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Romance On A Budget For Each Zodiac Sign
Romance On A Budget For Each Zodiac Sign Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. With times still tough, it may be a good idea to think of cheaper ways to entertain yourself and your lover. With Valentine's Day approaching, here are some ideas for each zodiac sign of how to keep the romance percolating in your life without spending a lot of money.


Being a fire sign you, of course, like dinner by candlelight. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, why not just do this at home with a home cooked meal? Taking a walk in a beautiful park and admiring a beautiful sunset is also very inspiring, especially if you bring along a bottle of cheap champagne or red wine. To celebrate your love, consider creating your own spectacle. Try lighting fireworks together on the beach.  Just make sure it is legal to do so in your area, although being arrested together is a bit of a romantic notion in itself.


A walk along a country lane or in a leafy forest together satisfies the soul.  Afterwards, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate together or an inexpensive bottle of wine.  Bulls also love plants, so a stroll together through the local botanical gardens may offer an inspiration for a kiss. Instead of enrolling in a fancy gym, why not go swimming together? A hike on the beach followed by a shower together is very sexy.


A Gemini likes to feel like they can touch the sky, so a hike up a mountain to the nearest view along with a picnic basket filled with inexpensive, yet gourmet, goodies is a great way to celebrate your love. Bicycling on a vehicle meant for two is all healthy and romantic fun.  You like to party, but that does not mean you have to splurge a lot of money at fancy restaurants. You can have a romantic night together at your home where the two of you dress up and feed each other strawberries, oysters, and other aphrodisiacs.


You love to sprawl out and lounge around in bed, so why not make your bedroom into the most romantic place that you can. All it takes is a few candles, some incense, and some nice sheets. You do not have to spend a mint to make your bedroom into a lair of seduction. Simply dim the lights and put on some romantic music. Put a bucket of champagne or two glasses and some red wine by the bed to make it especially seductive.


The Lion is a sensuous beast who likes a massage. There is no need to get one in an expensive spa or a five-star hotel. Investing in some massage oils and getting your lover to soothe your sore muscles is a healthy and romantic idea. Being a fire sign, you probably could create a cozy lair with some faux fur rugs and a crackling hearth. Consider breaking open a bottle of sparkling wine and eating aphrodisiac foods, like ice cream and oysters together. 


You love the theater and movies, but even more fun is cuddling up on the couch with that loved one and saving a few bucks by watching a rented DVD or television. Crack open a bottle of bubbly and settles down to watch the most romantic movie that you can find. You seem to be straight, but you can also be a little kinky at night. Why not role plays by dressing up in costumes to please each other sexually?


You love beauty and there is nothing cheaper or more romantic than strolling down on your local wharf and admiring a sunset with your loved one.  Rather than splurge on twenty dollar tickets to your local museum, you might find just as much satisfaction browsing at your local antique markets or even just window shopping.


You love the idea of being wooed by a romantic dinner, but there is no reason why you must do it in a wallet busting fancy restaurant. It is much more personal and sexy to make the dinner on your own.  One of the sexiest and cheapest things you can serve is strawberry and cream along with some sparkling wine (which is cheaper than champagne). Instead of raw oysters, serve up a can of smoked ones to save money.


You love to escape to a faraway place with a lover, but in order to save money, you might have to forgo the plane tickets and instead take and enjoyable stroll through the local zoo or go to the museum.  You love all things odd and eclectic, so gong to local auctions or antique markets and browsing through used bookstores is very romantic for you.


Hiking up a tall mountain with your lover in tow is a nice inexpensive, yet romantic, way for the two of you to share time. Lying on a blanket near an ocean under the stars or camping out on a cliff is a great way to get in touch with your lover’s sensual side.  Window-shopping hand in hand is also a great way to get to know each other and make plans together for the future. 


You are a visionary who loves science. Is there anything more romantic than kissing under the fake stars in your local planetarium?  You could also kiss under the real stars on a beach or take a walk together through the forest at night. The two of you would also enjoy a visit to your local science center where you could play together amongst the local installations.


Fishes are very spiritual and love taking walks in the forest to commune with nature. Sitting near brooks with burbling water and drinking a glass of champagne together is a very romantic idea. You might also want to go swimming together at your local pool or at the beach. Sunning yourself and then taking a shower together is also a lovely, romantic idea.


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