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Understanding Life Ties And Soul Mates
Past Life Connections to your Soul Mates Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. There are so many people in the world. Do you have past life connections with some of them? There are the obvious connections in your everyday life. Your family and friends, co-workers - those who are close to you. But is it possible to have connections with people youíve never met?

It is very possible. If you are aware of the principles of karma and the reincarnation cycle, then you know that your current life as well as your past lives have intersected with a variety of people.

When you die, your astral and causal body goes forth into your next lifetime, making connections with various other causal bodies along the way. It is these connections that can have an influence on your current life as well as your future lives.
There are two types of connections that you can make in your lives.

Life Ties

Life Ties are connections that you make with people throughout your life. They could be friends, family or even a stranger. You can make connections with these people in either a negative or positive way. These connections will have a respectively-characteristic impact on your current life. Life ties are like an imprint, a shoe print if you will, on your continuing life path.

Soul Mates

Soul Mates are those who are not only leaving an imprint on your life path, but are taking that path with you. You are connected with them deeply. Although most assume a soul mate is someone who you have a romantic relationship with, this isnít necessarily true. A soul mate is simply someone who is open to your soul, whether it be friend, family member, or lover. It is quite possible to have more than one soul mate, so there is no need to fear that since itís already happened, it will never happen again.

The reincarnation cycle allows for multiple life ties and soul mates to occur. It is important to embrace these connections and learn from them. This is what will help you to advance along on your continuing path.

Why connect with your past lives through past life regression and/or past life readings?

Past life readings allow you to understand fully what has come before. And by understanding this, you can understand how to open your soul and appropriately direct your current life. This will allow you to become more contented with your life.

Examination of your soul as well as the rest of your being serves to make your present and future lives more enriching. It also allows you to be able to connect with life ties and soul mates. Your life ties and soul mates may be different in this life then they were in the past, but you can recognize the aspects of their essences that drew you to them in the first place.

Cherish your past lives and all they have to offer your current and future lives.

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By Beulah, Tuesday, September 09, 2008 10:41:31 PM
By nancy, Friday, September 05, 2008 07:55:54 PM
Hi Alan, lovly article. Sylvia says our true soul mate is on the other side, that we are not really a 1/2 of a whole but a whole our selves. We do not need someone to complete us, this is why people cannot find love they want some one to complete them. They must learn to LOVE themselves first then you can compliment each other. my dear "R" that passed 1-27-2007 at 45, was so much younger then me but WOW did we match and compliment each other. WE had our ups and downs but once you learn how to work your way through disagreements it is a glorious time. My crossing him over while in his hospital bed was the most wonderful gift I could have given him. He knew I would be lonely and a year before he passed (He told me he wasn't going to live more then a yr.) he set his friend and me up by introducing us and him telling me how long they had been friends. My man was an Obama/Raced man and I lilty white. He raised my two boys that loved him dearly. Now that friend after a year we have been a couple and just love to talk about how he brought us together. That person is out there IF you are to have one. Everyone is not ment to have a mate. Learn to love yourself and then see how someone will be drawn into your life. Do not rush it. Peace!!Nancy L.Bisset
By Celia, Thursday, September 04, 2008 03:28:29 PM
I was glad to see your description on 'Soul Mates' - particularly the fact that they are not always a romantic connection. My son, who's 24 yrs old is definately a soul mate - I sincerely believe we have traveled together thru many lifetimes. In this current 'tour' he is my son, however I am convinced that he was a father figure to me several times. He is an old & wise spirit who keeps me grounded when I need it - I in turn give him the boost he needs, when needed.
By brenda, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 07:22:53 PM
my parents don't really get along is there any way i can help.i've already tried doing romantic things for them but they don't seem to enjoy it.
By ami, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 04:10:53 PM
I have a question -- don't know if it will even be answered :) -- but I'm 39, never really been in love or even really "tried." Although I feel a definite void -- I'm sort of finally seeing someone -- well, okay, three days now -- but hey, it's a start -- whom I feel a weird instant connection. His name is Chris. It's very strange the way I feel so comfortable with him. He doesn't live here and so it's definitely going to be tough to make it work -- if we do. I guess I'm just wondering if there really are "soul mates" -- and is that what this is -- or am I just now trying to figure this thing out -- It's all very confusing to me. How do you know?
By Rose, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:10:41 AM
By Kristy, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 01:32:44 AM
Hi! My question is about someone I have know some 27 years. We had an instant friendship and over the years we have both noticed this connection, like a kindred spirit or soul mate. There is something about him that tells me he is the one, but it has always seemed like the right thing at the wrong time! Still, we have a solid friendship and I believe and trust in that beyond measure. How do I go about learning about my past lives and if this person was a part of them. No matter how much time goes by, we pick up like we just spoke the day before. I have had many relationship struggles and I would like to try to connect the dots, so to speak! Thank you for your time :) K
By Tim, Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:46:29 PM
I lost the love of my life recently in a car crash. We were so inlove and I know that even death cannot seperate us. She was so happy and I was also whne our world was shattered by thsi tragic event. I find it hard to go on and need this girl to show me the way and tell me that she wants me yet. How do I find these answers? She taught me things no one can ever imagine.
By Rhonda, Saturday, August 30, 2008 09:52:06 AM
My soulmate 13 yrs. ago left by his own hand...1 year after he was gone, I was approached by a woman I did'nt know, telling me I had to forgive him, so he could go to his rightful place. It was kinda eerie for me...but did give me some relief and comfort, after I prayed & begged the Lord and went to church, I did forgive him. Why is it I still can not let myself go, and love again? I feel him around me all the time. Please...anything would help here, for I have so much to give yet, and I want to love again...but he has this hold on me. I will always love him more than life and no one can have the part of me I gave to him.
By CARRIE, Friday, August 29, 2008 05:23:28 PM
I would like to find out if I and my lover of over 28 years have a past life and if that is what is keeping us together now we both have tried to cut the other out of our lives but we always are drawn right back to each other. His birthdate is june 13th 1957 he was born in Austin TX. My birthdate is June 26 1958 I was born in Denver City TX.

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