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2010, 2011 & 2012 Psychic Predictions: Laura Scott
Laura Scott's 2010 Psychic Predictions Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

2010 Economic Psychic Predictions

The first quarter of 2010 continues to show economic lift off and calming. Economic healing is the theme of 2010. Think tanks and summits for creation of jobs include repair and restoration of roads, bridges, and infrastructure. Cities find federal incentives to update outdated power systems and infrastructure and it will begin the creation of jobs. The process of rebuilding America is long term.

2010 Political Administration Predictions

The administration simultaneously begins to fund education and stressing math and science, as jobs in those sectors continue to grow, privately and publicly. Ideas for mandatory national recycling are put forth to create new jobs in hard hit areas like Florida.

IRS & Tax Predictions

The IRS and tax system is going to be earmarked for an audit and major overhaul as part of the new job growth. This will take several years to complete the muddle it has become. People will like it.

United States Post Office Stamp Predictions

The United States Postal Service discontinues Saturday service and raises stamp prices to 50+ cents per letter.

Pharmaceutical Predictions

Look for more medications coming out that are administered via oral film, dissolving on the tongue. Gene-isolation therapy makes breakthroughs in several auto-immune and cancer treatments. Radio wave technology work to treat cancers begins to get international momentum and become more widespread.

Healthcare System Predictions

Job sectors hiring in the new year are heavy in medical research, medical transitioning, and streamlining of medical databases to accommodate the new day of healthcare coverage and changes. Healthcare companies continue to monger fear and lobby hard against losing the income stream that has bankrupted and held the American people hostage. Healthcare reform is an urgent, national need, and begins with gusto in 2010.

2010 Jobs & Education

By mid-summer 2010, changes are taking effect and positive. There is much resistance and the administration will do a good job managing and educating the public.  Those who oppose the national health care will mostly convert to the other position, once they see its benefits versus it's challenges. There is some egg on their face for denying care and coverage to constituencies.

National Defense & War

There will also be a reorganizing and hiring for military contractors making modern technology used in national defense. Some existing programs will be scrapped before completion in order to meet demand for newer technology needs for weaponry and war.

Housing Growth, Real Estate - 2010 Predictions

There will be more new housing growth. The real estate market has bottomed out and will be doing some quicker business in 2010 than we have seen in past 1.5 to 2 years. Properties in foreclosure glut the market, causing a flood of affordable housing for those previously renting or unable to afford. Realtors who have languished will re-launch, but in a different market. Gluttony by realtors who seek to hoard business with bank-owned properties and control their emergence into the market is a problem.

Credit Crunch, 2011 In The USA

The credit crunch that consumers are feeling is taken up by congress, pressing for further regulation of banks and credit card companies and their unfair practices of changing rates, playing with credit limits, etc. Each time congress closes a loop hole, the banks quickly try to jump thru a new one. This continues throughout the year, and improves in 2011 when loopholes are becoming a thing of the past.

Afghanistan, War & The USA - 2010

News attention shifts firmly onto the Afghanistan area, insurgence of troops, and continued comparison with previous administrations leaving the Iraq war mishandled, and spending wasted. Fighting in the Afghan region intensifies during 2010, however, results are swift and successfully...thereby fueling the comparison between this president elect and his predecessor.

Tiger Woods, George Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor & Other Celebrities In 2010

Tiger Woods' wife files for divorce in 2010. George Clooney marries in 2010. Elizabeth Taylor exits. Convictions are coming for Michael Jackson's doctor.  Pop singer Fergie will file for divorce after further allegations of her husband's infidelities.

Laura Scott is an internationally-renowned author, psychic, spiritual teacher, and channel for healing and clearing, who specializes in the work of the soul and providing insight on your life journey. Laura Scott has been lecturing, teaching, and reading for private clients as a metaphysician for over 17 years and is a recognized leader in the field, regularly compared to Sylvia Browne, Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay, and others. Laura Scott's work has touched people from all walks of life, including, Emmy winners, Olympic athletes, political figures, CEOs, and folks like yourself or your neighbors. Her insightful private telephone readings and warm, down-to-earth style attract clients from all over the world. Visit Laura Scott online at

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By Karen, Saturday, January 02, 2010 04:12:38 PM
This is the most positive set of predictions I have seen in this space. I don't like the doom and gloom. May it be so. (Except for Elizabeth Taylor- that sucks)
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