that have crossed over....signs of comunication are different for everyone... If you choose not to communicate an you find it uncomfortable I can some it is scary..unknown can be un-nerving. I remember Sylvia on Montel talking about astral perjection,out of body experience, an seeing spirits...Montel joking about wanting to see Marilyn as we all now we all have our fantisies..if he reeeeally saw Marilyn it would probly NOT be the "experience" that he fantisized about. Sooo take the fantasy out of it and make it logical. I know there are things I would love to see right now where I sit...I also except things and/or desires that I may not be ready for?? I think maybe for some their afraid of what they may here?? So the talking to may be easier but the hearing back to us is where its tuff To that I would say dont be afraid God is all about love..positive, nurturing, comforting love. If you choose to communicate or not that love doesnt change.
By Prasanna, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 11:11:53 AM
I feel this article is ludicrous.How can you talk to a dead person? Is that possible. I do not think so. But i can understand that living in the world without the loved one is too difficult. Is there any scientific proof? I really cannot believe me if so many people believe this.
By Melvin, Sunday, July 27, 2008 01:12:38 AM
Pretty lengthy opinion Nancy. ;-) Well I am seeing you point here. "YOU DO NOT NEED A MEDIUM, Look up the sights and they will share FREE INFO on talking to your loved ones." This is true. You really do not and I don't see reasons why we should talk to the dead literally.

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