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10 Famous Haunted Houses
Top 10 Haunted Houses in America Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Haunted houses are a topic of fascination for many people. There’s something about a haunted house that can be deliciously scary and very intriguing. These spook houses exist all across the planet with many being in the United States. Let's examine the 10 most famous haunted houses in America!

Old Slave House

This house in Illinois was used to house slaves, some of whom were kidnapped and forced into servitude and abuse. Eventually closed down, the house reopened as a tourist attraction and it was then that visitors could hear moaning, crying as well as feeling cold spots on their necks and bodies.

The Lemp Mansion

Several members of the Lemp family committed suicide in the house. The Mansion is now a restaurant, where sightings of ghostly apparitions and other uncanny happenings are now commonplace.

The Winchester Mansion

Located in Northern California, The Winchester Mansion was built by Sarah Winchester who was told that the way to communicate with her dead husband and children would be to build a house that would house their spirits. There have been reports of slamming sounds, organ music, and smoky visions of human forms.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House, located in California, has been subject to many mysterious phenomena including doors and windows opening, strange lights appearing, and even apparitions of the Whaley family themselves.

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is considered to be one of the most actively haunted places in America! With a history of murder, no less than ten people have died tragically. Ghosts have been captured in photographs, seen playing in the hallways and on the veranda.

The Amityville House

This house of Hollywood fame was haunted as a result of a family's brutal slaughter. Future tenants of the house have said that they suffered from various paranormal phenomena. The Amityville Horror movies still rack up rentals and sales all across the world everyday.

Congelier Mansion

The Congelier Mansion was the home of a husband, wife, and their maid. The wife discovered one day that the husband was having an affair with the maid and proceeded to chop the maid’s head off. Subsequently, noises of the headless maid wailing and crying were heard and eventually an explosion caused the whole structure to be decimated.

Viscilla Ax Murder House

This house was the site of a horrific crime. A family was murdered in their beds and the murders were never solved. They were hacked and chopped by an ax. There have been reports of children’s laughter, falling lamps, odd sounds and other supernatural activities.

John Stone’s Inn

John Stone’s Inn is actually a 164 year old pub that was a hiding place for runaway slaves. People claim to see an apparition of a ten year old girl there regularly. She is believed by some to be the victim of sexual abuse and ultimately murder.

Fall River House

The house in Fall River, Massachusetts is claimed to be haunted by the disgruntled spirits of Lizzy Borden's parents. She killed them there. There are claims of ghostly apparitions seen as well as horribly-painful wailings.

There are many attempts by paranormal researchers to uncover the truths that are hidden in America's haunted houses. The spirits of the dead are with us, and sometimes they need to communicate.

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By Michelle, Thursday, June 11, 2009 11:44:44 AM
I have had a spirit follow me from house to house. It just follows me where ever I go. Sometimes I hear someone call my name, sometimes I feel someone touch or tap me, and sometimes I see blurs out of the corner of my eye. What ever it is I tell it as long as it's not mean it's welcome to stay with me. I know it sounds kinda strange but - it is what it is.
By sandy, Thursday, June 11, 2009 11:08:35 AM
I have three grandchildren that readily see spirit.My husband had gone on a rafting trip and on his return all 3 kids described a young boy around age 6, in spirit, going in and out of their bedrooms. The boy had a baseball cap on and would wake my grandson up at night playing with his toys in the closet, also sitting on his bed. My granddaughter was annoyed because he would wake her up at night. One night he was turning the knob on the front door and all 3 kids woke us up.Finally we decided to investigate where and when this child came in.My husband said on the way to the put-in on the river were 3 crosses on the side of the road, they stopped and read that an entire family was killed in a roll over accident here in the 60's, in cluding a 6 year old boy. We surmised from this that the little spirit was looking for his family, had not crossed over and knew that our house would be his help, so he came home with my husband!We let him stay all summer and my grandson loved his new friend although he was mischievous.Before school started that year we had a prayer circle, invited his lost family to retreive him and he left in true joy.That was 9 years ago and we haven't forgotten him.We have many stories about helping lost souls cross and these children regard them as every day occurances, their job so to speak. Let the little ones tell you who's around you might be surprised. They don't always let you know because it isn't unusual to them until we taint their knowing with our disbelief.If God is spirit so are we, easy......
By Vanessa, Thursday, June 11, 2009 03:26:17 AM
What about the Lalaurie house in Louisiana. It was the house of a woman that tortured and kept her slaves in cages and stuff. They made a live type movie about it it was called The Francisville Experiment. Scary movie!
By naomi, Wednesday, June 10, 2009 06:14:30 PM
My mother was visiting a rental haunted house. It had creepy creatures sitting on the furniture. But these are just make believe ideas that we create from our minds, that have taken form. Nobody got hurt, the entire time, but they sure tried to scare everyone with silly arms coming out of the air. Not scarey, but certainly annoying. So the renters ignored it, and lived there for cheap.
By Erin, Tuesday, January 27, 2009 01:42:50 AM
I love taps it's one of my favorite shows. But who needs taps when I have my own paranormal activity here living in a 110 year old house. I have physically been tapped on the shoulder by an unseen force while I was alone in my basement. I have pictures of things on my walls that should not show up in pictures and I have a picture of an actual aparition of a cat. But I had to enlarge it because looking at the picture normal size you almost miss it. I have also caught several orbs in the house too also none of which are molevolent. I am in the process of having these pictures sent and investigated by a professional paranormal investigator who is conducting an actual investigation at a friend of mine's house who has an intellegent haunting. Want to know more, email me at Will be happy to talk more about the things I've seen in person and captured on film. I have also heard heavy foot steps that sound like they are wearing slippers that make a scuffing sound. I thought it was my fiance but he was asleep next to me and there was no one in the hall way. These noises are not normal for an old house trying to settle. I dont want to sound crazy or anything but I admire the people who take on stuff like this especially taps because they can prove or disprove anything going on. I wish they'd teach me how to conduct my own investigations. Hell, I'd love to hear what Sylvia herself has to say about these 8 pictures that I've taken. I just wish I could email them to her. I'm not scared or frightend in anyway, Infact this is a gift I welcome in every way and would love to enhance this more as I can also communicate with the other side as well but I also would like answers too. I have great respect for the afterlife and often wonder what keeps them here on earth. Slyvia if youre reading this as well, I'm sure you have to check these comments from time to time, I'd love your input or anyone else who reads this. Can you help me learn how to develop this ability more?
By Nancy, Monday, November 17, 2008 01:59:56 AM
To Michelle, Ghost Hunters is OK for entertainment but they spend very little time doing any real communicating. This show is more of a soap opera of personal information. The drama has decreased over the last couple of years but actual time is limited on this show. They act like spirits are stupid. If they don't get it on tape then it is not haunted and half the time they will not shut up about there talking of other issues to even do proper spiritual monitoring. I am waiting for a mean spirit to slap baldy up side the head one night. Now the international show is better as far as researching goes but people need to realize you can not always measure the spiritual world on a physical worlds basis...
By Beverly, Monday, November 17, 2008 12:03:46 AM
I agree with Dawn regarding the location and state of these haunted houses. Also do they let people in. Thanks, Beverly Mortimer
By Michelle, Monday, November 17, 2008 12:01:23 AM
If you want to see actual appritions and paranormal activity done by some good researchers, watch every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on the cable Sci-fi channel "Ghosthunters". I watch this show weekly as it is verification that the spirits of the dead are among us. That we are spiritual beings with body/skin cover. The "TAPS" investigators use many up to date technology tools to communicate back and get the spirits to react to prove their presence. It is an amazing show.
By Dawn, Sunday, November 16, 2008 07:37:15 PM
Great article but would have been more informative if it told the city and state of all locations instead of just a few. Thank you for the names and information though.
By DEB, Sunday, November 16, 2008 10:22:07 AM
There is also a house in Alton Il, called the McPike mansion that is full of spirits..It was once a beautiful,statley home and has been in disrepair for alot of years.. It has not been used as a home for many many years..The 'energy' there is overwhelming..Espically in the basement wine cellar..When we visited it, you got the sence that several things were around.. The energy in the cellar was so strong that it took my breath away, there was anger, sadness and very strong feelings of grief..There was 'cold' spots, but also some extremly 'hot' spots and seemed to center around angry emotions..It was awesome..

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