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Meet That Special Someone: Be Your Own Dating Service



So many of my friends ask me questions on how to meet a guy or how to meet a soul mate. These days, people are so busy with work, kids, friends, and day-to-day chores that it is often difficult to fit in time to meet a guy and actually have a relationship. Donít let these tasks define your life. Be your own dating service!



Itís easier to just go home after a hard day at work and sit out in front of the TV with some take-out. But if you want to meet that special someone to cuddle up with and share that take-out meal, then you must go beyond your front door. If you were to meet a guy, you need to be out and about.



If you donít feel comfortable with on-line dating or paying an exorbitant amount to a professional matchmaker to find you someone, then you need to be your own dating service. If you are an outgoing person, it wonít be that difficult.



Think about what your interests are. What are your hobbies? Have you always dreamed of learning to salsa dance? Learning a new language? Joining a bowling team? Taking a gourmet cooking class?  Now is the time. On-line dating can be helpful, but nothing beats meeting that special someone in the real world.



Being out in the world and doing things that you enjoy is exactly what is going to put you in the position to meet that special someone to spend your life with. Chances are that you will have a lot in common. And the odds that you will find a fun person is better as well when you opt for meeting in fun, life enhancing environments over a bar scene or pick up joint.



Once you finally meet that special someone and are dating, donít fall into the routine trap and go back into work, home, work, home. Spice up your life, get out and do things together. Maintain the fun vibe that brought you together by continuing to get involved in things that excite you.



Create a good group of friends who also have great relationships. Couples donít seem to stay together too long anymore and the divorce rate is sky high. When choosing whom to spend your time with, think about quality and values.




A Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Marla Martenson is the author of Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting.


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