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Valentine’s Day Zodiac Party Themes
Valentine's Day Party Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates.
No matter what sign of the Zodiac you are, there is a beautiful way for you to have a party to celebrate love on February 14, 2014.  Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day party themes for each sign.


Aries are a fire sign so they should consider throwing a Red Hot Valentine Party.  The invitations should be red hearts with a kiss lip print and a new cinnamon heart candies sprinkled inside the envelope. The guests should also be invited to attend dressed in their reddest and sexiest clothes.  Make it clear that this is a dance party as well.

This is a traditional party in which flames and red hearts are a major themes so be sure to set out lots of candles and chocolate covered strawberries. Serve red foods such as beef Carpaccio, raw tuna, strawberry jello and red velvet cake. Make sure there are dishes of red candies everywhere.  For drinks serve cosmopolitans, crantinis and cinnamon flavored bourbon to heat things up!


Bulls love sitting around the table with the people they love and sharing food so an old fashioned Fondue Party is a wonderful idea.  Three types of fondue should be served one with meat and oil, one with cheese and one with chocolate.  This is more of a casual idea that allows for the intimacy and hours of conversation that the Bull craves.  

On the invitation the Bull should ask that each guest bring something to dip into fondue, a cheese, a meat or a fruit of some kind. Very fine wines and cognacs should also be served with this meal. It also is nice if the party has a bit of a seventies flair to it.


The Gemini has two faces and so does love. That is why the perfect party theme for this sign is a “Tarts and Vicars” party, also sometimes known as a Prostitutes and Preachers party. For this theme you will invite your female guests to dress up in slut-wear and the men to dress as priests.  The roles can also be reversed if your guests want and the women can be nuns and the men can be male erotic dancers.

The food should be very British and proper as if nothing was amiss and include tiny petit-fours, cup cakes and sandwiches. Served alongside of this should be a giant keg of beer and bottles of red wine. Be sure to play lots of heavy metal and rock n’roll for your guests to dance to.  A game of spin-the-bottle would also be fun.


Cancers love chocolate so for Valentine’s Day it makes sense for them to throw a real extravaganza devoted exclusively to the celebration of the substance.  The Chocolate VD party should include chocolate candies in the actual invitation. Guests are also encouraged to bring chocolates.

The party décor could have the traditional heart themed décor. Foods that are served should include chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies and gourmet chocolates. You can even serve chili con carne made with cocoa powder as is traditional in South America. Another nice touch would be a chocolate fountain and a chocolate fondue. Party games could be played with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate as the prize.


Leos love to dance and hold sing along so why not throw an ABBA themed Valentine’s Day Party.  Make sure you rent a karaoke machine with this one and ask your guests to dress like the main singers in the famous group.  As a special project you could even make video parodies that mimic ABBA’s famous poses.  Be sure the décor is very disco like and be sure to include spinning and flashing lights.

The food should be Eastern European and seventies in flair and feature dishes such as crepes and meatballs in mushroom sauce. Serve Avocat and 7-UP and Vodka and Fresca to remind your guests of the seventies.  You could also hold a dance contest as your guests whoop it up to “ABBA Gold.”


This sign loves the flash and smooth dash of the character of James Bond so a Double O 7 themed Valentine’s Day party is in order. You can send out invitations in a clever way – consider writing them in lemon juice that can only be seen if you hold it over a radiator.  

The food should be very exotic and glamorous and include aphrodisiacs like raw oysters and steak and shrimp fondue. The drink of choice should be vodka martinis, served “shaken not stirred.” Of course. The music should be very sixties and seventies in flair. Make a CD of all the great Bond Theme songs such as “Goldfinger” and “The Spy Who Loved Me” and play them in the background to help create the mood. Make sure the lights are low and you have the disco lights spinning.


Libras love to be hedonist and they are ruled by the planet Venus so a party themed after the Gods and Goddesses of Love would be appropriate. This would be a more sophisticated version of a Toga party with the women encouraged to dress up like Venus and the males encouraged to dress up as Mars. Other characters that would be welcome would be Zeus, Persephone, Hera, Hercules and Cupid.

The food that is served should include very fine wines, a roast beast of some sort and then an assortment of finger foods including grapes, cherries, oysters, shrimps and artichokes.  The music should have a charming, ancient flair. A nice touch would be to get a harp player to provide the atmosphere for your party.


The Scorpio loves sex and everything erotic which is why a Valentine’s Day Fetish party complete with burlesque dancers or strippers is in order.  The invitations should request that people dress in their best fetish gear or at the very least wear higher skirts, corsets and lots of leather.  It is also nice to have some wigs and a make up artist on hand to do up the more reluctant guests.

This party should serve aphrodisiacs such as oysters, artichokes and chocolate covered strawberries. Cocktails made with exotic fruits like pineapple, cherries and pomegranates should be served.  A good example is the Red Head in Bed cocktail made from lemon flavored vodka and strawberries. Make sure there are plenty of desserts, such as Devil’s Food cupcakes and whipped cream on hand.  The music should be raunchy and sexy; you can even buy stripper and burlesque music nowadays.


The Sagittarius native loves role play so why not have a “Famous Lovers From History” party. The invitation should ask that the guest dress up like a famous lover such as Cleopatra, Casanova or Warren Beatty.

The décor for this party can be as eccentric as you want; vintage valentines would be a good theme. The food should be aphrodisiacs such as oysters, chocolates and avocadoes. Serve famous vintage wines and beers and play classic love songs.  Playing classic movies like “Gone With the Wind” or “Love Story” on a monitor might also add to the romantic atmosphere.  A humorous touch would be to have a bowl full of herbal sex enhancement pills on hand as well.  


This sign loves the color pink so an “In the Pink” Valentine’s Day party is order complete with pink invitations and the suggestion that all wear pink to the festivities. Be sure to decorate for the event using pink balloons, pink streamers and pink glitter. Pink candles scented with vanilla and strawberry and bouquets of pink flowers should also light up your rooms.

Food should include oysters, sushi, sparkling fish eggs and pink mousses and cakes. Be sure to serve strawberry flavored cocktails, champagnes and a pink lemonade punch laced with lots of booze. The music should be quiet, sexy and classic and about the war between the sexes. It is also nice to hire servers dressed as cupids or angels if you can afford it.


Purple Passion should be the theme of an Aquarian party complete with purple invitations that invite guests to take part in a night of wild partying. The guest should be invited to dress as futuristic and psychedelic as possible and your party décor should be stylized so that it is all purple. A black light can help achieve the effect of a purple passion pit in your home. The music played should be trippy and electronic and you should have an illuminated dance floor for bodies to bump into each other on. Hand out white framed sunglasses to your guests so they can look cool.

The food should consist of sushi, simple canapés and fruits with sauces.  The more it looks like astronaut food the better.  Gelatos and mousses in cups should be served for dessert.  Make glowing blue drinks out of Curacuo, which is a rum that gives an unearthly glow under black light.


The Pisces native loves old movies. They love the sentiment, the romance and the sexy costumes. For Valentine’s Day the Pisces might want to consider having a Black and White Hollywood themed fete.  The invitations could be images of old Hollywood stills.  You could also ask your guests to dress up as their favorite Hollywood movie star from the old days such as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.  

The food should be old style comfort food that would be found in a New York club like “21.” Consider serving things like Swedish meatballs and Beef Borginone in old style chafing dishes.  A champagne fountain is a nice centerpiece. The drinks should also be Hollywood in nature and include stiff scotches on the rocks, tinkling glasses of champagne and old fashioned martinis. Play music from the 1940s to amuse all.

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