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Ready For Kids? The Best Astrological Times to Conceive
Best Astrological Times to Conceive Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. Are you already trying to have a baby? Astrologically speaking, here are the best times to conceive.

Conveniently, Mother Nature seems to correspond just perfectly with the female human cycle. Every twenty nine and half days, which is the same as the full female reproductive cycle, the moon in your natal chart is at the exact distance from the Sun as it was at birth. The actual degree is 128 degrees, so whenever you see that in a women’s chart, she is more likely to conceive. 

The above method of predicting when someone might be pregnant is so accurate that the ancients used to use it as a method of birth control. It has also, however, helped people to conceive. In fact, there was a Czech doctor named Dr. Eugan Jonas who used to help people to conceive.
Using the above formula, it should be apparent that there are exactly thirteen days during the year when a woman is more likely to become pregnant. Nowadays, you can buy automated astrological charts that pinpoint these days for you and then also give you readouts of what the transits are that help determine your chances of getting pregnant.

When you look at the transits that affect your chart on any given day, you should watch for the following signs that discourage fertility.

- A square to Venus or Mercury, which reduces chances of conception.

- A square to Mars is symbolic astrologically of sperm not reaching the uterus.

- If you see the moon opposing Saturn in a chart (either the man or the woman’s), then you are not likely to conceive due to unexpected or sudden events including illness, delays, and separations.

- If the Sun is square the moon, you will also probably be unlikely to give birth.

Pregnancies are also less likely to occur if there is a void of course moon. This is because almost everything goes wayward during this time.

Although a lot of this depends on your individual chart, there are certain times during the year when the Sun is in Zodiac signs that are considered to be more fertile than others.

Here is a look of those specific sun signs and explanation of why they encourage fertility.

Pisces – Pisces is a sign of depth and creation. It is ruled by water which symbolizes the womb.

Aries – Aries is a very male sign and symbolizes spontaneous creation and perhaps an unplanned pregnancy.

Taurus – This sign is ruled by Venus and is friendly to family. It is on the best signs to conceive under.

Leo – Leo is ruled by the Sun the nurturer of all things. Most people are very fertile in August when this passionate sign encourages sex.

Scorpio – This is a very sexy sign and, although the sign is primarily associated with recreational sex, many children are produced from out of its dark passions.

Sagittarius – This is the sign of the arrow which symbolizes the male sperm having a target whose aim is true.

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By romie, Wednesday, July 29, 2009 09:35:26 AM
They shouldnt concieve!! lol
By Nicole, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 06:23:30 PM
What about Cancer and capricorn?
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