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Zodiac Love Tips for Summer 2010
Summer Zodiac Love Tips Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. The summer of 2010 promises to be quite a difficult one for many of the zodiac signs, just simply because there is so much going on in the sky that promises separation and conflict.

The entire summer is characterized by Saturn in Virgo, which has to be one of the most nit-picky places for this already severe planet to be in the first place. If people who were formerly very warm and romantic towards you are now acting colder than Spock from Star Trek, then that is the reason why. Emotional distance may even be necessary for some people to survive at the moment. Many people will feel that they somehow cannot afford a relationship right now.

Uranus is retrograde in many signs making relationships that rely on communication with technology a bit more difficult. Long distance relationships could suffer and it could be a little harder to meet a new person online.

Neptune is also retrograde in the spacey sign of Aquarius all summer, which means that many people will be coping with bad relationships that they are bound to in some way or that they are afraid to get rid of. Addiction problems are quite prevalent and so is codependency. It might be crucial to some people’s very survival not to be in denial if you are living with an alcoholic or addict.

The Total Solar Eclipse on July 11th is in the emotional sign of cancer and it also happens on the same evening as a New Moon. This promises to be a day of transformation for many. Most likely people will be leaving familiar situations to pursue new interests.


Uranus goes backwards in your sign July 5th causing quite a bit of havoc. You could find yourself separated from a loved one by distance. It may be impossible to travel due to world events or you could simply lose touch with a special one due to circumstances beyond your control.


Saturn in Virgo is putting serious restrictions on your love life. If you owe someone money pay them back. If a divorce or separation happens, do not fight the tide. Someone very important from your past offers you a chance for real happiness. Do not balk at giving this relationship a second chance.


The planets are quite friendly to your sign all summer and your communication skills are good. However, Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius. You might be in denial about a relationship that is not working so well. It may take more than blind faith to make this relationship work better. Focusing on yourself is your best way to attract a new love.


If a new love that seems to be “too good to be true” shows up this summer, then trust your gut instincts. Your ruling planet Neptune is going backwards, which means that unless you get out of denial, you are going to get some kind of rude wakeup call about a relationship that is not working. Staying aware and avoiding jealousy is a good idea.


Saturn in Virgo is putting some restrictions on your time and Uranus moving backwards also makes it harder to see those you love. It is very possible that work schedules cause conflicts. This means that to make love happen you are going to have to take extra care to make the time to see loved ones or romance could fade away.


Saturn in your sign is really affecting one major relationship that you are experiencing problems with and Mercury, Pluto, and Neptune are all creating situations that make it obvious that it is time for you to leave this person. Your best course of action is to focus on yourself. That will draw a true love your way.


Several planets in Virgo are going to make life a bit rough for you, so you just might not feel that romantic. You may feel overworked or stressed by a work schedule. If you are single, take time to meditate, exercise, and center yourself so you can be ready for love. If you are attached, be sure to make extra time for a partner who may feel neglected.


Your summer goes relatively smoothly compared to some other signs, that is until the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 11th causes a serious emotional upheaval of some sort in your life. A major relationship is due for a change mid-summer and the best way to handle this is to just let events run their course. Fighting against the tide may be futile.


Saturn in Virgo really affects your ability to get out there and meet new people because you will be busy working. If attached, you may have a problem finding time to spend with the one you love. Try to make time for relationships, even if you are overwhelmed with other duties and obligations. It would be a bit mistake to be too sarcastic or critical of someone as planets in Cancer increase sensitivity.


No matter what you do to try and impress others, it is not going to work because Saturn in Virgo puts such an ugly twist on things. For instance, your generosity may be seen as narcissistic or your friendliness might be viewed as social climbing. When it comes to love, it is best to step back and be as laid-back as possible. Let others chase you because if you chase you will seem pushy at this time.


Neptune is retrograde in your sign most of the summer, which riles up old resentments. You will probably be feeling stormy emotionally and not realize how profoundly your moods might be affecting others. It is important to adopt a program of meditation and relaxation this summer, as it is going to be much too easy for you to develop hair trigger reactions to even small provocations.


Your ruler Neptune is retrograde this summer and this means that you may be feeling a little more emotional or sensitive than usual. If you have been living in any type of delusion or bubble of reality of your very own, it could get burst. To keep your relationships healthy, try being as practical and honest as you can with other people. If an addiction is a problem in a loved one, it is time to request that they deal with it directly.

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By Happy, Tuesday, June 08, 2010 05:49:41 PM
Your Zodiac advice drives my nuts because you always say Neptune is the ruling Planet for Cancer. Every one that knows the basics of astrology knows this is not true. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, which you have right. The ruling planet of Cancer is the MOON! No doubt about it..take it from a Crab.
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