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Proof That Soul Mates Never Die
Soul Mates Never Die Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. Truths are one thing, but proof is quite another. If soul mates really do exist, and your combined astrological midpoint charts are off the scale along with the intensity of your relationship, then perhaps your souls really do move together to a higher plane or consciousness. But it's not a measurement easily accessible to the human grasp. So where do we look for proof of our soulmates? Whether or not you have found your soul mate, the search for answers to these questions is a lifelong journey.

Yet, there are plenty of hints along the road to a deeper understanding of soul mate truths. Traditionally, when humans wish to express the inexpressible, they often use poetry to get the job done. On the subject of soul mates, take for example a quote from a popular song from a few years back: "Soul mate dry your eye/Cause soul mates never die." Well, that's all well and good, but a closer inspection of the lyrics turns up no definite proof of this stated truth.

The very nature of soul mate love and passions can often be glimpsed in the love poems of the Roman poet Ovid, as in his Triumph of Love: "His slender arrows have pierced my heart/And fell Love holds it like a conquered land/Shall I yield me to him?/Or shall I strive against him, and so add fuel to this sudden flame?/Well, I will yield." Here, we feel a helpless capitulation to the flames of soul mate passions and desires, another important and strong indication of love's immortal properties.

There are countless stories, myths and legends of undying love and soulmates, but often the most intense are those who die at the same moment, or of the lover who falls immediately upon discovering a dead or dying partner. There are few stronger pieces of immortal soulmate evidence than the examples of Antony and Cleopatra, who choose the path of individual suicides rather than allow themselves to accept defeat be taken prisoner; Romeo, who ends his life with a kiss delivered to his comatose love Juliet, who follows him to the grave moments after regaining consciousness; outlaw soul mates Bonnie and Clyde, who disdain arrest and choose instead to die together in a hail of bullets.

Even Bonnie Parker seemed to know what fate awaited them. While the couple was on the run, she sent a poem to the media, which was printed across the country the next day and concluded with:

Some day they'll go down together
they'll bury them side by side.
To few it'll be grief,
to the law a relief
but it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.
Often when soul mates pass over to the other side, their bodies are buried side by side. However, this was not the case after the simultaneous deaths of Bonnie and Clyde, because Bonnie's family refused to allow it. Sometimes, even sou lmates can experience scorn and disapproval from those close to them, which makes immortality seem preferable.

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By Deborah, Monday, August 01, 2011 05:03:06 PM
I have recently reconnected with an old love after 17yrs apart. I feel we are soul mates. We have so much in common and are both water signs. We share the same last name, no relation, and his ex has the same first name and spelling as myself. His niece and nephew have the same first and last names and ages as my two children. And of all the places in Florida I end up where he has been all these years. This is my soul mate to me.And we think the same things at times, like I will say I was just thinking that or going to say that. It is a very deep, loving connection.
By Michel, Monday, June 14, 2010 09:13:48 AM
Living the Bonnie and Clyde experience, where her parents did everything to stop a relationship between us to the point of sending police investigators to examine my sanity. Why does that sound weird? I am one of the most approachable people in the neighbourhood. I talk to everyone and am friendly to them. Her family (they live 4 doors away)does everything possible to avoid people. I tried to make sense of everything, and think the father is mentally ill. No other way to explain their erratic behaviour when any of them are seen in public. Regardless, when she and I talked, I felt energized, like we knew each other way longer than our time here. I think about her all the time and continue to feel connected. I can feel she changed over the past 4 years --the last time we talked-- but her essence (soul) remains connected. But as noted in the article, death would seem a consolation to living with this pain of us not being together. Will I commit suicide? Not likely. I am too adventurous for that, making movies and soon to start ground school in hopes of being a private pilot. Everything would be that much better if we were together, not to mention the physical stuff, but waiting patiently for things to change, or waiting to see her on the other side. She is 17 yrs younger than me, so I am guessing she will meet me in heaven, whenever that happens.
By Carol, Monday, June 14, 2010 06:36:53 AM
Good morning, I would like to make a comment to Roxanne. Do not be fool that just because you feels something for the man that abused your child he's the one for you to be with. In a past life he definitely was around but in this life it's a lesson for you to learn WHY you not just can't be with him but SHOULDN'T. Karma doesn't discriminate and can be good or bad. So what you have to do cut off all ties with him and you will reap the goods on doing that. If you continue to see him or wanted to in this life it won't be no good karma and you may just come back in the next life paying the price for your child's suffering. Not trying to scare you but nothing in life is to be taken for granted and it's always a life experiences to learn from mistakes so as not to ever repeat them again. Now sometimes some people can be born on the same day but it doesn't always means they're soulmates. There is more than one soulmates and they could be anybody be they good or bad. I met my soulmate years ago as a little girl. Bumped into him again at age 18 but dated a friend of his. He married not to long in his early 20's. Then he was divorced years later around 39 the same as me. The funny thing is I see him on several ocassions and the last time I did he said something to me I didn't expected at all. What he said when he find out I was moving back here was, "if he knew I was going back he would have married me now!". I was kind of taken aback told everybody I knew who was taken aback too. It's been nearly nine years to the date and I can tell you I met many soulmates and very few men I knew were my soulmates (four) he would be number five. All four of the men I had relationships with either it was good, bad or a mix of both. I have a deeper sense of knowing I shouldn't marry any of them because my heart and mind I tune in said no. People will follow their heart alone and the answers not right. The same as well when they follow their head it have to be both on a higher level and not all about if the person is cute, sex or both. I have never married at all since I always said to people I know I take marriage seriously so won't do it till I know the person I wanted to spend the REST of my life with. People get too caught up in weddings, physical and sexually attractions while I know love is deeper than that and beyond. Now I'm moving back home abroad and trust me this man my number five male soulmate will be very happy to see me! And last I never see Silva answering questions on the board so people seriously you have to look within yourself, be alone somewhere preferable indoors and meditate, ask God a question and to show you a sign. My sign was one day I was alone to meditate and just for no reason got the answer that soulmate number 5 is the man I should be with. I studied karma, angels and soulmates and one thing I wanted to say is I have never believed anybody will come back as some other things that's not human. We are on a different "plane". Like example my favorite cat died a long time ago and I found another cat years later who acts just like my favorite cat. I kind of knew. One of my closest girlfriend died at a young age and we were definitely soulmates. Years later about ten after her death her sister finally had a baby girl who took to me immediately. Her grandmother said her grandchild never do that since she is funny about so many. The first thing I said to the grandmother was her youngest daughter was reborn. There wasn't a single person in the house who disagree with me.
By Madison, Sunday, July 12, 2009 11:40:49 AM
@Patricia: OMG! THAT'S SOOOOO SAD! I MEAN REALLY! I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING! It's because I think I've met my soul mate, but I would loose all of my friends if we started dating. I don't know what to do! Like you, not a day goes by without thinking of him..*sigh* Your letter has really opened my eyes because if we don't get together I may end up like you. (no offence) T_T -- crying
By barbara, Saturday, July 04, 2009 10:13:23 AM
The first letter of a person I think about is a T. Is this person my soul mate or a troubled person who thinks he loves me.I am allready married to a wonderful man of 22 yrs and still love him, but I want to help this person ( letter T move on and find some one for him to love so he can forget about me and be happy with his own soul mate.
By Patricia, Wednesday, July 01, 2009 10:17:29 PM
I did meet my soulmate, but a little too late. He is married and although he is just as much in love with me as I with him it just can't be. It is just an awful thing to go through for both of us. If we happen to run into each other anywhere, I can actually see the tears in his eyes. I thought maybe the feelings would eventually go away, but thay don't. I thought for sure he would eventually lose feelings for me but he didn't. We met almost seven years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I recently ran into him and he was alone so we spent a little while together. He told me he thinks of me every day, that he misses me so much. He held me so tightly like he didn't want to let go. It is just the hardest thing to go through, but I guess that is life.
By monica, Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:13:22 PM
you will know when youve met your soulmate,i lost mine because of drugs,and im with another.but not one day goes by that i dont think of him and the life we were suppose to have.i am lost without him and will never love another.i feel him when he thinks of me.i miss him and i will always lone ior him. but it will never be.there is a hole in my heart where he use to be.its hard to look at someone else and say i love you and what you really want to say is i love him.i keep hoping that one day he will come for me but its a dream i have to live without .its hard but ill have to live with only our memories they say its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.thats not true i would have rather lost than loved and felt thepain of living without my soulmate i love you rick you are my heart and soul. you are my soulmate. monica
By Jane, Sunday, June 14, 2009 02:53:00 PM
By alicia, Friday, June 12, 2009 01:22:17 PM
how can you find out your soul mates name?
By Terri, Wednesday, June 10, 2009 02:51:20 PM
I believe you can have a soul mate and lose them to life. He is not dead but we are no longer together. He had troubles with drugs and drinking and hurting himself, so I had to get out. That was about 9yrs ago but yet I still feel him. As last I heard he was very sick and almost died a couple of weeks ago because of poor health. I do feel when we both get to the other side we will see each other again and there we will live our life. But until then I am happily married again, however I do not feel he is my soul mate but I love him and he is good to me and my kids. And I and my kids have had a better life because of him. So I go through life being happy but not as happy as I feel I could have been with my soul mate. But sometimes someone can be your soul mate but it does not mean you will spend this life together, but yet not until you are both souls in the next life will you spend a life time together!! Not to say you can't have a life here with your soul mate but just for those that felt like they have been with there soul mate and lost them one way or another in this life that you will have the next life with them if they are turely your soul mate!! I do believe that.. I will always love him and in the next life I will spend a life time with him. If he is turely my soul mate.. Only God knows!!! Good luck to those that have the chance to spend this life and the next with there soul mate. For you are turely the lucky ones!! T. OKC

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