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2010 Psychic Predictions on Current Events, Politics & Hollywood: Derek Calibre
2010 Psychic Predictions with Psychic Derek Calibre Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Psychic Derek Calibre offers his 2010 predictions.

2010 Predictions on News & Current Events

The economy will moderately recover, especially in Asia. Nations are going to be pulling together like never before, in a major humanitarian effort.

There's a reason to fear or avoid the beach in the summer.

A significant breakthrough is made in the treatment or cause of autism.

California has a stellar wine year.

A plane drops something, or loses a part, then safely lands.

One nation stands defiant throughout autumn.

One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded most affects a country with the letter "p" in its name.

A missile is fired from east to west.

Ecotourism to the poles is increasingly popular.

A hole in the ozone is highlighted like never before.

Activism is alive and well.

Psychic Predictions on MARIJUANA
Marijuana will become a hot topic throughout the USA & Politics.

2010 Predictions on Real Estate
Home & Real Estate prices millimeter their way upward.

Politics & President Obama - Predictions of 2010
President Obama is under the most intense pressure of his presidency. Obama rather dramatically and suddenly recovers from a challenging year, probably by managing an issue well. Controversy surrounds Michelle Obama over her handling of an issue or a new role she seeks. Sarah Palin demonstrates the lengths she will go to, to make or raise money.
Hillary Clinton has one reason to celebrate, and one to cry.

Psychic Derek Calibre is an internationally recognized teacher and psychic with 10 years experience in New York, Tokyo and Honolulu. Derek has been featured on CNN and NBC News 8's "Psychic Hawaii". Derek Calibre hosts Comcast's "Psychic Workshop" for On Demand Video. Derek has taught meditation at the YMCA and psychic development at Kapiolani Community College. He specializes in careers, relationships and decisions, and works from Manhattan's Upper West Side. Visit Visit Derek Calibre online at

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By Lisa, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 08:46:58 PM
will happen in 2012?
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